Abhishek will make a great father: Aishwarya Rai

Abhishek will make a great father: Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai says she is fully convinced that actor-husband Abhishek Bachchan will make a good father in real life because he is so "real and rooted".

"Everybody has been asking me if Abhishek will be a good pa (father) in connection with the release of our forthcoming production 'Paa'. I think it's silly for me to be even making the statement. It's given - I married the man. So obviously I have the conviction in the husband he is or the father he will be," Aishwarya, 36, told in an interview here.

Asked about Abhishek's qualities that would make him a good father, Aishwarya laughed and said: "He is very real, very rooted and very human - which I absolutely relate to. His values are evident for everybody to see. We have known each other for so many years.

"I've seen him with his niece and nephew since the time they were babies. He is so great with kids and I've seen that for the longest time with (his sister Shweta's children) Navya (Naveli) and Agastya. I have no doubts on him whatsoever."

Aishwarya, who will be seen with Abhishek in "Ravana", was in the capital Monday to launch the Longines PrimaLuna, a new watch range inspired by the moon and galaxy.

Sporting a sleek piece herself that matched with an elaborate yet elegant black and cream off-shoulder gown, Aishwarya was at peace talking about her personal life.

Asked whether she would want a daughter or a son, she said: "Come on...Aren't you like moving at a really fast pace...! Whatever god has in store for us in life (will come)... Life itself is a blessing, let alone to have opportunity to be able to bring a life into this world.

"It's really not in our hands ...it's in god's hands. I hope I am just blessed with that experience, I am really looking forward to it and we will certainly cherish it," she added.

Her mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan is a member of the Samajwadi Party, but Aishwarya is doubtful if she will ever head in that direction.

"Life has been so full - haven't even thought about it (entering politics). My life is evidently extremely full in terms of the amount of responsibilities and experiences I am currently having.

"And I believe, anything you take, you have to be able to commit to and give a lot of yourself to. And I think at this point, life is full and that's what I am giving (my best) to," she said.

On the work front, the former beauty queen is busy with big ticket projects such as Mani Ratnam's "Ravana", Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Guzaarish", Rajnikant starrer "Endhiran" and Vipul Shah's "Action Replay".

The actress is likely to feature as Mumtaz Mahal with acclaimed Hollywood actor Ben Kingsley in "Taj", which is based on Taj Mahal.

"After 'The Last Legion', Sir Ben and I were keen to work together in another project. He has now come with the final draft and he has just sent it over to me. Once we agree on everything, we will take the project forward. He will start scouting for the locations soon," she said.

For now, Aishwarya is looking forward to AB Corp's "Paa", which features her father-in-law, megastar Amitabh Bachchan, and Abhishek. The film releases Friday.

I'm honored to be pitted against Big B: Himesh

I`m honored to be pitted against Big B: Himesh

For decades now Himesh Reshammiya has watched every Amitabh Bachchan starrer first-day first-show.

Guess where Himesh will be on Friday afternoon? Not checking out the collections of his own release Radio, but glued to Paa in a theatre close to him.

And no power on earth can change a rule that Himesh has been following from his childhood of watching every Bachchan flick on release.

Himesh Reshammiya is going ahead with the unthinkable. He’s releasing his new starrer Radio along with the Bachchans’ Paa.

But there’s no feeling of competition. On the contrary Himesh is a self-confessed ardent fan of the Big B and that remains unchanged.

“I’ve always been a diehard fan of Bachchan Saab. I’ve to watch all his films first day first show. Paa is no exception. And so what if my own film is releasing side by side?”

Himesh says he’s ecstatic to have his film release in the same week as Paa.

“I’m honored to be pitted against my idol Bachchan Saab. I’m also scared. But I’m sure both the films will do well.”

Himesh wants Big B to watch Radio immediately.

Err… that would take some time. Because post the premiere of Paa on Thursday evening, Mr. Bachchan will rush to Lonavla early Friday morning for shooting Bigg Boss.

Kareena did not agree to do 3 Idiots for Aamir

Kareena did not agree to do 3 Idiots for AamirDid you know why Kareena Kapoor agreed to do 3 Idiots without reading the script? No, it's not Aamir Khan. It was a decision to please her mother Babita, who is a Sindhi like film's director Rajkumar Hirani.

Hirani amusingly revealed Kareena’s reaction when he called her up to discuss the film. “When I called Kareena for 3 Idiots she got excited and immediately told me that she wants to do the film. She didn’t even read the script.

Kareena’s mother is Sindhi and after having watched ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ told her, `there’s one Sindhi director who makes good films, work with him.’ I told her, 'Please read the script before signing this film. Don’t do this film because I’ am Sindhi,” Hirani said.

The actress later read the script and was excited at the opportunity of working with Aamir Khan. “Yeah, she heard the script, loved the script and she cried too. Apart from that, she was happy that she was getting a chance to work with Aamir,” Hirani added.

A drunk girl hugs and kisses Vivek Oberoi

A drunk girl hugs and kisses Vivek OberoiKurbaan seems to have rejuvinated Vivek Oberoi's career and populaity. We hear that at a five star hotel in Juhu recently he was grabbed and smooched by a female fan.

According to an eye-witness, Vivek was at a suburban five-star hotel for a friend's birthday party, when a young girl sprang out of nowhere and started kissing him. She appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. She just kept saying she was very excited to meet Vivek. First she gave him a huge hug and then she kissed him.

The entire episode left the Oberoi jr. totally red faced. But before the situation could become more embarrassing, the security guards were called in. They asked her to leave but at Vivek's request, they let her be.

But a birdie tells us that his most embarrassing moment yet was when he got his butt-pinched by a group of girls in London.

"It was like being in a Mumbai local train. He thinks girls in London are very daring and bold. Vivek was completely in shock! It was the most unusual tryst with his fans in Vivek's life," he adds.

Priyanka and Shahid are back together as a couple

Priyanka and Shahid are back together as a couplePriyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor seem to have some Kismat connection going on. We hear that despite their ugly split some time back, the duo is back together.

Soon after the split, the duo headed to Bangkok for film shoots. While Piggy Chops was there for Sajid Nadiadwala's next, Shahid was on call for a Yash Raj film. During their stay at the same hotel, they bumped into each other and realised that they could not do without each other.

According to a close friend Shahid, who'd initiated 'the break' realised that he'd made a mistake. He found that he still had feelings for Priyanka. He felt that he rushed into the decision and hadn't taken the time to understand her better.

He knew he wanted her back in his life but wasn't too sure how she would react to him because he'd 'dumped' her when she believed all along that they were perfect for each other. Shahid befriended Chopra's best friend and close confidante, Tammana Sharma, who played Cupid between them the second time around.

The source says, "Shahid and Tammana have become good friends now. In fact, she was, in a way, responsible for getting the lovebirds back together. Shahid was already in Bangkok shooting for a film, while PC reached there a week later. They were at different locations but got a chance to sit down and talk things out. They went out on two occasions including dining out."

I was a Boy in my past birth: Payal Rohatgi

I was a Boy in my past birth: Payal RohatgiPayal Rohatgi has revealed her Raaz Pichle Janam Ka. Writing about the experience about the show and her other thoughts she says:

I have always wondered why I am not so close with my dad as I am with my mom and brother.. Why do I get overtly possessive or say dependent in my relationships or friendships with men.

I am a very confident actor and human being in all my dealings in my life, but somewhere, where it comes to basic relationships or just picking up the phone to speak to my father, I feel very lost and insecure.. I guess I had realised to keep these feelings to myself as everyone has some or the other drawback in life or say weakness in better words.

I still remember I never had a simple ice cream outing with my dad or the fact he just smiled and spent time with me without scolding us... I felt, he always discouraged me and always put my ambitions in life on a back burner.

I hail from a middle class family, but as a child, I always aimed big and had a inner desire to excel in whatever I did, like, my studies, sprinting or mere participation of a fashion show.

I still remember that before my 12th board exams, my Physics, Chemistry and Biology professors had come home to wish me luck conveying to my father that they expect me getting distinction grades... However my dad said he would be happy if I got 50-60 %... When I heard this, I broke down and fought with him, 'why do you always understimate me?'

So such was my childhood where striving for excellence was not taught by my father and I yearned for it from the bottom of my heart... The desire to prove was so much that I came to mumbai by myself to pursue what I believed in.

My mom always supported me but somewhere I did not have my dad to depend on or cry on his shoulders.. I refuse to believe that he hated me or my brother as that would be challenging the basic love of parents for their own kin, but yes there was something amiss.

I chose to forget it and get on with the basic cycle of moving up in my career as an actor... But somewhere, the void was continuously there, as my friendship with men also got a bit claustrophobic with time and my dependence to look for a father figure.

When I saw the promos of this show I was intrigued, but a bit skceptical about the honesty and reality of it all... When I was offered participation, it seemed like an answer to my prayers to understand my only sensitive issue of my life.

I participated and it felt wonderful like winning a battle or solving the most tedious questionnaire... I was a BOY in my past birth and I had a life which went through a certain kind of betrayal that did explain my rapport with my father and generally men.

I would like to share more but that would spoil the curiosity related to the show and I would not wanna do that.. So hopefully, when this episode is aired in December you will here my side of story relating to the truthfulness of past life Karmas.

I think I am finally done with making mistakes in my career: Sunil Shetty

I think I am finally done with making mistakes in my career: Sunil Shetty

It was, after all, his first ever film festival. Sunil Shetty who attended the 40th International Film Festival in Goa on Saturday for the screening of his new film Red Alert, has reluctantly chosen to play the professional instead of a family man for once.

Explains Sunil, “I had to choose between attending my screening in Goa and going for my father-in-law’s 80th birthday celebration in the US. My wife and her entire family, who are like my own family, is there. I am like a son in my wife’s family. Moreover ever since my father-in-law lost his wife he hasn’t been himself. It was a heartbreaking decision. But one that my wife helped me to make.”

Sunil’s father-in-law turns 80 this week. And it is a very special occasion specially for a family-oriented man like Sunil.

“But I had to be in Goa for the screening of Red Alert on Saturday (28 November). The films was a sell-out at all the screens in Goa. The film is being recognized at international film festivals. I think the goras very keen to know about the naxalite movement. They’ve heard about other forms of unrest across the world. But naxalism is new to them.”

Sunil is also excited because he has never attended a film festival before. “Goa is my first film festival.Can you believe it ? In all these years I’ve never been to a film festival in my life! I wasn’t there earlier this month at the South Asian International Film Festival in New York where I won the best actor award for my performance in Red Alert. This time I had to be there for my festival.”

Sunil whose realistic performance as a naxalite in Red Alert is getting him critical applause is also pleased with the response to his just-released no-brainer De Dana Dan. “It is a full-on paisa-wasool Priyadarshan film. And we’ve all given our sweat and blood to it.”

Sunil had a major accident while shooting the climax which kept him bedridden for months. “The chest region is still not fully healed. But like I said De Dana Dan was a whole lot of fun. Then I’ve another comedy Anees Bazmi’s No Problem coming up. I think I am finally done with making mistakes in my career.”