Music Review Tees Maar Khan


2010 couldn't have ended on a better note. One expects nothing but the best to bring on the smiles as one moves on from one year to another. With the music of Tees Maar Khan arriving at the stands now and expected to make waves by the time the film releases on Christmas, it couldn't have been any better for a music lover. After all Farah Khan has been known for her keen music sense when it comes to masala soundtracks (Main Hoon Naa, Om Shanti Om are testimonies of that) while Vishal-Shekhar too have been enjoying a good year with Anjaana Anjaani & I Hate LUV Storys turning out to be successful and Break Ke Baad boasting of a different sound as well. With lyricist Anvita Dutt joining all the fun, one looks forward to check out what does Tees Maar Khan have to offer.


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It is a cracker of start with title song 'Tees Maar Khan' bringing with it the kind of hook that is totally addictive to begin with. A true blue theme track that can be expected to make an appearance at regular intervals right through the film's running length, 'Tees Maar Khan' is a guest composition by Shirish Kunder who has written it as well. One can confidently say that if at all a 'khiladi' film was to be made today, it would have proudly boasted of a song like this. What also impresses is the way Sonu Nigam contributes with male, female, child, chorus as well as other quirky voices to make it a unique affair. Not just that, the 'dhol' beats in the end make it a truly entertaining affair that ensures that 'Tees Maar Khan' would be heard for many more months to come. No wonder, there is a deserving 'remix version' that arrives later in the album as well, hence making it a complete 'paisa vasool' affair.