Abhishek will make a great father: Aishwarya Rai

Abhishek will make a great father: Aishwarya RaiAishwarya Rai says she is fully convinced that actor-husband Abhishek Bachchan will make a good father in real life because he is so "real and rooted".

"Everybody has been asking me if Abhishek will be a good pa (father) in connection with the release of our forthcoming production 'Paa'. I think it's silly for me to be even making the statement. It's given - I married the man. So obviously I have the conviction in the husband he is or the father he will be," Aishwarya, 36, told in an interview here.

Asked about Abhishek's qualities that would make him a good father, Aishwarya laughed and said: "He is very real, very rooted and very human - which I absolutely relate to. His values are evident for everybody to see. We have known each other for so many years.

"I've seen him with his niece and nephew since the time they were babies. He is so great with kids and I've seen that for the longest time with (his sister Shweta's children) Navya (Naveli) and Agastya. I have no doubts on him whatsoever."

Aishwarya, who will be seen with Abhishek in "Ravana", was in the capital Monday to launch the Longines PrimaLuna, a new watch range inspired by the moon and galaxy.

Sporting a sleek piece herself that matched with an elaborate yet elegant black and cream off-shoulder gown, Aishwarya was at peace talking about her personal life.

Asked whether she would want a daughter or a son, she said: "Come on...Aren't you like moving at a really fast pace...! Whatever god has in store for us in life (will come)... Life itself is a blessing, let alone to have opportunity to be able to bring a life into this world.

"It's really not in our hands ...it's in god's hands. I hope I am just blessed with that experience, I am really looking forward to it and we will certainly cherish it," she added.

Her mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan is a member of the Samajwadi Party, but Aishwarya is doubtful if she will ever head in that direction.

"Life has been so full - haven't even thought about it (entering politics). My life is evidently extremely full in terms of the amount of responsibilities and experiences I am currently having.

"And I believe, anything you take, you have to be able to commit to and give a lot of yourself to. And I think at this point, life is full and that's what I am giving (my best) to," she said.

On the work front, the former beauty queen is busy with big ticket projects such as Mani Ratnam's "Ravana", Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Guzaarish", Rajnikant starrer "Endhiran" and Vipul Shah's "Action Replay".

The actress is likely to feature as Mumtaz Mahal with acclaimed Hollywood actor Ben Kingsley in "Taj", which is based on Taj Mahal.

"After 'The Last Legion', Sir Ben and I were keen to work together in another project. He has now come with the final draft and he has just sent it over to me. Once we agree on everything, we will take the project forward. He will start scouting for the locations soon," she said.

For now, Aishwarya is looking forward to AB Corp's "Paa", which features her father-in-law, megastar Amitabh Bachchan, and Abhishek. The film releases Friday.

I'm honored to be pitted against Big B: Himesh

I`m honored to be pitted against Big B: Himesh

For decades now Himesh Reshammiya has watched every Amitabh Bachchan starrer first-day first-show.

Guess where Himesh will be on Friday afternoon? Not checking out the collections of his own release Radio, but glued to Paa in a theatre close to him.

And no power on earth can change a rule that Himesh has been following from his childhood of watching every Bachchan flick on release.

Himesh Reshammiya is going ahead with the unthinkable. He’s releasing his new starrer Radio along with the Bachchans’ Paa.

But there’s no feeling of competition. On the contrary Himesh is a self-confessed ardent fan of the Big B and that remains unchanged.

“I’ve always been a diehard fan of Bachchan Saab. I’ve to watch all his films first day first show. Paa is no exception. And so what if my own film is releasing side by side?”

Himesh says he’s ecstatic to have his film release in the same week as Paa.

“I’m honored to be pitted against my idol Bachchan Saab. I’m also scared. But I’m sure both the films will do well.”

Himesh wants Big B to watch Radio immediately.

Err… that would take some time. Because post the premiere of Paa on Thursday evening, Mr. Bachchan will rush to Lonavla early Friday morning for shooting Bigg Boss.

Kareena did not agree to do 3 Idiots for Aamir

Kareena did not agree to do 3 Idiots for AamirDid you know why Kareena Kapoor agreed to do 3 Idiots without reading the script? No, it's not Aamir Khan. It was a decision to please her mother Babita, who is a Sindhi like film's director Rajkumar Hirani.

Hirani amusingly revealed Kareena’s reaction when he called her up to discuss the film. “When I called Kareena for 3 Idiots she got excited and immediately told me that she wants to do the film. She didn’t even read the script.

Kareena’s mother is Sindhi and after having watched ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ told her, `there’s one Sindhi director who makes good films, work with him.’ I told her, 'Please read the script before signing this film. Don’t do this film because I’ am Sindhi,” Hirani said.

The actress later read the script and was excited at the opportunity of working with Aamir Khan. “Yeah, she heard the script, loved the script and she cried too. Apart from that, she was happy that she was getting a chance to work with Aamir,” Hirani added.

A drunk girl hugs and kisses Vivek Oberoi

A drunk girl hugs and kisses Vivek OberoiKurbaan seems to have rejuvinated Vivek Oberoi's career and populaity. We hear that at a five star hotel in Juhu recently he was grabbed and smooched by a female fan.

According to an eye-witness, Vivek was at a suburban five-star hotel for a friend's birthday party, when a young girl sprang out of nowhere and started kissing him. She appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. She just kept saying she was very excited to meet Vivek. First she gave him a huge hug and then she kissed him.

The entire episode left the Oberoi jr. totally red faced. But before the situation could become more embarrassing, the security guards were called in. They asked her to leave but at Vivek's request, they let her be.

But a birdie tells us that his most embarrassing moment yet was when he got his butt-pinched by a group of girls in London.

"It was like being in a Mumbai local train. He thinks girls in London are very daring and bold. Vivek was completely in shock! It was the most unusual tryst with his fans in Vivek's life," he adds.

Priyanka and Shahid are back together as a couple

Priyanka and Shahid are back together as a couplePriyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor seem to have some Kismat connection going on. We hear that despite their ugly split some time back, the duo is back together.

Soon after the split, the duo headed to Bangkok for film shoots. While Piggy Chops was there for Sajid Nadiadwala's next, Shahid was on call for a Yash Raj film. During their stay at the same hotel, they bumped into each other and realised that they could not do without each other.

According to a close friend Shahid, who'd initiated 'the break' realised that he'd made a mistake. He found that he still had feelings for Priyanka. He felt that he rushed into the decision and hadn't taken the time to understand her better.

He knew he wanted her back in his life but wasn't too sure how she would react to him because he'd 'dumped' her when she believed all along that they were perfect for each other. Shahid befriended Chopra's best friend and close confidante, Tammana Sharma, who played Cupid between them the second time around.

The source says, "Shahid and Tammana have become good friends now. In fact, she was, in a way, responsible for getting the lovebirds back together. Shahid was already in Bangkok shooting for a film, while PC reached there a week later. They were at different locations but got a chance to sit down and talk things out. They went out on two occasions including dining out."

I was a Boy in my past birth: Payal Rohatgi

I was a Boy in my past birth: Payal RohatgiPayal Rohatgi has revealed her Raaz Pichle Janam Ka. Writing about the experience about the show and her other thoughts she says:

I have always wondered why I am not so close with my dad as I am with my mom and brother.. Why do I get overtly possessive or say dependent in my relationships or friendships with men.

I am a very confident actor and human being in all my dealings in my life, but somewhere, where it comes to basic relationships or just picking up the phone to speak to my father, I feel very lost and insecure.. I guess I had realised to keep these feelings to myself as everyone has some or the other drawback in life or say weakness in better words.

I still remember I never had a simple ice cream outing with my dad or the fact he just smiled and spent time with me without scolding us... I felt, he always discouraged me and always put my ambitions in life on a back burner.

I hail from a middle class family, but as a child, I always aimed big and had a inner desire to excel in whatever I did, like, my studies, sprinting or mere participation of a fashion show.

I still remember that before my 12th board exams, my Physics, Chemistry and Biology professors had come home to wish me luck conveying to my father that they expect me getting distinction grades... However my dad said he would be happy if I got 50-60 %... When I heard this, I broke down and fought with him, 'why do you always understimate me?'

So such was my childhood where striving for excellence was not taught by my father and I yearned for it from the bottom of my heart... The desire to prove was so much that I came to mumbai by myself to pursue what I believed in.

My mom always supported me but somewhere I did not have my dad to depend on or cry on his shoulders.. I refuse to believe that he hated me or my brother as that would be challenging the basic love of parents for their own kin, but yes there was something amiss.

I chose to forget it and get on with the basic cycle of moving up in my career as an actor... But somewhere, the void was continuously there, as my friendship with men also got a bit claustrophobic with time and my dependence to look for a father figure.

When I saw the promos of this show I was intrigued, but a bit skceptical about the honesty and reality of it all... When I was offered participation, it seemed like an answer to my prayers to understand my only sensitive issue of my life.

I participated and it felt wonderful like winning a battle or solving the most tedious questionnaire... I was a BOY in my past birth and I had a life which went through a certain kind of betrayal that did explain my rapport with my father and generally men.

I would like to share more but that would spoil the curiosity related to the show and I would not wanna do that.. So hopefully, when this episode is aired in December you will here my side of story relating to the truthfulness of past life Karmas.

I think I am finally done with making mistakes in my career: Sunil Shetty

I think I am finally done with making mistakes in my career: Sunil Shetty

It was, after all, his first ever film festival. Sunil Shetty who attended the 40th International Film Festival in Goa on Saturday for the screening of his new film Red Alert, has reluctantly chosen to play the professional instead of a family man for once.

Explains Sunil, “I had to choose between attending my screening in Goa and going for my father-in-law’s 80th birthday celebration in the US. My wife and her entire family, who are like my own family, is there. I am like a son in my wife’s family. Moreover ever since my father-in-law lost his wife he hasn’t been himself. It was a heartbreaking decision. But one that my wife helped me to make.”

Sunil’s father-in-law turns 80 this week. And it is a very special occasion specially for a family-oriented man like Sunil.

“But I had to be in Goa for the screening of Red Alert on Saturday (28 November). The films was a sell-out at all the screens in Goa. The film is being recognized at international film festivals. I think the goras very keen to know about the naxalite movement. They’ve heard about other forms of unrest across the world. But naxalism is new to them.”

Sunil is also excited because he has never attended a film festival before. “Goa is my first film festival.Can you believe it ? In all these years I’ve never been to a film festival in my life! I wasn’t there earlier this month at the South Asian International Film Festival in New York where I won the best actor award for my performance in Red Alert. This time I had to be there for my festival.”

Sunil whose realistic performance as a naxalite in Red Alert is getting him critical applause is also pleased with the response to his just-released no-brainer De Dana Dan. “It is a full-on paisa-wasool Priyadarshan film. And we’ve all given our sweat and blood to it.”

Sunil had a major accident while shooting the climax which kept him bedridden for months. “The chest region is still not fully healed. But like I said De Dana Dan was a whole lot of fun. Then I’ve another comedy Anees Bazmi’s No Problem coming up. I think I am finally done with making mistakes in my career.”

Big B to be a part of 'Bigg Boss 3'

Amitabh Bachchan
Click above for event stills
After having got the whole world under his 'baritoned' sway, the legendary Amitabh Bachchan will now be seen in the world famous reality show 'Bigg Boss' (Season 3), that will get kick started on 'Colors' channel from the month of October. Contrary to what the whole world thought, Big B will not be in as a participant, but as a 'Pop philosopher'!

Stag Do

Insiders have it that, since the said channel are well aware of the gravitational pull of Big B; they did not mind shelling the big bucks to take him on board. What will be really interesting is to see Amitabh yielding the spotlight again, after the famous 'Kaun Banega Crorepati', which was on Star Plus. As Rajesh Kamat (CEO of Colors) rightly puts it that they chose Big B, because, they needed to take the 'Bigg Boss' show to another level. At the same time, Kamat was candid enough to confess that if Big B hadn't agreed to do this show, they would have surely scrapped the very thought of the 'Pop Philosopher' on the show.

DVD Reviews Kambakkht Ishq

Kambakkht Ishq MOVIE DETAILS

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Aftab Shivdasani, Amrita Arora, Vindoo Dara Singh along with Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh
Director: Sabbir Khan
Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala
Music: Anu Malik, RDB, Salim-Sulaiman
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan, RDB, Sabbir Khan


Kambakkht Ishq isn't entirely a slapstick show as one would have expected from the promos. Of course the first half is entirely slapstick and how! The dialogues are outrageous and majority of one liners have a good enough punch that would keep the younger crowds happy. Yes, elderly may not really warm up to the 'pajama' dialogues or the frequent 'dog v/s bitch' vibes shared between Akshay and Kareena. However, for a film aimed at the masses, that won't really be an issue per se.

Yes, second half does take a dip. A scene featuring Boman Irani as a hearing-challenged doctor is well done but other than the entire guilt feeling of Kareena till Aftab's challenge to Akshay has that seen-it-heard-before feel. However, after around 30 minutes, Kambakkht Ishq comes back on track again with Kareena sharing her past with Akshay just before her 'Bebo Main Bebo' jig. The film takes a different spin from this point on as emotions take over and humour is left behind. Laughs takes a back seat as romance comes on the fore front. Proceedings calm down at this juncture and stay on like that till the end without much ups and downs.

Director Sabbir Khan plays a smart game here as in this half of the film, he aims for his family audiences who are in the lookout for some old world romance, misunderstandings and the 'all is well that ends well' finale. Those expecting similar 'masala' of the first half do not really get a similar feel though but still are expected to be reasonably engaged as Sabbir keeps the film moving.

Of course, the pre-climax has it's moments with Sylvester Stallone making a surprise appearance. One does feel though he could have had his fist fight with the American 'goondas' a little bit longer. However, if one considers the fact that a core Bollywood film has managed to rope him in for those 10 minutes at least, it is still a worthy enough achievement.

Talking about Hollywood actors, Brandon Routh's appearance is really short lived as he comes in for just a couple of minutes. Denise Richards has the longest role amongst the three and is pretty much integral to the film's script for last 30 minutes. She does decent, though doesn't quite come across as a stunner that one would have expected her to have been.

So who is really stunning here? Well, none other than Kareena Kapoor who sizzles from frame one till her 'Bebo' jig. Post the song her role takes a serious turn with glamour being shown the window and quintessential Hindi film heroine role coming to the fore.

However pre-Bebo, it is a different Kareena altogether who has now thankfully left behind her Tashan look and donned an avtar that has a far better appeal amongst 'desi' audiences. Also, one has to make a mention about her costumes that are chic and ultra hip.

As for the supporting actors, Kirron Kher is disappointing which is a pity since she is generally a scene stealer in majority of her films. However, this time around she is there for just a mandatory emotional sequence which doesn't quite justify her presence. Aftab Shivdasani is OK for most of the movie while Amrita Arora goes all out with her skin show. In fact, the least suspect Vindu Dara Singh, who plays Akshay's friend/bodyguard/cook/caretaker - all rolled into one, gets a lengthy footage and does well. However, the best of this lot is Javed Jaffrey who has absolutely no connection to the film's storyline but still takes audiences along with him whenever he appears.

Overall, Kambakkht Ishq is for those who just wish to be entertained without giving much heed to the 'why', 'how' and 'what' in the film's narrative. Yes, there are emotional moments for a section of audiences in the second half. However, the film still got a 'successful' tag at the box office, courtesy that major segment of audiences who came to watch the film with a don't-care-a-damn-and-just-believe-in-entertainment attitude.


Kambakkht Ishq is made available in an excellent thick paper packaging that lends a glossy and attractive feel to it. There is a bonus DVD of Haal-E-Dil included as well though it is hardly an enticing offer.


The film's duration is 129 minutes


- Making of the Film, Songs and Interviews

This is a short segment in the film which does take viewers behind the scenes. Other than the regular 'pat on the back' conversations about each other, there are two things that make this segment special - a) on location shoot of the action sequences in the film and b) interviews of Stallone, Routh and Richards. More than anything else, it's a great feeling to see top league Hollywood stars talking about their experience in working in a Bollywood film. Moreover, what goes behind making an action scene is a good watch too. There are portions around making of the songs as well but there is something about Vaibhavi Merchant's style of talking about her work that makes it all sound more amusing than enlightening!!


- 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
- Subtitles in English
- Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo


Rs. 299/=


No one, just no one other than Akshay Kumar could have pulled off the kind of role that the lead protagonist of Kambakkht Ishq is required to play. He has to be loud; he has to be a real 'rude boy, a 'bad boy' and a 'dog' but still make audiences root for him. He has to perform dare devilry. He has to sing and dance inside Universal Studios and on the streets of Italy. He has to call his leading lady a bitch countless times. He has to look at his lady love in sheer disbelief when she calls him a bastard. Last but not the least, he has to tell his sister-in-law (with a straight face) - 'Remove bhai's pajamas, search a little and you will find a husband'. And guess what, he still manages to pull it all off! That's the market that he has built for himself. So if you didn't like his buffoonery in Chandni Chowk To China or didn't quite warm up to his serious act in '8X10 Tasveer' then never mind because he is back to his street-smart ways in Kambakkht Ishq. Remember Singh Is Kinng, Heyy Babyy, Garam Masala or that two scene act in Om Shanti Om? If you loved it all then be rest assured, you will grab Kambakkht Ishq too with both hands!

"My character in Acid Factory is very feminine and sexy but also strong" - Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza "I opened my wardrobe and this is what I picked. A black and white dress from a store called 'White and Black' in America. I love their stuff. Their entire store only sells white and black", and there she was, an epitome of goodness with a larger than life smile. So elegantly dressed as always. No attitude pouring down her cheeks. Only her irresistible persona and riveting presence that hits you like a tonne of bricks. We wave at each other even from an arms length, a warm hug got us close which tells, that we both were in for a good ol' session of Q and A again. Dia, who is disarmingly easygoing comes across as more delicately beautiful and finely featured in her black and white dress than her hundreds of red-carpet photographs. Mirza may be in ultimate ass-kicking mode on the big screen this October with Acid Factory but when UK's Harrow Observer columnist and Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent Devansh Patel spoke to the ethereally eternal beauty, she looked more like the world's most famous Barbie doll sitting on the barb wire who talked about well dressed men, the lost memory syndrome, her six male co-stars, her walking-the-edge type of roles and how she surprised her producer and director with an unbelievable makeover. Please welcome the all new Dia Mirza - rough, tough and the rugged.

What's a beautiful babe doing with not so good looking men?
(laughs) Trying to make them all look good and I think I've succeeded in doing that. The posters looks exciting, doesn't it?

Max, the character I play in the film is a tough woman. She is very feminine and sexy but at the same time she is strong
You in Acid Factory remind me of Angelina Jolie in Wanted...
I think because Max, the character I play in the film is a tough woman. She is very feminine and sexy but at the same time she is strong. So I guess the vibe is in the similar space.

Any moment you can recall of having lost your memory?
(laughs) No but my mom has. I was actually talking to somebody yesterday and she said something really interesting to me. She said that she had lost her memory for six hours after falling off from a bus and a police case was filed. She had no memory of her name, where she was from, nothing. But when they asked her to sign, she just signed her name. And I was like, 'That's what the film is all about.' When you lose your memory, you don't lose yourself. You are still who you were before losing your memory. Your physicality, characteristics, intonation, reaction and your subconscious remains the same, right?

I didn't want to know anything because there are certain plots and stories that don't need that
What's so exciting to make a film with no memory?
That's the most exciting part. You've planted six people in the Acid Factory who have no memory and don't know how and why they got there. It's very easy to play characters if the plot is right. My director, Suparn Verma, recalled a moment during the making of the film when I asked him that I didn't want to know anything about Max, where she is from, etc. Usually I do a character sketch for most of my films. For this one, I didn't want to know anything because there are certain plots and stories that don't need that. Acid Factory is one such film.

And what do you exactly mean?
I mean that sometimes situations are more important than pretext. Your responses to what is happening within that moment is more important. There are three things that I needed to know. One was: She was on the wrong side of the law, was unabashed about it and she was an extremely confident woman. The story of Acid Factory is a bird's eye view. Somebody else is telling you the story and that's what makes it exciting.

Dia Mirza
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We hear a lot about Danny Denzongpa's etiquettes? Is that man on a mission?
Yes. Danny stands for discipline. He is a class apart. That man is so amazing to talk to. I would just spend hours chatting with him in between shots. I mean, these people are carrying history with them. They've been around for so many years. They've worked with all kinds of filmmakers and so many actors. I also found out that he has a brewery in Sikkim and he actually makes beer. He goes off into the hills and lives most of the time there. He has got a beautiful home in Juhu. He has got a gorgeous son who is studying in London and he is a kind of man who doesn't work post six in the evening. He follows certain norms by which he lives all his life. He wakes up at six in the morning and goes for a swim. He swims for about forty five minutes and is fit as a fiddle. He is an institution and it's really unfortunate that people don't give them their due credit. I think my generation hardly knows him but they should.

Go on then, don't stop. What about Manoj Bajpai?
I've worked with Manoj Bajpai in Dus Kahaniyaan. He is super fun and is actually quite a brat. People think that Bajpai has this really serious image about him but he can be really funny and can get naughty sometimes. He is the one who is thinking like - Whose arm am I going to twist today and who am I going to bully today (laughs).

Four more to go - Dino, Aftab, Fardeen Irrfan...
Dino is again somebody with whom I've worked with before. He is a wonderful person. Dino is too nice actually. Aftab is a bit of a loner. He usually keeps to himself because after pack up we never really saw him. We only heard his music (laughs). That's the way he is made. Nobody was offended by it but of course, we ragged him for not making it to all the after parties (laughs). Fardeen is one of the most well read, dignified and charming man I know. He is so under rated. And Irrfan has of course proclaimed to the world what he is all about and we have accepted it. Irrfan is also an institution.

There is one more. One who is fit to be a princess - Dia Mirza.
She has worked so damn hard (laughs). To train is one thing. We all work hard but I think after I read the script of Acid Factory, I understood that I had to work three hundred times harder on this one. It was very important to see her strength exude in even a frame of a photograph where she is just standing next to so many men. And because she had to be on par with them, she had to reflect that strength. I had to do an am-pm workout with my trainer Rakesh Udyar. He was nothing short of being a Hitler. I used to train for two hours in the morning, two hours in the evening, go all the way to Film City at five in the morning to train with Tinu Varma for the action sequences for three hours, drive back and hit the gym, go back home, catch a nap, wake up, run back to the gym again and phew! It was tough but I enjoyed it because I discovered new levels of strength that I never ever thought I had. I was lifting weights, running distances, etc. It was a huge self realisation.

I used to train for two hours in the morning, two hours in the evening, go all the way to Film City at five in the morning to train with Tinu Varma for the action sequences for three hours
What's your prerogative while you do a film then?
It's very simple. It has to be convincing and natural. I don't want people to come out of the theatre and say - What a body she had! I want them to come out and say - Wow man! She is solid and is a strong chic. She could stand her ground. She didn't look like a misfit. That's what I want.

Will a film like Acid Factory question the intelligence of the audience?
Not at all. People will love it. I think I am a fairly intelligent person. I've seen the film and I loved it. I didn't have a problem with anything. I hate when people say that it's an action film. Yes, action is a part of the film but the film is about the plot and what these guys are doing in the factory.

Acid Factory
Download Acid Factory wallpapers
You've been a part of many Sanjay Gupta films off late.
Yeah but Sanjay Gupta didn't even see me for Acid Factory. He didn't even think of me for the film. Sanjay has always seen me as a sensitive, petite, demur person and he has always cast me in parts like that. Sanjay never perceives me as aggressive. He thinks that I am just a sweet little girl who's just going to take all the sh** in the world and never complaint about it, and I do that (laughs). But that does not mean there is another side to me that I'm willing to explore. If you are an actor and cannot essay different parts, then why are you acting? I had to beg to be cast in this film. I threatened them with dire consequences (laughs). Just kidding. I secretly worked out, came to Mumbai, went to his office, met with him and the director. Suparn was floored by my enthusiasm and commitment.

And you did a screen test?
I told Sanjay and Suparn that I'll do a screen test and whatever it takes to land this role in Acid Factory. In fact, very few actors in Bollywood do a screen test. I believe that screen test is a must to convince your director that you can do your part well, that you are fit for the role. But they didn't get me to do a screen test. We did a photo shoot instead.

You are so very creative.
Yes and you have to be. You'll understand when I say that it is very vital to be surrounded by people who are as enthused by what you're doing as you are. Suparn, the director got flattered by the same enthusiasm.

My option was to take shower in bikini, or be dirty like Mona: Kashmera Shah

My option was to take shower in bikini, or be dirty like Mona: Kashmera ShahAfter killing everyone’s happiness in Malaysian jungle, our lovable trouble-baby- Kashmera is happily back in the town. She is glad to break the pretentious happy jungle family, and shares her view on the jungle and its junglees with us.

What was the purpose of the secret mission?
They were all pretending to be like a happy family and would act upset when somebody is in the bottom two. They would not have come up in open, had I not gone and told them what the other person is talking about them behind their back.

Do you think your purpose is attained on the show?
I think I did more than what was expected of me. They thought I will take two days to cause trouble, but it all started off from the day one!

Though you were on a mission, still you were made to live the harsh life of jungle, how was the experience?
Insect bites were so harsh… I can’t even wax my legs now, until the bite gets cured. At times we would get phantom bites, we don’t realize something is biting and would wake up itching.

Worst was the food, we use to get one cup of soya and half cup of rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each one would get 4 tsp of rice and 4 tsp of soya, if some is left then again one fourth to each. We had only hot water to drink. I would only eat rice and give my soya to others.

How much did you know about the show before entering the jungle?
Yes, I use to follow the show and had fair idea of what is happening in the jungle. Though they kept saying that I would be happy if Marc wins or Chetan wins, that’s not true, they will be only happy when they themselves would win.

What do you have to say about taking shower in bikini on national TV?
My option was to show up in bikini, or be dirty like Mona. As clothes would take three days to dry there, and also it use to rain frequently, so it’s better to take shower in bikini. You cannot even use perfume, as the smell would attract insects.

Did your opinion change about any contestant after living with them in jungle?
First I thought Marc is playing a subtle game, as being a reality show contestant I like people who are upfront. But when I went inside I realized he wasn’t necessarily playing the game, and even if he was, he was fair enough.

About Aman, even I was influenced by the sting operation, I found him to be a loser when he made excuses like tummy upset to not do the task and I thought that his injury was fake, but when he opened up with me I got to know that he is bottled up.

He told me once that Marc was the head of the gang. Now as he has gone, these people are walking around like headless chickens. I thought Jai is sweet guy, but now I don’t respect him anymore. People treat him like servant there.

Who do you think was close to being genuine on the show?
Only genuine person was Mika, everything he did inside he does it outside also.

Who do you think can make it to the top three?
Unfortunately, who would have made it to the finals are already out- Shweta, Aman and Marc. Seeing the current status, I think Mona, Chetan, and by default Jai will make it to the finals. I don’t think people want to vote for Akaassh anymore, and people find Anaida irritating, so they run no chance.

Are you comfortable being called a troublemaker?
That means most of the reality shows need me. I had not gone and made up things, I went and told them what I saw. My basic agenda was not to cause trouble, but to show the audience what it is. By the way, being a troublemaker on reality show is a very coveted position and I don’t think anybody else has it.

You made the jungle hell, but you left saying that you cannot live there?
Nobody was sad to see me go, because their attitude has become like raat ka khana aayega toh ek aur ka khana milega. So I said you guys are fighting for petty things, I don’t want your money; I think I can’t be in that class.

What Salman Khan's mother hates about him: Salma Khan

What Salman Khan`s mother hates about him: Salma KhanWatch the stars at their candid best for the first time on Indian television. Shocking truths and endearing stories of your favorite celebrities will be shown on the leading Hindi General Entertainment Channel, STAR Plus as it launches an emotional, inspiring and heart warming chat show, Tere Mere Beach Mein. It’s a show, which is not about the celebrity’s stardom but about their lives away from the arc lights

Hosted by ace director, Farah Khan, it premieres on August 23 at 9 pm and will air every Saturday and Sunday.

Salman Khan is the first celebrity in the new chat show on STAR plus, Tere Mere Beach Mein. Hosted by Farah Khan, this captures a different side of all the celebrities as they appear on the same platform as the common man and showcases ‘Jaise aap, vaaise aapke stars’.

The show takes a topic that is sometimes socially relevant, sometimes fun and at all times relatable to the audience. The first episode’s topic is– “Mamma’s boys” where we talk about the nation’s obsession with our MOTHER For the first time on TV, interesting anecdotes, and never before revelations are made by the celebrities.

Salma Khan’s pet peeve against her son Salman is about traveling in the car that Salman drives. She says, “Isske saath gaadi mein baithke mujhe chakkar aa jaate hain kyunki ye yahan se vahan se le jaata hai.

He hates waiting at signals, so he keeps taking shortcut routes to reach any place and that puts me in a tizzy. Aisa hai ki mari puri to theekh hai lekin main haath pair tudvake nahi baith sakti.”

Salman: (Laughs) Mama, do you know this is not the right thing to say when I have an accident case on me.

Among some of the celebrities who grace the show are, Shah Rukh Khan admits to being a “Joru ka Ghulam”, Priyanka Chopra talks of her struggles coming from a small town to make it big in Mumbai and Yusuf Pathan speaks of hardships and being in the shadow of brother, Irfan Pathan…. The list is endless.

This seven-week series comprises of 14 episodes and allows television viewers in India to have a first time glimpse into the ‘real’ life of a celebrity. It’s a unique talk show in which Farah Khan gets candid with the biggest celebrities from various walks of life to discuss what they have in similar with the common man.

Farah Khan said, “It’s a privilege to associate with STAR Plus once again. Tere Mere Beach Mein breaks the myth that ‘Stars live in a different world’, and gets the viewers to realize how similar their stories are, and hence how similar their worlds are.

Funny and lively, the show brings celebrities and the audience members to discuss a select theme. Set on a backdrop inspired by the beaches of Goa, it instantly sets a mood of informal, uninhibited chats with the stars.

Being an astute observer of today’s society with an ability to cut to the core, I highlight the genuine side of the celebrities as they speak on topics that are central to every human being- issues, fears, emotions, relations and happiness- everything a star shares with the common man.”

Every episode opens with Farah Khan interacting with the audience in her own inimitable and witty style as she introduces the topic of the day.

The celebrities reveal unknown personal facts about themselves on the topic. An audience member shares a similar story as the celebrity in the Main Hoon Nah segment.

All celebrities autograph a personal belonging and these will be auctioned and its proceeds will go to charity. The show ends with Farah teaching the guest a dance step in “Farah’s Step of the Week”.

I am a very subtle and serious person in real life: Rajpal Yadav

I am a very subtle and serious person in real life: Rajpal Yadav Rajpal Yadav has more than 87 films in his kitty and indeed he has fulfilled each and every role with full dedication and commitment and the outcome is front of everyone.

You pick any film of Rajpal, either the character of terrorist he played in “Jungle” or role of household worker in films “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya” or “Waqt”. His comic flicks like “Maalmaal weekly”, “Partner”, “BhulBhulaiya”, “Mujse Shaadi Karogi”, “Hungama”, “Garam Masala”, “Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya” and many more has withhold his position firm as a comedian in industry.

These days he is busy promoting his forth-coming films “Toss” and “Yeh Mera India”. Both of his films are lined up together. For the promotion he is been on tour of cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai. In Mumbai, he interacted with media. Following is the dis- course:

Tell us about your film “Yeh Mera India”.
This film is very special to me and I feel proud and obliged to be associated to the film. Film showcases those questions which we imprint on our thoughts, believes, actions, missions, visions and live life with those unsolved and unanswered questions.

We the team of Y.M.I has worked as a football team where the goal is the same of building an awareness but roles are different.

How was your experience working with Director N.Chandra?
Since childhood I use to watch films of N.Chandra. I admired him immensely for the quality of work and direction he has under his belt. He has given fabulous master-pieces like “Tezaab” “Ankush” to the industry. And when he approached me with this film, I was more than happy and without a doubt I had to the movie.

To believe, the film has raised the issue of North Indian and Marathi. To what extent is it true?
Such issues don’t bother common man. And city like Mumbai has been metropolitan one. And raising such issues are baseless and utterly misleading. Such issues are only matter of concern for politicians who bring it out for their personal benefits. And we public know and understand everything.

Tell us about your other film “Toss” and what role you play in the film?
It is the story of childhood friends and how an incident can change lives, beliefs, relationships between them. All the friends tread a path where greed rules, death triumphs and relationship, bonding are buried deep inside tunnel holding no value.

How was your experience working under the direction of Ramesh Khatkar?
It is fast-paced film and Director has presented this film in a very interesting manner. He is hardworking and absolute passionate about his work.

What according you is the U.S.P of both of your films?
“Y.M.I” portrays the society and current situation and gives the answers and solutions which we are finding within the complexities of life. On other hand, the presentation of “Toss” is the USP of the film.

People feel that in real life you are as fun-loving and comedian…What you have to say about this?
What I do in films is my work and what I am good at. Professionally I am a comedian but in personal life I am a very subtle and serious person.

What are your forthcoming films apart from “Toss” and “Yeh Mera India”?
“Do Knot Disturb”, “Chai Garam”, “Banda Yeh Bindass Hain”, “Daddy Cool”, “Bhopal”, “A prayer for rain”, “Fauj mein Mauj” and many more.

Rakhi is funny, but Sambhavna is too below the belt and talks nonsense: Kashmera Shah

Rakhi is funny, but Sambhavna is too below the belt and talks nonsense: Kashmera ShahRecently Kashmera Shah and Sambhavna Seth teamed up against Baba Ramdev on a chat show. The whole debated was about the statement given by Baba Ramdev that youngster should not idolize actress, kyunki yeh badi actress nahi hai sadi actress.

Kashmera and Sambhavna, though had the same stand in the show but Kash does not approve the way Sambhavna conveyed her points.

“While proving your point one should also see who you are talking to. She was literally degrading Baba Ramdev. You can rip apart Rakhi Sawant, but not someone like Baba Ramdev,” she expresses her disapproval.

“He is a dignified personality whom the whole country follows and somewhere you should also keep the dignity of being a woman, when she said agar mein dance karungi toh apko bhi karna padega…what nonsense was she talking!” she adds further.

“I didn’t know her before the show, and I don’t want to know her now. It could have been an intelligent debate, but she degraded it. Had I know before that she is a desperate Rakhi Sawant wannabe I would have not gone. Rakhi is funny, but Sambhavna is too below the belt,” she opines.

She believes that she share a very unusual relationship with Rakhi. “We don’t like each other, but if we are together and somebody speaks against one of us, both of us would stand-up for each other,” she briefs about her equation with Rakhi.

So now the reality battleground is set for Kashmera vs Rakhi vs Sambhavna

Michael Jackson had seen my Slumdog Millionaire thrice: Anil Kapoor

Michael Jackson had seen my Slumdog Millionaire thrice: Anil KapoorHe's now being called, India's next international export after Aishwarya and is all set to debut on the small screen in America with one of its most popular drama and action series, ‘24’.

With the eighth season of ‘24’ boasting of a loaded star cast, including the likes of Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Freddie Prinze Junior, Anil surely had all the reasons to be latest addition to the show.

In his latest blog he writes:

I met with producers of the FOX drama ‘24’ and was brought aboard to play the President of a foreign country who is actively pursuing peaceful negotiations with the United States, much to the chagrin of my fellow countrymen.

I had just finished filming the fifth episode, when I was asked by FOX to attend Comic Con in San Diego, California with fellow ‘24’ cast members Kiefer Sutherland, Marylynn Rajskub, Katee Sackhoff and Freddie Prinze Jr. We were invited to participate as part of a panel with the writers and producers of the hit show which just received 11 Emmy nominations.

I had never heard of Comic Con before, it was pretty much a non-entity for someone like me, coming from India, but apparently, it is a very big deal here in the entertainment industry.

Every major Hollywood studio previews their upcoming films and television shows for fans who come from all over the world to meet the stars, hear them speak and more specifically, catch upcoming previews of the blockbuster entertainment that Hollywood produces.

We were driven down to San Diego, a beautiful coastal city south of Los Angeles and north of the Mexican border. The studio put us up in fabulous hotels and then drove the cast to the San Diego Convention Center.

Having no idea what to expect, I was amazed at the size of the crowds! Thousands of fans, some booking their hotels a year in advance, came from all over the world. Some were even dressed as characters from their favourite shows.

While there, I was stunned to realise just how big an event it was. Top stars like Denzel Washington (The Book of Eli), Cameron Diaz (The Box), Johnny Depp and Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland) were all there to promote their upcoming films.

Peter Jackson was there to promote his new Sci-Fi thriller 'District 9' and the entire cast of 'Twilight' caused quite a commotion as they appeared before a standing room only crowd to promote the next film entitled 'New Moon' for fans.

The panel went well and the entire experience was a phenomenal one. American fans were familiar with my work on 'Slumdog Millionaire' and I was asked questions about my role in ‘24’.

I was not able to reveal much as the producers did not want too much information released which could have spoiled the plot. Overall it was a fantastic experience, much as the entire year for me has been here.

Wherever I go to Beverly Hills, sitting in a cafe or walking along Rodeo Drive, fans of 'Slumdog Millionaire' stop me on the street, shake my hand, take a photo and congratulate me on the work I have done and how it meant so much to them.

I am truly humbled by their sincerity and greatly moved that this little film has touched so many.

I even met Jermaine Jackson, the brother of Michael Jackson, in the lobby of the hotel I am staying in. He and his lovely wife Hamila came up to me, introduced themselves and shook my hand (the day before Michael’s memorial service) and told me that the entire Jackson family — including Michael — had seen 'Slumdog Millionaire' three times!

He told me that Michael and his children loved the film and invited me to the memorial and to the family’s private reception.

There I met Katherine Jackson, Tito, Marlon, Jackie, Janet and the rest of the Jackson family. They were very welcoming and appreciative that I had come to pay my respects to their brother.

I told them that Michael made it possible for someone like me, an actor from India, to come to America and be recognized and appreciated for my talent and work.

Michael Jackson was not only one of the greatest artists to have ever lived, but more importantly, he was a true humanitarian and trailblazer. Because of him, artists were given opportunities that perhaps would not have been available before.

I hugged his mother Katherine and told her that her son broke down barriers of race for people of every creed and from every nation. I believe that I am now here, in Los Angeles, watching my dreams come true because of it.

I hope that now I can do the same for my fellow artists from India. It is a huge responsibility and one that I hope to fulfill.

Courtesy: Itimes.com

Wrestling is a manly sport, not gilly-danda like Cricket: Sharad Saxena

Wrestling is a manly sport, not gilly-danda like Cricket: Sharad SaxenaBoxer-actor Sharad Saxena seemed to be giving 200 percent to the show 100 percent De Dhana Dhan. He gets candid in an interview and shares his experience of being a manager to 11 Indian Wrestlers in South Africa.

Tell us about the show.
We have taken along 11 wrestlers from different parts of India. I would rather call them soldiers, as they have gone there to bring back the glory home by defeating South Africa.

What is new in this show?
Here we are training these few muscular men for two months and gearing them to fight against the veteran wrestlers in SA. Trust me, they are truly making India proud. We shall salute them for their courage. We are presenting age-old traditional wrestling in professional format in a dramatic style.

How are these men getting trained?
They are undergoing rigorous training from 6 am in the morning to late evening. They shoot eight fights a day and I must say, boys are really working hard.

How is your equation with these men as their manager?
They have become like a family to me. We share amazing camaraderie. They are very simple people, with riotous sense of humor.

How much do you relate to the sport?
Kushti, has always been close to me. In fact, I always aspired to be a wrestler. I have also done a film Boxer that was also based on same sport.

What do you have to say about the depressing status of wrestling in India?
We Indians are strong-willed, and these boys are there in SA to prove the same. People here look down upon sports like wrestling, as they believe that a man with a giant body lacks intelligence; which is not true, as these men are strong as well as have amazing sense of humor.

But even today in the small towns of India wrestling is a popular sport and the local wrestlers becomes a hero figure for the localities.

Why do you think the sport could not grow in India?
People who are suppose to respect these sports consider themselves above everything, and so these sports could not grow. I would say Wrestling is a manly sport, not gilly-danda like cricket

Hindi filmmakers probably not missing me: Amol Palekar

Hindi filmmakers probably not missing me: Amol PalekarA craft "can get rusty" if not practised enough - humble words coming from Amol Palekar. But the film veteran has his reasons for staying away from acting in movies for more than two decades, one being that "Hindi filmmakers are perhaps not missing" him.

"Why I am not seen in Hindi films? Ask the Hindi filmmakers. Probably they are not missing me, to be honest, " Amol told in an interview during a visit to the capital.

"But that's fine, absolutely fine. If there is someone who comes up with a good role, something which will once again excite me, by all means I'll do it, irrespective of any language, as I did when I was acting, " said the 64-year-old actor, who is making a comeback as an actor with Marathi movie "Samaantar".

Releasing Sep 4, "Samaantar" is a tale about two parallel lives crossing each other in the twilight of life. The heart-wrenching drama has been directed, scripted and co-produced by his wife Sandhya Gokhale.

Surprisingly, the winner of three Filmfare and six state awards for Best Actor said he had "butterflies in his stomach right till the last day" of the film's shoot.

"I had lots of apprehensions for my acting...acting is not like swimming or cycling as is said and done...that's not true actually. A craft, if not practised enough, gets rusty, " he said.

"But then there were two aspects to it. With Sandhya being my co-director, my performance was never a tension for me and then having such brilliant co-actors, including Sharmila, and a wonderful team around me, I could easily get away with not really struggling. It was a sheer pleasure (to act again), " he added.

Distributed by Big Pictures, "Samaantar" ("Parallel Folds") competed at the recent Bollywood & Beyond Film Festival at Stuttgart, Germany. Amol has co-directed the film.

"After a long time, something excited me and inspired me to act. I took it as a challenge, hoping that I am the best one to take up every nuance of the character and the complete range of emotions in an understated manner. I thought I could do it without underlining anything or being melodramatic, " he explained.

"Even at the peak of my popularity in Hindi films, I have gone out of my way to act in regional cinema. I went and acted in Bengali, Kannada and did a film in Malayalam because I am a huge fan of Baloo Mahendra. So if something like that happens, yes, I will act again, " he added.

A leading persona of avant-garde theatre in India, Amol wowed the audiences for over a decade from 1970 with his boy-next-door image in movies like "Rajnigandha" (1974), "Chhoti Si Baat" (1975), "Chitchor" (1976), "Golmaal" (1979) and "Baton Baton Mein" (1979) that carved a niche despite the larger-than-life heroes of that time.

Amol quit acting after his 1986 film "Baat Ban Jaye" to concentrate on filmmaking and theatre. He, however, did a cameo in the Amitabh Bachchan starrer "Aks" (2001).

Probed more about his absence from the big screen, he said: "Nothing really excited me, nothing was so challenging that came my way and fortunately there was no compulsion that I have to act.

"There is still no compulsion and this role (in 'Samaantar') does not mean that once again I'll open shop and start acting, certainly not until something excites me, " asserted Amol who last made the Marathi "Dum Kata" (2008).

Amol has teamed up with his favourite actress, Sharmila Tagore, in the film. The actors are coming together almost after 30 years -- they shared screen space together in the Bengali film "Mother" that was released in late 1970s.

The actor, who is featuring in his own film almost 30 years after his directorial venture "Ankahee" (1984), was lured into "Samaantar" by the central character Keshav Vaze.

"Keshav is at the pinnacle of his success and professionally a very successful industrialist. His days are very hectic with board meetings and all, flying in and out, but at the end of the day he is a very lonely man and this melancholy amongst the din and hustle bustle is what fascinated me."

I'm trying to push and taste everything a little bit: Bipasha Basu

I`m trying to push and taste everything a little bit: Bipasha BasuBy Robin Bansal

She is known for her bold image in Bollywood, but dusky beauty Bipasha Basu will now be seen in a slew of non-commercial films like the Bengali "Shob Charitro Kalponik", "Pankh" and "Lamhaa". She insists she is not making any special attempts to change her image and would love to do more Bengali films if they are interesting.

"I like to do films that are entertainers, glamorous, fun, action and definitely realistic. There is no effort that I am putting towards an image change with non-commercial films.

I just feel that in the Hindi film industry, where you look in a particular manner, people consider your USP as something and you get a little typecast, " Bipasha told in a telephone interview from Mumbai.

"But I'm not trying to break any typecast. It's just that within the given limitations, I'm trying to push and taste everything a little bit, " she added.

Bipasha plays a Kashmiri girl in director Rahul Dholakia's "Lamhaa", has a supporting role in arthouse film "Pankh'" and in her just released Bengali film debut she plays a typical sari-wearing Bengali woman.

Asked if "Shob Charitro..." marks her entry into regional cinema, she said: "I don't like to do films where I don't understand the language; so I don't know about other regional films. I tried doing a Telugu film (2002) and a guest appearance in a Tamil movie (2005), but it was the toughest thing I've ever done.

"But Bengali films...for sure because I know the language... I'd love it if there are some interesting films or a filmmaker who would love to make one...they are more than welcome to approach me and I'd love to do it, " she added.

Produced by Big Pictures, "Shob Charitro..." has been written and directed by Rituparno Ghosh and also stars Prasenjit, Jisshu Sengupta, Pauli Dam and Sohag Sen.

The film shows the journey of Bipasha's character into the life of her late poet husband through his poetry.

"Shob Charitro..." was also screened in the Panorama Section of the 2009 Durban Film Festival and marketed at the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival.

Though it was her first Bengali venture, the 30-year-old didn't find any difficulties essaying the role.

"Ritu-da asked me to get into the typical Bengali woman mode for the character with the sari-and-blouse and body language, etc... it was not at all difficult for me as I have grown up watching my mother like that.

"For the language, it was very easy because it's definitely the Bengali I speak at home and understand. Apart from that there is also a lot of English in the film as my character speaks both, " added Bipasha, who became an overnight sensation in Bollywood with the 2003 hit "Jism".

Bipasha was all praise for the director.

"Ritu-da's films work on various levels and not just one level. When he narrated the script to me, I was really curious as to how he plans to do it because it sounded really tough. But when we shot the film and I actually performed, it was really effortless.

"He guides you well and the whole film flows and tells you a beautiful story of romance, realism, marriage and all kinds of emotions like problems with your partner and when you fall in love... and he uses poetry as a very strong tool in it, " she explained.

"Shob Charitro...", Bipasha says, isn't a commercial entertainer.

"It is very deep and very beautiful. It was very different for me too but I truly liked it and enjoyed the process of making this film, " said the actress.

Apart from "Lamha" and "Pankh", Bipasha will also be seen in "All The Best", a comic entertainer.

I don't want to do films any more: Sharmila Tagore

I don`t want to do films any more: Sharmila TagoreBy Radhika Bhirani

After facing the arc lights for half a century, veteran actress Sharmila Tagore says she has done enough and wants an extended break from movies even though she looks forward to the release of her Marathi venture "Samaantar" next month.

"I'm not interested in working any more, frankly. Unless it's something really exciting, I don't want to do films. I want to do other things, " Sharmila told in an interview.

"I have been working since I was 16. In fact, I was 13 when I did my first film ('Apur Sansar' 1959) and then went back to school and came back to cinema. Since then, I've just been working. I've done enough.

Now I'm happy doing other things and, for that matter, not doing anything. I'm any way quite lazy, " said the 62-year-old thespian who looked cool and relaxed in a pair of jeans and a floral shirt at her residence here.

"I love gardening. My garden is my passion. I don't have one here, but I have a huge one in Pataudi. I like growing things there. I also spend my time doing things for NGOs, I'm the goodwill ambassador for Unicef, etc, " said Sharmila, who is married to former cricketer Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi and whose son is the actor Saif Ali Khan.

"We have houses in Pataudi and Bhopal; so I keep busy looking after them...If nothing else, taking care of the road outside. Basically, I don't want to work in usual roles any more. I want a definite break, " said Sharmila, who was last seen in "Morning Walk".

The actress might be wanting a break, but she is now in the midst of promoting her first ever Marathi venture "Samaantar", produced by yesteryears actor Amol Palekar and distributed by Big Pictures. It is set to release Sep 4.

Sharmila plays a middle-aged recluse who comes across her old flame Keshav (Amol), a 60-year-old man who gets so embroiled in the humdrum of life that he has nothing to look forward to on his personal front.

"My character Shama looks like a wounded deer, but she is very creative, makes pottery, plays the violin, she is extremely engaged with life instead of running away from life, " she explained.

She admits she was nervous when she took up the role in the film simply because she wasn't familiar with the language.

"I was very nervous about the language. Marathi is a very rich language and I have read a lot of Marathi stories translated into Hindi or Bengali. Their literature is rich like Bengali and Malayalam. I was really nervous. But my friends in the Marathi industry like Mohan Agashe and Jabbar Patel assured me it was light.

"While working on the film, I didn't have any problems as I used to take the dialogues before. But then there were few dialogues for my role. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it. Because I don't believe you can pick up a language so fast, " she said.

It is after 30 years that she has teamed up with Amol and says it was a pleasure working with him and that his style of filmmaking suits her temperament. The last time they shared screen space was for a Bengali film "Mother".

After "Samaantar", Sharmila has just one more movie titled "Life Goes On" - a bilingual movie by debut director Sangeeta Dutta. In this one too she features with veterans like Girish Karnad and Om Puri.

"Then I will be on a total break, " she said.

Haath Peele Karne Ke Liye Haath Khali To Hone Chahiye: Shilpa Shetty

Haath Peele Karne Ke Liye Haath Khali To Hone Chahiye: Shilpa ShettyBy Subhash K Jha

Reports that Shilpa’s dad has been applying to retrieve his passport from Surat (where the document is kept because of a pending court case) so he can be in London for his daughter’s wedding has Shilpa in splits.

“The passport is certainly not meant for my wedding, please! It’s not happening in October, November, December or any of the dates that have been fixed for my wedding in the media.

Raj and I will announce the date from rooftops and invite the entire press corps to be part of the baraati when it happens. In the meanwhile please leave my father alone.”

Papa Shetty’s passport needed retrieval not for Shilpa’s wedding but for another family gathering altogether.

“It’s Raj Kundra’s birthday on September 9. Our entire collective family will be bringing in the occasion at the Maldives. That’s what my dad needed his passport for.”

On a more sober note Shilpa says, “We all respect the judiciary. But it’s very humiliating for any daughter to have her father rushing to another town for his passport. It’s even more humiliating to have erroneous media reports being put out about one’s father.He had applied for his passport a few month ago.”

As for the wedding, “There’s no reason on earth why Raj I wouldn’t want to get married at the earliest. At the moment we’ve our hands full with many new exciting ventures. We need get the space in our lives to plan and enjoy this wonderful event. Haath peele karne ke liye haath khali to hone chahiye.”

I would love to work with Ranbir: Kulraj Randhawa

I would love to work with Ranbir: Kulraj RandhawaMastang Kulraj is gearing for her grand entry in Bollywood with two out-and-out comedy films releasing this year. She is playing a PRO to Rishi Kapoor in ‘Chintuji’ and a stunning cop in ‘Mastang Mama’. She gets candid in an interview and shares her experience of doing the film.

Tell us about the film?
Rishi Kapoor is playing himself in the film. He is an actor who wants to contest elections. I am his PRO who helps him go about in politics. It’s an comedy of errors.

Did you enjoy PRing Chintujee?
Absolutely he’s a lovely person. He encourages new people a lot. He is thorough professional, because being a senior guy he can getaway by many things, but he would never be untoward.

Would you like to work with junior Kapoor?
I loved working with Rishida, I would love to work with Neetuji, as I am very fond of her and why not Ranbir.

What is your relationship with your PR?
It’s a very comfortable relationship, though the purpose is business.

Central character of the film is Chintuji, so why do you think it is the right film for you to begin with?
As a woman lead I am the only one, so I am given due credit to what I needed for the character. Chintuji and I have worked in sync for this film.

Tell us about Mastang Mama
It’s directed by Nikhil Panchamiya. It is a comedy film opposite Ruslaan Mustaq where I am playing a Cop.

You did comedy drama in the serial Kareena Kareena, and then Chintuji and Mastang Mama are again comedy film, so are you consciously doing comedy?
No it’s by chance. My forthcoming film about which I can’t talk now is a hardcore serious film. So it is not that I only want to do comedy.

Have you quit television?
I have not quit television; but we can say I have shifted my focus, as of now. I don’t mind doing TV if I get something really interesting.

In Chintuji you worked with veteran Rishida and in Mastang Mama you worked with new generation actor, so how different is the experience?
If you are working with a senior actor, you tend to look up-to him for learning, but you never know you can also learn from a newcomer, as they have their unique style of working. So as far as learning is concerned, you learn differently from different people.

My Teacher had a crush on me: Rituparna SenGupta

My Teacher had a crush on me: Rituparna SenGuptaAn unconventional face Rituparna Sen Gupta doesn’t need an introduction. Rituparna has come a long way in realistic cinema as an actor.

To have won a National Award in 1998 the best female-category for Rituparno Ghosh's Dahan, where she played Romita, a newly-wed who becomes the victim of sexual assault, explains it all for this epitome of talent.

And now, this actor is all set with her forthcoming film Love Khichdi to release this Friday, which she says is the beginning of her career in mainstream cinema, although she has already done a couple of films in the same league.

In an interview, Rituparna SenGupta talks at length about her character and future plans to make it big in B- Town.

Shed some light on your character in the film?
My character is of a Bengali girl who is an independent personality. She has got her own principles and doesn’t compromise on anything for them. She is modern, yet an introvert who knows where to draw the line.

She runs a bookshop in a hotel where she happens to meet a guy whom she starts falling for. However, she eventually loses interest as she discovers the personality of guy, and her interest level is less than the guy’s interest.

Have you ever experienced such attention in your real-life?
Yes, loads (blushes), since the school times. I was stalked by a guy, who would bunk his classes, just to give me a greeting card.

He would wait throughout the day just to get one glimpse of me. He never dared to approach me though and once when I confronted him he confessed his feelings for me.

Another one was my teacher in painting classes, he had to resign, but the fear of losing me gave him a reason to change the decision and he too actually confessed his feelings to me. But I was a teenager, a kid…those were funny days.

Why this sudden inclination towards main-stream cinema and up-beat roles like in Love Khichdi when you busy doing unconventional roles?
Be it realistic or main-stream, I personally feel Indian cinema is going through a sea of change. The films have become script-driven and after doing unconventional, in other words realistic cinema, I have a desire to explore main-stream too.

There is so much to explore in terms of roles. I am a big name in Bengali cinema, but have no ego hassles and inhibitions about Hindi. I have always banked upon my talent and hard work and will continue to do.

I honestly feel, I have a big scope in main-stream cinema and with acting as my agenda I am sure I’ll be able to make it big here as well.

Love Khichdi is a beginning where I play a conservative, polite yet today’s modern girl with whom everyone will relate. Love Khichdi is a film with which everyone will relate to, because everyone either has gone, or are, or will go through such situations in life.

It is a typical masala, yet reality driven today’s film. Love Khichdi is the beginning as I have loads to explore further.

You mentioned about the conservative, polite yet modern nature of the woman you are playing in the film, how far do you relate with the character you are in real-life, or is it poles-apart?
No I am not poles-apart; I have got loads of similarity…she is a confident yet conservative girl. Out going, yet not desperate. She knows how to balance her life which is somewhere me.

SRK is another film you have worked in? Is the film to do with the King Khan or it’s just the title that is creating hype?
(Laughs), I can’t reveal much. Hmm, SRK is just a gimmick though, but yes, the story of the film goes well with the title. It’s an emotional-comedy and I must say Vinay Pathak has done a wonderful job.

What happened to Mittal Vs Mittal…what’s the reason for the delay in the release?
Recession has taken a toll over everyone, including our industry. However, Mittal Vs Mittal is a wonderful work accomplished by Karan Razdan and the film will soon release and I am really looking forward to the response it gets.

Beside SRK and Mittal Vs Mittal, what other films are in the pipeline?
I am currently working for Avartan with Rajat Kapoor and Antara Mali and for another film- a women issue oriented film with Divya Dutta, Yashpal Sharma and Atul Kulkarni- the story of a surrogate mother and a corporate woman.

Coming back to Love Khichdi, one boy and so many girls…were you troublesome for Randeep? How was the girl gang on the sets?
Well, unfortunately, we girls don’t have a single scene together, so didn’t get an opportunity to do so. However, Randeep did not leave any stone unturned to pull the legs of his co-stars, including me.

Randeep and I were to shoot for a sensuous song in the film. I was very apprehensive, since I have never attempted something of this sort before. Randeep was making me comfortable and would always tease me for my Bengali accent.

He would come up with few Bengali words and claim to help me come out of the accent. It was a sheer pleasure to work with Randeep.

Promos are creating lot of buzz, what do you think- why should people go and watch this film?
Hoardings featuring Randeep Hooda surrounded by seven girls are enough to create a curiosity among one and all, and also as to what this film is all about. And that will give a reason for every cine-goer to vouch for this film.

It is, as I said earlier, a reality-driven film, yet very larger than life kinds, which will take the audience to the dreamy world. It’s an honest attempt by the people associated with the film, and I am quite confident about the audience liking the film.

Yeh Mera India will raise many eyebrows up till the intermission: N Chandra

Yeh Mera India will raise many eyebrows up till the intermission: N Chandra N Chandra is ready with another hard-hitting film Y.M.I aka Yeh Mera India. But this time, he has touched upon the most sensitive subjects that can cost heavily to the multiplexes that will dare to distribute the film. The Man himself gets candid in an interview and talks about his would-be controversial film.

Tell us about your film.
It is about humanity. It’s high time, and we all should keep our bias aside for the society to survive, is what the film is all about. It’s serious film, but at the same time it is entertaining.

Title Y.M.I sounds as if one is questioning oneself, so was it intentional?
Initially we named the film Breaking News, but as somebody else already took it we had to change the title. I was quiet upset about it, but when Boney Kapoor suggested me this title I was extremely convinced of it. Its abbreviation version is ‘Yeh Mera India’ and in short it is SMS language for ‘why am I?’ that is Y M I.

It’s an ensemble cast film so is it a multi-narrative story?
It’s one story that revolves around 12 to14 characters that are connected to each other as they all are fighting with the common issues in the society. We have addressed few day-to-day issues that we all tend to push below the carpet. It’s thought provoking film, so after watching this film definitely each one will question their existence.

What issues have been addressed in the film?
We have thrown light on the issues like the difficulties faced by a Muslim families to find place to live, Marathi and Non-marathi issue, caste-discrimination etc; all these basic issues that prevail even in metros. We have tried to bring out positives in all the issues.

Do you relate to any of these?
Yes I do relate to all of them, as I am also a part of this very society. I may not have faced all of them, but I do know of people who have experienced such issues and are victims of it.

As you are dealing with many sensitive issues in this film, are you prepared to face the controversies?
Yes I do agree that the film will raise many eyebrows up till the intermission, but I am sure after watching the whole film, at the end each one will be convinced of ‘Yeh Mera India’.

I'm not keen to act in Bollywood: Vikram

I`m not keen to act in Bollywood: VikramHe is a superstar down south and has done over 40 movies. But actor Vikram, who is excited about playing a negative role in Mani Ratnam's Hindi-Tamil bilingual "Ravan" that also stars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, says he has no intentions of joining the Hindi film industry.

"I'm not keen to act in Hindi movies. Language is a problem. An actor should understand what a director wants him to do. Working in South Indian films gives me great satisfaction. However, I would love to do a movie with filmmakers like Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra or Sanjay Leela Bhansali," Vikram told in an interview.

Vikram can't stop raving about the "Ravan" director. "Mani Ratnam is like a soldier on the war front when he is at the shooting spot. He comes out with scenes that capture reality without exaggeration."

The National Award-winning actor, who has given hits like "Sethu", "Pithamagan" and "Anniyan", will be seen in a negative role in the movie and says he loves to identify with the characters he portrays.

"I love to identify myself with the characters I play in my movies. I try to get the character in my looks, then slowly get accustomed to mannerisms. In a month, I would live and sleep like him," said Vikram, whose mega budget movie "Kanthaswamy" directed by Susi Ganesan has just hit the screens.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: How thrilled are you to be part of a Mani Ratnam film?
A: Directors like Mani Ratnam and Bala strive for perfection. It's always a pleasure to be associated with such people. For "Ravan", we shot in the dense forests of Kerala, crowded streets of Kolkata and the cold climate of Madhya Pradesh.

Mani Ratnam is like a soldier on the war front when he is at the shooting spot. He comes out with scenes that capture reality without exaggeration. I'm learning more about cinema working with a person like Mani Ratnam. Working with Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai was a different experience. I was impressed with their commitment to excel.

Q: How do you manage to get under the skin of your characters?
A: I love to identify myself with the characters that I play in my movies. I would strive to get the character in my looks, then slowly get accustomed to mannerisms. In a month, I would live and sleep like him. That made me successful in films like "Sethu", "Pithamagan" and "Anniyan".

Q: Any plans to join Bollywood?
A: I'm not keen to act in Hindi movies. Language is a problem. An actor should understand what a director wants him to do. Working in South Indian films gives me great satisfaction. However, I would love to do a movie with filmmakers like Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra or Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Q: What is your dream role?
A: I play an interesting and unique role in my next film to be directed by Selvaraghavan. I'm eagerly waiting to start shooting for the film. Tamil cinema has grown by leaps and bounds. If we concentrate on doing movies close to reality, we can scale greater heights.

Q: Are you interested in direction?
A: Of course. Every actor would aspire to wield the megaphone one day. Having worked with Mani Ratnam, Shankar and Bala, obviously there is an urge in me to test my directorial skills.

Q: What About the delay in your just released "Kanthaswamy".
A: Some of my movies take time to see the light of the day, but I forget all pains once people throng theatres in large numbers and appreciate it. I always wanted to talk less and work more. I know the value of success because I had to work very hard for more than a decade to achieve it.

Rakhi Sawant: It's not a Fake. I'm really getting married on 2nd August

Rakhi Sawant: It`s not a Fake. I`m really getting married on 2nd AugustBy Subhash K Jha

Apparently all that talk about the bizarre self-marriage show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar of the entire concept being doctored and rigged, is untrue.

The audacious never-day-die dimestore diva Rakhi Sawant is actually tying the knot with one of the contestants on her avidly-watched reality show.

And if sources close to Rakhi and NDTV Imagine are to be believed Rakhi has already made up her mind as to which of the 3 finalists-- Elesh Parujanwala, Chitiz Jain and Manas Katyal -- she has chosen to be her husband.

Apparently Rakhi has made up her mind to marry the Canadian businessman Elesh Parujanwala.

Says the source, “Elesh is the quietest and most sensitive wooer of the lot.

Unlike other contestants Elesh doesn’t try to get Rakhi’s attention by doing a courtship dance.

He’s always observing her and admiring her from a distance.Rakhi likes these qualities and has secretly told friends he’s the chosen one. Of course Rakhi changes her mind evey two hours.”

Rakhi seems completely in the coy bridal mode. “I know people thought it was a rigged show. But believe me, I’d never make a mockery out of marriage.

I’ve seen too many marriage including my own parents, fall apart to not respect the institution. On August 2 sab ko asliyat pataa chal jayega.”

Excited to be a bride Rakhi says, “Neeta Lulla is doing my bridal outfit and Farha Khan is doing my jewellery.”

When asked if she has made up her mind to marry Elesh, she says, “It could be him. He’s a very nice boy. I’ve always craved for genuine love and I can see it in his eyes. Let’s see.”

Would she move to Canada if she marries Elesh?

Rakhi quickly says, “After the marriage me and my husband will go back to our respective works wherever it takes us. I’m certainly not giving up my career. Don’t long-distance marriages work well?

After the sawayamvar my husband and I will have get to know each other for what we’re worth.Who knows what my husband will turn out to be after marriage? Men are something else before marriage, and that too when they being watched by millions.”

Ecstatic about what she calls her dream marriage Rakhi says, “I do miss my parents as I prepare for my wedding, specially my mother.

Which girl doesn’t want her mother to do her mehndi and wrap the bridal saree?

But my mother and I went our separate ways long ago.I’ve forgotten my past and that includes my mother.”

And what about former boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi?

“He’s also a closed chapter. We are not in touch at all.

I hope he wishes me well in my married life, ” comes the terse reply. “I want everyone’s blessings. I’m starting a new life.”

Adds a source from NDTV Imagine, “After Abhishek Awasthi all the contestants for her Swayamvar are a marked improvement. We also feel Rakhi will marry the boy from Canada or Delhi (Manas).

As for whether the marriage will last, which marriage lasts these days? This one may surprise the cynics.”