Rakhi Sawant: It's not a Fake. I'm really getting married on 2nd August

Rakhi Sawant: It`s not a Fake. I`m really getting married on 2nd AugustBy Subhash K Jha

Apparently all that talk about the bizarre self-marriage show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar of the entire concept being doctored and rigged, is untrue.

The audacious never-day-die dimestore diva Rakhi Sawant is actually tying the knot with one of the contestants on her avidly-watched reality show.

And if sources close to Rakhi and NDTV Imagine are to be believed Rakhi has already made up her mind as to which of the 3 finalists-- Elesh Parujanwala, Chitiz Jain and Manas Katyal -- she has chosen to be her husband.

Apparently Rakhi has made up her mind to marry the Canadian businessman Elesh Parujanwala.

Says the source, “Elesh is the quietest and most sensitive wooer of the lot.

Unlike other contestants Elesh doesn’t try to get Rakhi’s attention by doing a courtship dance.

He’s always observing her and admiring her from a distance.Rakhi likes these qualities and has secretly told friends he’s the chosen one. Of course Rakhi changes her mind evey two hours.”

Rakhi seems completely in the coy bridal mode. “I know people thought it was a rigged show. But believe me, I’d never make a mockery out of marriage.

I’ve seen too many marriage including my own parents, fall apart to not respect the institution. On August 2 sab ko asliyat pataa chal jayega.”

Excited to be a bride Rakhi says, “Neeta Lulla is doing my bridal outfit and Farha Khan is doing my jewellery.”

When asked if she has made up her mind to marry Elesh, she says, “It could be him. He’s a very nice boy. I’ve always craved for genuine love and I can see it in his eyes. Let’s see.”

Would she move to Canada if she marries Elesh?

Rakhi quickly says, “After the marriage me and my husband will go back to our respective works wherever it takes us. I’m certainly not giving up my career. Don’t long-distance marriages work well?

After the sawayamvar my husband and I will have get to know each other for what we’re worth.Who knows what my husband will turn out to be after marriage? Men are something else before marriage, and that too when they being watched by millions.”

Ecstatic about what she calls her dream marriage Rakhi says, “I do miss my parents as I prepare for my wedding, specially my mother.

Which girl doesn’t want her mother to do her mehndi and wrap the bridal saree?

But my mother and I went our separate ways long ago.I’ve forgotten my past and that includes my mother.”

And what about former boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi?

“He’s also a closed chapter. We are not in touch at all.

I hope he wishes me well in my married life, ” comes the terse reply. “I want everyone’s blessings. I’m starting a new life.”

Adds a source from NDTV Imagine, “After Abhishek Awasthi all the contestants for her Swayamvar are a marked improvement. We also feel Rakhi will marry the boy from Canada or Delhi (Manas).

As for whether the marriage will last, which marriage lasts these days? This one may surprise the cynics.”

I've been betrayed by so-called friends: Sanjay Dutt

I`ve been betrayed by so-called friends: Sanjay DuttSanjay Dutt who turns 50 on July 29 pours his heart out to Subhash K Jha from Cape Town.

In Mumbai the buzz is that your friends and family are flying in for your birthday?
I don’t want any celebrations until Amar Singhji recovers. Once he returns to Delhi I’ll have a birthday celebration with him.

But I heard from the grapevine here that the unit of No Problem are planning a small get-together for my birthday. But when I asked them they said, no party. But my friends are flying down.

Who are they?
Paresh from Chicago.I’ve known him for the last 25 years. We’ve grown up together. Then there’s Mac from Los Angeles, another old and dear friend. Imran Ismail who’s here in South Africa. These are my three best friends who will be here on my birthday.

And from Mumbai?
Well I heard Bunty Walia is coming. Everything he does is announced on Facebook. So he has announced he’s coming for my birthday.

Tell me about your most memorable birthday?
They’ve all been memorable in their own way, even the ones that came in my worst days. I don’t like a big birthday bash. I just want my near ones on my birthday. It’s tough to remember my past. But I want to move on.

Have you invited your sisters?
Yes I have. I’ve invited them. The day I turn 50 is important for me. And I’d like my family to be near me. That’s the way my parents would’ve wanted it. I wish they could be here. But they’re busy with their own lives.

No matter what misunderstandings we had I’d like to wash them away on my 50th birthday. It’s sad they can’t be here. But I’m sure they’ve more important things to do.

It’s very difficult to imagine Sanju Baba being 50.
At heart I’m still Baba. But when I look into the mirror it’s a reality. And I do feel 50. But not old. I’ve been in the film industry for so long. Yes, it’s been a long innings.

In the last 18 years I’ve been fighting for my freedom and I feel the burden of the struggle now. I want to be free, Subhash. I want to walk into any consulate and get my visa.

I want my passport to be with me. I want to visit any country I want. Most important of all I want the court cases to end.

So your mentor is recovering?
He’s not my mentor. He’s my brother and family. Amar Singhji stands by his friends and we’ve to stand by our friends. As soon as I get my visa I’ll fly down from here (in Cape Town) to Singapore to spend a couple of days with him.

So this friendship will last?
I’ve been betrayed by so-called friends many times. But this time I feel I’ve found a true friend. I’ve known him for 16 years. He has always stood by me, always been there in the worst situations in my life.

What about that awful item song in Shortkut?
Anil Kapoor and I go back a lomg way. He’s an old colleague and he just called me and asked me to. Look, you gotta be there for people.

How many people have been there for you?
Maybe nobody. But what do I do? I’m like that only. Only family and close friends matter. I know.

Your one birthday wish?
Freedom. Can you gift me my freedom for my birthday? Otherwise the biggest gift God has given me is my wife Maanyata. She has stood by me and supported me unconditionally. I’m very lucky to have her by side.

What about a baby?
If that happens my happiness would be complete.

Kareena Kapoor- Damn critics!

Kareena Kapoor- Damn critics!By Joginder Tuteja

Kambakkht Ishq arrived, got ripped apart by critics, made it's crores, enjoyed it's celebrations and is now being followed by the release of other big films like Love Aaj Kal and Kaminey. With the euphoria surrounding the release of the film dying down over last few weeks and an all around stability coming in, Kareena Kapoor comes out smiling.

"Whatever I have would have said earlier would have seemed as if I was defending the movie. But then that was never the case. Why would I have done that when box office was the biggest defender of all? Audiences came in dozens to watch the film and they made the movie a success.

Even though it may not be the quintessential super-duper blockbuster Bollywood hit but a very good success it certainly is and collections pretty much prove that", says Kareena who is now looking forward to the release of Saif Ali Khan's Love Aaj Kal which releases this Friday.

In retrospection, doesn't she feel surprised with the way media came down heavily on the film? Sighs Kareena, "But then isn't a film like Kambakkht Ishq an easy movie to criticize?

If one looks in the recent past, most Akshay (Kumar) films have seen a similar response from critics as well as box office. Look at Welcome or Singh Is Kinng; critics disliked them both but audiences had their own mind."

"Akshay is perhaps one of the only stars who has been party to such a consistent run with critics as well his audiences, both of whom seem to be on different sides of the fence", she smiles.

Even for Kareena, this is not the first time though that one of her films went on to become a big money spinner in spite of coming under the hammer. Last year, there was not a single critic who stood up to Rohit Shetty directed Golmaal Returns but the film made mega bucks after taking a thunderous initial.

"I guess by working in films like Omkara or Jab We Met and a Golmaal Returns or Kambakkht Ishq, I am striking just the right balance.

It's okay when critics do not like Kambakkht Ishq or Golmaal Returns; there are some films that are made purely for the audiences and they succeed there.

Critics may be having an individualistic opinion while audiences always come together with a collective verdict. It's a matter of choice at the end of the day, so it's all fine", she reasons.

Coming months should be indeed exciting for her as it would be there for all to see if critics as well as audiences warm up to her performance. Starting with Qurbaan, she would also be seen in Main Aur Mrs. Khanna as well as 3 Idiots.

Akshay Kumar looks after Malaria-stricken Deepika

Akshay Kumar looks after Malaria-stricken DeepikaBy Subhash K Jha

If there was any doubt about Akshay Kumar's gallant nature the happenings in London in the past week have laid those doubts to rest.

While Deepika was laid up with a bout of Malaria Akshay not only made sure she was looked after he also persuaded her to stay away from shooting to rest while alternative scenes not requiring Deepika were shot.

On Saturday Deepika limped back to the set for a spot of shooting.

Deepika said from London, ‘I’m recovering. I was bedridden for three days And yes, I did return to the set on Saturday. I had to shoot. But I’m not sure whether it was the wisest of decisions, considering it was Malaria.”

Akshay has been a silent support system throughout this ordeal when Deepika found herself ill in an alien country without family.

No wonder Ranbir who kept constant vigil says Akshay is his favourite among all of Deepika’s co-stars. Not one to make friends easily Ranbir bonded effortlessly with Akshay when he had joined his girlfriend during the shooting of Chandni Chowk To China in Bangkok.

Says Deepika, “I’m lucky to be surrounded by gallant men. Whether it’s my dad, Ranbir, Akshay, Shah Rukh or any of my co-stars I haven’t so far encountered any ill-behaved men.”

Saif Ali Khan who plays Deepika’s cynical love interest in Love Aaj Kal also gets high marks from Deepika, though she admits they aren’t close friends.

In Love Aaj Kal Saif plays a guy who doesn’t believe in romantic love whereas Deepika is a diehard romantic both in the film and in real life.

Says Deepika, “He also believes in love and realizes it when he can’t do without the girl. So I guess there’s a romantic in all of us. It just needs to be tapped.

But you need to experience that journey from disbelief to love, like I have in real life. So many times I advice people on their love life. I can always tell the difference between those who understand and don’t understand the value of true love.”

Mallika Sherawat avoids nude shot again?

Mallika Sherawat avoids nude shot again?When we first saw the promos of Mallika Sherawat starrer Hissss, we got the impression that she has indeed given a nude shot in the film. There were sequences seen in the extended promo that showed a nude butt shot of Mallika sliding in the mud and turning into a deadly snake.

We were in fact the first ones to have reported about it back then. While it suggested it was her, we have now found out that it is actually a body double used instead of Mallika.

So what actually happened to this dare bare attitude girl who once shed all her inhibitions on screen?

It is learnt that when the shoot for the shot was going to take place, she requested to the film's director, Jennifer Lynch that she would not be able to do the scene and it would be better to use a body double. Jennifer perhaps understood her predicament and canned the shot with a body double.

But this hasn't been the first instance when Mallika has chickened out of giving a nude shot. Apparently, she was earlier supposed to do a nude scene in Mahesh Bhatt's Murder (2004) but when she reached the sets she developed cold feet.

Shahid Kapoor reveals his ideal girl!

Shahid Kapoor reveals his ideal girl! Shahid Kapoor, heartthrob of a million young females gets candid in a chat about his ideal girl. Though he may have been linked up with many like Sania Mirza, Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra and now Anushka Sharma, but still the star maintains that he is yet to find his dream woman.

Elaborating on how his dream girl should be, the actor briefs, “She should be able to connect with me emotionally and on a day to day life. The girl should be different, but not to the extent that things doesn’t work out. Last but not the least, I know I would accept her the way she is.”

When asked about, would he tell his girlfriend to turn vegetarian, the actor quickly replies, “If she tells me to eat non vegetarian, I would not like it. Similarly, I would not tell her to leave non veg if she likes to eat that. Anyways this is a personal decision, ” he adds.

Shahid has become very shy to media when it comes to talk about his personal life. “I had a public break-up, but now I am very private about my personal life. It became too public and difficult to handle. When there is something substantial, people will come to know about it, ” he concludes.

With the list of linkups, it seems the journey of Shahid is going to be a long one.

When Salman left Farah Khan embarrassed

When Salman left Farah Khan embarrassedChoreographer-turned-director Farah Khan says that Bollywood star Salman Khan had left her red-faced when he took her along for the auditions of his super hit 1989 film "Maine Pyar Kiya".

Farah recalled the incident when she came on the reality show "Dus Ka Dum 2", which is being hosted by Salman.

"He (Salman) took me along so that I could show him a few steps to do before director Sooraj Barjatya. But when Salman did the steps, it was so appalling that I simply picked up by footwear, hailed a cab and took off home, " said Farah on the show.

Salman, who started blushing after his secret was revealed, agreed that he did have two left feet then and later even demonstrated the step he was required to perform at the auditions, said a source from the sets of the show.

This particular episode will air Saturday at 9 p.m. on Sony TV.

Salman is ready for marriage, I'm not: Katrina Kaif

Salman is ready for marriage, I`m not: Katrina KaifAfter being termed as the lucky mascot of Bollywood, after having become the face of every possible big brand, after having been voted as the Sexiest Woman for umpteen times, after having graced a million magazine covers, the gorgeous Katrina is the latest cover-girl in this edition of 'People'.

Call this as a 'confession edition' or whatever you may like, but this issue of 'People' is definitely something that can be preserved for ages to come.

As it's in this issue, Katrina clears off all the airs and controversies (read gossip and rumors) that constantly surround her!

To start with, she clarifies her take on Salman being ready for marriage, while she isn't! Other clarifications include the much alleged spark between her and Ranbir on the sets of Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani, Salman's latest muse Claudia Ciesla etc.

This edition is indeed one of must buy for Katrina fans. Go for it, People!

Unlike Katrina, Kareena Kapoor will sizzle in Khadi

Unlike Katrina, Kareena Kapoor will sizzle in KhadiBy Subhash K Jha

For Kareena Kapoor playing a female politician for Sudhir Mishra’s Dhruv won’t be the same as Katrina playing the politician in Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti where the director has dressed her up in severe cotton and khadi to look the part.

But Sudhir feels the khadi-dressed politician is obsolete and also unwarranted. “That stereotypical look goes against the young dynamic honest and incorruptible image of the new Indian politician.

Kareena in Dhruv will be dressed how you’d expect a beautiful and glamorous people’s representative to be. Look at today’s young smart politicians. They wear what they’re comfortable in.”

Apparently the three generations of Gandhi women Indira, Sonia and Priyanka are being taken into sartorial consideration to model Kareena’s natty neta’s look.

Says Sudhir, “If you remember Kareena’s printed-sari look for Chameli was a craze. I feel Kareena’s politician’s look will also be a craze.”

Reacting to Pritish Nandy’s great sense of betrayal over the apparent translocation of the Devdas script from Pritish Nandy Communications to Excel Films Sudhir says, “All I’ll say is, Mr Nandy is like my elder brother. And if my brother is angry with me I apologize.”

Sudhir has offered to make another film for PNC is lieu of the Devdas project. “We’re yet to work out the details. But the offer is unconditional. Any time he wants me to I’ll make a film for him.”

Bipasha's Hollywood dream fizzles out!!!

Bipasha`s Hollywood dream fizzles out!!!Just few days back there were tabloid reports about Bipasha Basu’s first Hollywood project starring Titanic villain Billy Zane, going on floors. But now news has trickled in that the project is being scrapped.

It was to begin shooting tomorrow on Saturday July 25th. It is learnt that Smita Thackeray who was to produce this film has now backed out with reasons being cited as personal and professional.

This yet untitled film was to be directed by David Silverman and was to feature Bipasha in Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft avatar.

This romantic thriller was going to be shot in Kodaikanal and had actor Rajvirr of Kaise Kahen (2007) fame playing Bipasha’s second love interest.

The film was to have Bipasha doing some intense love making scenes with both Billy and Rajvirr. Rumor mills suggest- the Rajvirr’s choice as the male lead wasn’t being appreciated and Smita Thackeray was adamant about him playing the role.

However now that Smita has backed out from the film, it only means that for now Bipasha’s dream of going international has come to a standstill, at least for now. Though for a long time now both Bipasha and her boyfriend John Abraham have been trying to go international but the plans are simply not working out.

Aishwarya is an old woman!

Aishwarya is an old woman!From a glam girl to historical character -- Bollywood screen diva Aishwarya Rai has played a variety of roles. Now for "Action Replay" she will don the look of an old woman and director Vipul Shah says he hired a Hollywood make-up artist to get the right make up on her face.

If certain media reports are to be believed, Aishwarya threw tantrums about getting her make-up done by someone other than her own make-up man, but Shah says otherwise.

"Ash did her old age make up with Paul, a Hollywood make-up artist. When we did it the first time, it didn't work out well. When you are doing age make-up, you can't correct it so it had to be removed fully and done again, " said Shah in a statement.

The filmmaker, who has made movies like "Waqt - The Race Against Time" and "Singh Is Kinng", says the actress shot the scenes patiently.

"It took us six hours to get her look right. We started shooting at three in the morning and the shooting went on till 7 a.m., " he said.

"Action Replay" also stars Akshay Kumar. The story progresses backwards in time.

Will Katrina be Akki's Queen in Singh Is Kinng 2?

Will Katrina be Akki`s Queen in Singh Is Kinng 2?We all know that Vipul Shah is all set to come up with a sequel of Singh Is Kinng very soon. But very few of us are aware that he is planning to direct the film this time. For now the producer is busy with his Action Replay.

Our khabroo reporter informs, “He is very excited with the sequel of Singh Is Kinng and is just waiting for his schedule of Action Replay to get over. Alongside, he was talking to Akki about directing SIK 2 himself.”

“As we all know even Akki is eager to start with the film. The only question that now remains- will Katrina be part of it. Well the production is planning to approach her, but nothing has been finalized as of now, ” adds the source.

If not Katrina, then who can be the one to grab the limelight with Akki on big screen? Any suggestions guys!

STOP talking about Priyanka: Shahid Kapoor

STOP talking about Priyanka: Shahid KapoorHow did you landed up with Kaminey?
When I met Vishal he said- Shahid I want to do my version of a commercial film. He made me hear 2-3 concepts and finally, he said about his favourite concept- twin brothers with speech defects. One stammers while the other one has lisp.

I found this concept to be very exciting, as two actors talking in such a manner can be very interesting and at the same time, it can win them sympathy. Vishal said that he is trying to attend to the genre, which is of a caper, or a pulp film, that has never been touched in Indian cinemas.

Why the title Kaminey?
Even I asked him (Vishal) the same question. He felt that this title represents each and every character in the film. Everyone is fast and naughty. There is a bit of negativity in each one of us in the film. Nobody is totally innocent.

What is the USP of the film?
The speciality of this genre is that, on one side, it’s very real, but at the same time it’s high on glamour and entertainment.

There is a story which has been incorporated in the film, the experience of Guddu that is shared with Sweety in the movie. This happened due to some situation during his childhood and for more you need to wait and watch the film.

Some part of it is taken from real life, which was narrated to me and Vishal. We were so moved by the story. We have tried our best.

How important is this film for you, and what kind of expectation you have from it?
I am very hopeful that audience do appreciate this film, because this is a very different film for me and Hindi Cinema too. This film is very important for me because it took lots of gut for me to do this. Though it is in commercial format but the presentation, music, the look of Charlie, etc... I have never worked on that space.

Do you think audience will accept you in this avatar?
Audience have seen me in Jab We Met, Vivaah, Kissmat Konnection and they are used to see me like that, a romantic boy kind. A new door will open for me if people accept this film and my character. Also, this will give a new format of entertainment to the Indian audience.

There are movies like Lagaan, Chak De India, which are based on different subject and we do need to have such kind of films.

Personally I feel our creative space is very limited, and the more we can open-up, the better it will be for our industry. I feel inspired to do such films. This builds the confidence in us that audience is ready to accept different kind of movies, but only when it is presented well and can connect with them.

Is it risky to play such character after Jab We met?
Yes, it has a flip side to it. If it goes wrong it will be considered a mistake, and if it goes right it will be a huge success. Audience like being surprised, but if you surprise them in a very terrible way then they will not enjoy it.

It was a challenge but we are happy with the response the promos are getting. It was obvious that the first promo will decide the fate of the film, and fortunately it did get a good response. The struggle was to do it in a way which can convince the audience.

What kind of preparations you have done for your characters? How easy or difficult it was for you to switch from one to another character?
For this I had to work a lot especially on my body for a year. The stammering of Guddu is very difficult and we wanted to make it look real, not a caricature.

As you all know Vishal is very particular about such details and thus together we met many ENT specialists, speech therapist to know how a stammer talks, what is the process, technically and mentally.

We also met some people who have problem of stammering in the special club made for them at Bandra. Alongside I had to work on my body a lot for a year and so, had to sacrifice on food too.

Talking about switching between the characters- both the character we shot simultaneously at the same place. To go from one character to another was very difficult as, one would say Fa while, other would stammer.

How was it to work with Priyanka?
On one hand I felt that she is a good actor before doing the film, but after it, I discovered- she is an excellent actor. I feel she is right now at a creative high with doing the best performances of her career. It was challenging for both of us.

I applaud her for that because she had a new character to play, as she plays a Maharashtrian character. The experience of working with her was very accelerating and she brings lot of positivity on the sets.

She is a team player which is very important for an actor. You can make out that she is there to do a good film, not just to do roles.

There had been talks about you seeing Priyanka and then later it was reported that you broke up?
Ahh! Why can’t you people stop talking about it... I just know one thing that I don’t need to clarify what it was and what it is, as I have been linked up with all my co-actors; but that doesn’t mean that I am seeing all of them.

It was heard that Vishal has approached Saif Ali Khan for this role?
That’s something you should ask Vishal, as I am not here to clarify anything on his behalf. Its fantastic role and I don’t believe that anyone can say no to it.

Dev Patel, Freida duck papparazi

Dev Patel, Freida duck papparazi Multiple Oscar-winning "Slumdog Millionaire" couple Dev Patel and Freida Pinto are avoiding being photographed together.

Following a romantic dinner in a New York restaurant, the stars left for their hotel but when the pair spotted waiting photographers, Dev made a comic run away, reports newstin.co.uk.

Seeing the funny side of it, Dev began laughing while making his dash, and Freida, 25, also appeared to be amused as they out-foxed the snappers and giggled away. Frieda sauntered on alone in a white butterfly T- shirt dress.

Rumours surfaced in February as "Slumdog..." mania swept the globe that Freida and Dev, 19, were more than just friends.

Their cover was blown, however, by co-star Anil Kapoor who revealed: "When I meet them, I feel there is something happening, " before adding that the couple shared "a magical chemistry".

Dev has recently been in Philadelphia filming "The Last Airbender" while Freida is being chased by casting agencies for modelling and film work.

He is also rumoured to have been lined up to play a lead role in a Hindi remake of south Indian hit "Nadodigal".

"Kissing scene was necessary for film, so why make such a big fuss?" - Deepika

Deepika Padukone
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Deepika Padukone is four films old but too young when it comes to working with her male co-stars. All the actors, with whom she has worked with, except Ranbir Kapoor, are almost fifteen years older to her, which takes us back to our first meeting with Miss Padukone in London during her red carpet arrival for the premiere of Om Shanti Om. She was wearing a sexy red dress and painted the Leicester Square red. Back to aaj, she has matured in love and how. We see her in a lovey-dovey pink to promote her upcoming film Love Aaj Kal in front of a packed Indian media. A suburban girl who shot to fame as a supermodel and then to super stardom as SRK's lover in Om Shanti Om, Deepika has now moved up the ladder in Bollywood playing lover girl in all her films. Love Aaj Kal being the fourth. Life's just kind of perfect at the moment. For someone whose name and visage have been used to sell everything from lingerie, to jewellery to chewing gums, Deepika doesn't seem at all preoccupied with her image. Padukone seems totally comfortable with all her many roles. In some moments, she sounds like a typical plate-spinning working mom, concerned about getting healthy meals on the table for her kids, till you realize that she is still single. A woman who gives a firm 'no-no' to live in relationships is more than willing to settle down and look after her husband once she gets married. Bollywood Hungama's London correspondent and UK's Harrow Observer columnist meets the immortal figure who believes in having three guidelines when it comes to love: Be happy with what you have, keep things simple and go with the flow.

Four films old
"The journey has been wonderful. Everyone's way of acting, everyone's style of acting, everyone's approach, etc. has been wonderful. Two out of my four co-stars are also producers. Saif was very kind and polite. Somewhere the nawab in him came out because of his London education. He is a royal man and deserves everything royal."

Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone Luck factor
"I hope I bring the same luck to Saif Ali Khan as I did to Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om. Love Aaj Kal will go down as one of the most special films for me, irrespective of what the outcome is and what people are going to think."

Compliment from Saif
"It's a huge compliment from Saif if he has compared me to Rani Mukherjee. Something like this is an honour coming from Saif. In fact, I have learnt a lot from him. The fact that he is so experienced and his style is so natural makes you want to work with him again. I really look up to that kind of a performance. I've been a big fan of his right from Dil Chahta Hai."

"I don't feel any age difference. In fact I feel secure with my co-stars who are so experienced. It's great for someone like me who is so new and has absolutely no background from this industry. All my co-stars have been giving and supportive and that in turn has a tremendous role in the way I perform on screen."

On Imtiaz Ali
"Imtiaz Ali is a genius. He is so sensitive to people's performances and people in general. As an actor, I think it's nice to have a director who understands my approach to a scene. Saif and I are so different from each other as actors. It's nice to have a director who can bring that together on screen and get that good performance out of us."

Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone Kareena controversy
"Whenever I was on the sets shooting, I didn't see Kareena anywhere near me. I don't know when she has come and when she has gone. She must've come when I had my days off, I hope. I'm sure she understands that it's not possible for a director to work with the same co-star again and again. It's great that you've had a hit film with a certain director. It's absolutely untrue that there is any sort of discomfort between the two of us or any form of negativity. She knows she is brilliant and she has done a great job in Jab We Met. I guess Imtiaz was damn sure of whom he wanted to cast in Love Aaj Kal."

Reel life to real life
"I'm a perfect blend of Love Aaj and Love Kal. I'm practical in real life though. As an actor when you do a film, two things can happen, either the role you're playing is very different from who you are in real life or it is very similar to the person you are off screen. It's spooky how similar Meera's character is to me in Love Aaj Kal. I think 90% of the film and the way I react in certain situations is the way I'd in real life."

Deepika Padukone, Saif Ali Khan Love yesterday and Love today
"I believe that long distance love lasts. I think different people deal with relationships differently. Their definition may be different but at the end of the day, love exists. Different relationships go through different ups and downs. But when you sit together and have a chat about it, everyone will have the same thing to say. Earlier couples used to take hours writing letters and today it can happen in a few seconds by you sending an SMS to your loved one. Times have changed but the love remains the same, the feeling remains the same. Meetings these days are a lot easier. You can still stay connected with your loved one via a web cam on your computer. Earlier you'd have to travel for miles to see each other."

Live in relationship or getting married
"I am someone who completely believes in falling in love and settling down. I'm not for live in relationships. If I get married, my house and my husband is my number one priority. I tackle my relationship with Ranbir very well. It's not the easiest thing to do but it takes two secure people to deal with things like that. I've been able to do that."

Lip lock moment
"Sometimes when you decide to do something, like a kissing scene in the film, you just do it because you feel its right. I think the scene was necessary for the film and I believed in it. I do not have to take permission from anyone. I've been able to separate my personal life from my professional life and hope to keep it that way for a long time. It's time to get real. Everyone's aware of these kinds of things on screen. Even the kids know about it. So why make such a big fuss?"

SRK buys 20 million pounds apartment in London

SRK  buys 20 million pounds apartment in LondonIn his current trip to London Shahrukh Khan has ended up finally buying the 20 million pounds apartment in Central London in the Park Lane area. It is the highest cost paid by any Bollywood star ever for a property in foreign land.

“It is a known fact that the King Khan likes to visit London every year for vacation with his family. He generally stays in the best of the hotels on his visits there, but for past few months he was eyeing an apartment in London’s plush area for himself, so that he doesn’t have to stay in hotels every time.

After going through many choices both him and wife Gauri ended up liking this particular place. But given its very high cost they took some while to take the final decision.

Computer Glossary
Finally as he went there this time with his kids, even they liked the place a lot and he there and then decided to lock it forever.” our source close to the Bollywood super star reveals.

SRK incidentally apart from owning best star villa in Bollywood also owns big properties in the UAE.

Now it's Bipasha and Mugdha at loggerheads!

Now it`s Bipasha and Mugdha at loggerheads!It’s not the season but a trend in Bollywood to keep it hot and happening with cold-wars. We have heard so many cases, and now the latest one is on the sets of Rohit Shetty’s flick All The Best.

Well the gorgeous Bipasha and showstopper Mugdha seem to be at loggerhead when it comes to the length of their roles in the film. “These two beautiful damsels are not on talking terms with each other and had created a lot of drama on the sets, during a song sequence, ” reported our khabroo straight from the sets.

Computer Glossary

“Recently they were shooting for a particular song which involved lot of dancing. Bipasha and Mugdha were in the sequence, but one of them gave a nightmare to the chorographer. We all know Bips is good at her steps, it was Mugdha who giving a tough time to them, ” adds the source.

“Mugdha was taking a lot of time to learn the dance steps; now instead of practicing her own steps she started teaching dance steps to some newcomers. This act of hers set Bipasha fuming and she was all set to leave the shoot and go, but somehow Bosco Caesar handled the situation, ” concludes the source.

Recently there was news of a cold-war between Bipasha and Katrina, which is reported to have been sorted out amicably. But when asked by the media about their khatti takrar Katrina did mention that, two actors can never become good friends.

Well Kat’s statement seems to be true. So for now all we can say to Rohit Shetty is All The Best dude, you have a major catfight on your hands!

Saif plays Rishi Kapoor in Love Aaj Kal !!!!

Saif plays Rishi Kapoor in Love Aaj Kal !!!!By Subhash K Jha

This has got to be seen. Imtiaz Ali’s third directorial venture Love Aaj Kal is already been talked about for various reasons including Kareena Kapoor’s ‘ghost appearance’.

But Kareena’s ghost haunts not just Deepika Padukone’s presence in the film. Saif’s character in a bizarre so-far undisclosed way, is also wedded to Kareena.

Computer Glossary

It now comes to light that in one segment of the film Saif plays Rishi Kapoor who happens to be Kareena’s uncle in real life. And when we say Saif ‘plays’ Rishi Kapoor we mean Rishi Kapoor’s character grows younger in the plot to become Saif.

This isn’t the first time that two actors have played the same character. Smriti Mishra and Kirron Kher played two phases in the life of Shyam Benegal’s Sardari Begum.

But they were not connected the way Saif and Rishi are by Kareena.

Without giving away the plot a source discloses, “The same character is played by Saif in a flashback and then Rishi Kapoor in present times.

Unfortuntely Chintuji has little screen time with his son’s girlfriend Deepika. But he gets to bond for a major screen time with his niece Kareena’s boyfriend and yes, they play the same character in two different time zones.”

Without giving away the plot, let’s just say Rishi’s character plays the passionate lover-guy who believes love conquers all. “At the end we see him with his real-life love interest and soul-mate Neetu Singh who makes a one-shot appearance, ”says a source.

The Kapoors and the Khans couldn’t have hoped for a better merger before Saif and Kareena’s marriage.

I know Salman bhai's weaknesses: Sohail Khan

I know Salman bhai`s weaknesses: Sohail KhanWhile filmmakers are making films for overseas market, actor turned producer Sohail Khan has now made a film on the Kisaan of the country.

Sohail states this film will be a real tribute to the farmers of the country. On why he picked up such a different subject, Sohail reveals, “I realized that one could only see the old in the village while their children have settled abroad. This plight made me take up the subject of Kisaan."

Apart from Sohail the movie also stars Arbaaz and Jackie Shroff so why not Salman? Sohail clarifies on this bit stating, “Salman is already a star and larger than life character. I wanted someone who could balance the role.

I know Salman bhai’s weaknesses and strength so never had in mind. Kisaan is not an issue-based movie. It is more about family bonding. Several issues of farmers are part of the film.”

Sohail says that the journey, which he took during the making of his earlier film Heroes, inspired Kisaan. “My traveling experiences during Heroes made me realize what the real India is all about?

I met many farmers during this journey and I spent a lot of time with them. They were so pure in their thoughts and emotions. They speak from the heart. I realized that we are so engrossed in the superficial city life” he says.

The actor says that shooting in the interiors of Punjab itself was an experience by itself. “The panchayat and dalit scenes and dialogue appealed to the villagers while we were shooting. People came up to our director Punit Sira and told him that they were undergoing the same situation.

What I realized was that most of the farmers were under poverty line and were earning a meager Rs. 2000 per month while they own a gold mine. They have emotional bonding towards their fields and are not ready to sell it off” concludes Sohail.

Akshay Kumar's price reduction comes with a catch

Akshay Kumar`s price reduction comes with a catchFollowing the mega recession faced in the industry many top stars and makers resorted to their price reduction to maintain the right balance for everyone involved.

Like many top stars, Akshay Kumar too seems to have changed his rigid stand as far as his pricing is concerned. Apparently, after initially refusing to reduce his remuneration from Rs. 30 crore, the Kambakkht Ishq star finally brought it down to Rs. 20 crore.

But then there is a catch to it, tells our trade source. He reveals, “Akshay may have reduced his price but at the same time he also wants a third share in the under-production profit of the film.

Now, since profit is arrived at after deducting the cost from the total sale price, Akshay insists on knowing the cost at the time of signing the film. There shouldn’t be room for going over-budget, you see!

Now, whether producers are happy with the changed stand of Akshay Kumar or not, only time will tell!”

Well Akshay it’s like having your cake and eating it too! Huh!

Genelia's acting super-dumb, and she hates it

Genelia`s acting super-dumb, and she hates itBy Subhash K. Jha

So far Genelia D'Souza has played girls who have got their acts together and their heads screwed firmly to their shoulders. But that's about to change.

In her next film Life Partner Genelia is cast as a super-dumb broad. And the actress is cringing.

''This chick thinks she knows it all when she's clueless. She doesn't know how dumb she is. She's got loads of money and time and she keeps trying different vocations. For starters she attempts a career in singing and she's a disaster at it.''

Playing this scatter-brain was very tough for Genelia. ''I'm not the least like this rich pampered clueless chick. And I'd certainly not try my hand at anything I wouldn't succeed in. But this character keeps bumbling from one experience to another. She's a nightmare.''

To add to Genelia's woes, her character in Life Partner is hated by one of her favourite actors. ''Govinda whom I adore detests me in the film. Every time we're together he’s snarling and scowling at me. I hated that.''

Though there are other lead parts in Life Partner Genelia says she is not worried. ''I'm the female protagonist in the ensemble cast.''

Wonder where that leaves poor Prachi Desai!

Thanks to Karan Johar, Kareena and Kajol in Konfrontation

Thanks to Karan Johar, Kareena and Kajol in Konfrontation By Subhash K Jha

Everyone knows Karan Johar is remaking Stepmom with Kajol and Kareena Kapoor playing the roles done to ‘depth’ by Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts.

What no one knows is that the original screenplay is being considerably refurbished to etch out the Julia Roberts part so that there would be many more confrontational sequences between ‘mom’ Kajol and ‘stepmom’ Kareena.

The fact that Kareena happens to be a selfconfessed fan of both Kajol and Julia Roberts certainly helps the situation.

Kareena currently holidaying with Saif in Italy says, “When I recently got an award from Erin Brockovich I enjoyed the moment doubly because Julia Roberts had played Erin. I love the spunky militant parts she plays.

And Kajol is my favourite actress, and to be pitched against her is a dream come true We didn’t have that many scenes together in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. But here it’s the two of us all the way. Julia Roberts had rocked in my role in the original. I want to make my role in the remake just as exciting.”

Bollywood’s super-designer Manish Malhotra flew to New York two weeks ago when Kareena was shooting there, to discusss and finalize Kareena’s look for the desi Stepmom.

“I’m really excited about it, ” Kareena said. “Manish was in NY. We’re working on a totally new look, clothes makeup and hair for our film with Karan. I can guarantee you this time we’ll do something very different from my celebrated Poo in K3G.”

Kareena will cut her hair for the first time in her career. “I’ve never done that for any role. But I want to get experimental with my looks this time.”

When Kareena came down with a viral fever in New York, her folks were naturally worried. Concerned reports back home about Swine Flu in the US has Kareena pooh-poohing away our worries.

“Tell everyone to chill. There were no swines of the two-legged or four-legged kind in New York. We were all safe and sound. There was never any question of leaving the schedule half-finished. Who starts all these rumours?

They’re freaking out our folks back home for nothing. I worked non-stop to complete the schedule so that me and Saif could head for our holiday.

Jehaad (yup, that’s what she and Saif insist on calling the film) is a very challenging film for both of us. It’s dramatic but real.We have to raise our voices but make sure it’s not done in a filmy way.”

Kareena plays Saif’s wife and the mother of a child. She was earlier seen as a girl in love with a suspected terrorist in Govind Nihalani’s Dev.

She had blown the screen part in the two scenes she had.

“In Jehaad I’ve much more to do, plus Saif for company, ” she chuckles.

Both Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots and Rensil d Silva’s film have taken more of Kareena’s time and energy than she had bargained for. “I had to give a hundred days each to both. Now there’s Karan’s film with Kajol.”

I used to be a terribly bad actress: Priyanka Chopra

I used to be a terribly bad actress: Priyanka ChopraBy Radhika Bhirani She is one of the reigning stars in Bollywood, but Priyanka Chopra says she was a very bad actress when she debuted with "Andaaz" six years ago.

While the former Miss World has set high goals for herself and is experimenting with roles like never before, she is also clear about what she is looking for in her 'Mr. Right'.

"I think I was a terrible actress when I started off as compared to what I'm today. I still have a lot to learn, but I believe that I have grown as an actress and I evolve constantly.

I always had the hunger to learn and become better at what I do - just like a sponge, trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible, " Priyanka told in an email interview.

The actress, who won the Filmfare Award for best actress for "Fashion", wants to take her career to greater heights. She has no plans of getting married right now but knows what she wants from her man.

"No plans of settling down at the moment. But when I do... Mr. Right has to match a lot of my parameters... He has to be someone who knows how to make me feel special... make me feel like I'm walking on air..., " said Priyanka, who turned 27 Saturday.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: Having had two hits in 2008 - "Fashion" and "Dostana" - along with several awards... how do you look back at your past year?
A: I feel like I'm 20 years into my career because I've done so much work in such a short time. When I look back, it's been only five-six years since I've been here.

I've never received any formal training in acting or cinema nor do I belong to a film family; so for me, the biggest achievement is that my hard work and my family's support have led me to the place I'm in today. I take great pride in that.

Q: How would you review your performance in Bollywood ever since you made your debut with "Andaaz" in 2003?
A: I think I was a terrible actress when I started off as compared to what I'm today. I still have a lot to learn, but I believe that I've grown as an actress and I evolve constantly.

I always had the hunger to learn and become better at what I do - just like a sponge, trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Q: Your forthcoming movies are "Kaminey" and "What's Your Rashee?" and "Pyaar Impossible". Which one are you more excited about and why?
A: I have different feelings for different films. I'm very excited about "Kaminey" because it's pathbreaking cinema. On the other hand, I'm equally nervous and excited about "What's Your Rashee?" because it was a huge challenge for me.

I play 12 different characters in it, something that hasn't really been done in Indian cinema before and the fact that I'll be a part of history in the making is very scary.

"Pyaar Impossible" is a sweet, cool story where I have a glamorous look and contemporary character. As cliched as it sounds... each one is special...

Q: In "Kaminey" you play a de-glamourised role opposite Shahid Kapoor. Were you sceptical about the look because you were seen in ultra-glam roles in "Fashion" and "Dostana"?
A: Let's put this into context. I chose the role not because she was de-glamourised. I chose it because of the way the character is etched out and not how she looks. That's incidental. With most of my films, especially the most recent ones... I have taken up roles that are interesting and different from what I've done before.

Q: You have always been silent about controversies related to your personal and professional life - why?
A: Because I firmly believe that all aspects of my life are for public consumption. I learnt early in my career that speculation, rumours and gossip come with the job... a professional hazard.

But I'd much rather approach it with dignified silence than to engage in ugly mud-slinging.

Q: What about your multiple link-ups and break-ups news - don't they disturb you?
A: They definitely do because eventually I'm a girl and have a family - a father, a mother, a brother. It does bother me, but I don't believe in clarifying the rumours.

It just gives it undue importance. As long as my family knows what the truth is, that's all that matters. The rest doesn't!

Q: Any plans of settling down in the near future? What sort of a guy would you want as a companion?
A: No plans of settling down at the moment. But when I do... Mr. Right has to match a lot of my parameters... He has to be someone who knows how to make me feel special... make me feel like I'm walking on air...

He has to be somebody who loves me for who I am and takes pride in being with me. He also has to be honest and be able to speak well... make me laugh... all in all, somebody who really really loves me.

"Baba Ramdev cannot become 'Samaaj Ka Thekedaar'" - Celina Jaitly

Recently, Baba Ramdev publicly made comments around sexual life of 'actresses like Celina Jaitly' on the front page of a leading newspaper. On her standing up for gay rights, he stated, "These actresses know nothing about Bhartiya sanskriti. They stay away from their parents and have no morals. Unke partner har mahine badalte hain."

Truly livid, Celina reacts as she bares her heart out in this candid conversation.

Your sex life seems to have come under the spotlight now. Any comments?
[Sighs] Well, this great, great Brahamachari seems to know more about my sex life then I may know myself. In any case, now I feel I can truly say that he is not a true 'Yoga' teacher. After all 'yoga' knowledge comes from Adi Shiva, who in Hindu scriptures is active when there is 'Shakti - The Cosmic Female'. For a brahamachari, every woman is 'Maa' and nowhere in 'bharatiya sanskriti' is it written or practiced that you can make sexually motivated comments on any girl; especially by a brahamachaari. He does not know the meaning of true 'Brahamacharya'.

Well, Baba Ramdev has also claimed that he can cure homosexuals?
I can just laugh when he says that he can cure homosexuals by Pranayam and meditation. With all due respect to Baba Ramdev, he 'may' have the so called 'cure' for homosexuality but the point is LGBT community 'does not' see their homosexuality as a disease. The point is no one is interested in buying this 'over the counter' prescription for curing what is not a disease at all. This is what they are and they are comfortable with their self. They are not interfering in anyone's life or religion but unfortunately everyone wants to interfere in their lives and tell them how they should eat, sleep and have sex. It is plain and simple ridiculous!

I can just laugh when he says that Baba Ramdev can cure homosexuals by Pranayam and meditation
He has created a clout for him though over a period of time...
But because of that, he cannot become 'Samaaj Ka Thekedaar', right? Yes, I give him credit for contributing to realization and revival of yoga in today's time and date. But this is it. These people prefer to live in a cocooned thought process of their own and do not wish to come out of it. Ok, good for him, it's his fundamental right to speak his mind. We, the youth, too are using our fundamental rights the way we wish to do, so I guess we are even.

Celina Jaitly So what is it that you wish to tell Baba Ramdev?
That even if he screams from every rooftop of India, the reality is homosexuality will not cease to exist. It is there since the homo sapiens have existed. Also, according to zoologists, even today homosexuality is exhibited in over 15000 species of animals, leave alone humans. Once even Hitler thought that Jews were an impure race and ancient scientists thought the earth was flat but then ultimately truth persisted, right? It is up to people to follow blindly or to respect the truth and slowly come around. Just because some people think LGBT is a threat to the family system, what should we do? Give rise to another genocide based on closed views?

Now Baba Ramdev and several other religious groups have filed a case against the verdict.
All I can say is that the respectable judges of Supreme Court will definitely consider the human rights aspect and the fight against the growing HIV AIDS epidemic in India. I am confident that 'jiska koi nahi hota hai uska khuda hota hai'. Society needs to focus on one issue and it is that for any step towards progression, change needs to come from within. If everyone just takes the responsibility for improving themselves from within by becoming more tolerant, becoming giving, becoming kind and being honest, everyone would be happier and contended. That would lead to a happy and peaceful community.

And your message for the 'aam junta'?
Take your own responsibility first that's it. As for these Babas, they are doing whatever their remote upbringing and closed mindset is dictating them to do. Only togetherness and standing up for what is right can change this mindset. So let's all stop people from being misled by publicity hungry self proclaimed gurus of the society.

Kamal Haasan watches Luck with Shruti

Shruti Haasan, Kamal Haasan On Friday night, Kamal Haasan watched his beautiful young daughter, Shruti, set the screen on fire in the forthcoming film Luck. Shruti has already earned rave reviews for Luck song promos 'Jee Le' and 'Aazma' that are playing on television.

The special preview of the multi-starrer was held in Chennai at director Priyadarshan's studio. It was also attended by Shruti, younger sister Akshara and noted south-Indian actress and Haasan's girlfriend, Gautami, among others.

Shruti's mother and veteran actress, Sarika, who is based out of Mumbai, was not present at the trial show. Much to the joy of director Soham Shah, Priyadarshan was seen cheering for Shruti all through.

On Saturday, another special preview of the thriller was held at Film City in Mumbai. Bipasha Basu, Arshad Warsi, Celina Jaitly, Rohit Shetty and Mimoh Chakraborty were among those who watched the film.

Luck, releasing on Friday 24th July, is an Indian Films - Studio 18 release which also marks Shruti's debut in Bollywood.

Entertainment majors Elasticity & Rune Entertainment announce merger

Rune Entertainment Singapore: Global entertainment majors Singapore based Elasticity and Toronto based Rune Entertainment have announced their merger to form Rune Entertainment International.

Post merger, the companies will share their expertise to produce short and long from content including intellectual property (IP), films and TV in both animation and live action. Elasticity will be the technology partner and will focus on emerging technologies whereas Rune Entertainment will focus on new ideas, stories and scripts.

As per plans, Rune Entertainment International will have a physical base in Singapore for which Rune Entertainment International has already started investing capital. The company is also on a recruitment drive. Elasticity Managing Director Graham Perkins explained, "Investment is going into setting up the studio in Singapore, further development in Toronto and we are investing in people, stories, scripts and technology. We are looking at developing quality content for a global audience."

"In time to come, we will focus on the integration of story-driven production and emerging technologies such as holographic projection which will drive new forms of entertainment, making it more engaging and appealing", added Paul Wollenzien, Co-Founder and Director of Rune Entertainment.

Shahid Kapoor to receive the Rajiv Gandhi award for Best Actor

Shahid Kapoor With the kind of flight that the cutie-pie has taken to stardom these days, its not surprising that is showcase will be full of awards and rewards galore. The latest one in his kitty will be in the form of the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Awards that is given to a person who shows eminence in his chosen field. The award function will be held in the second week of August, just around the release of Shahid's most anticipated film till date - Kaminey.

Talking about the award, an excited Shahid said "I was pleasantly surprised to get the news about my being chosen for the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi award. I'm only 28 years old and it's really early in my career. I feel humbled and honoured to be chosen by the jury."

For the uninitiated, the earlier recipients for this award have been the likes of legendary greats like Sunita Williams, Sachin Tendulkar, Mukesh Ambani and Amitabh Bachchan among others.

Shewta Tiwari's Bra and Chaddis spice up National TV

Shewta Tiwari`s Bra and Chaddis spice up National TV“Itni itni Bra aur itni itni Chaddiyan. BRA AUR CHADDIYAN pehenke dance karaa hai issney, ” Screams Palak on National television, apparently Palak is giving this gyan on our favorite desh ki bahu Shewta Tiwari.

This totally unwarranted attack on Shewta came from fellow contestant Palak of the MTV Roadies fame on the reality show, Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachcao.

Totally unplugged from civilization and in the midst of Malaysian jungles the contestants resort to backbiting. Palak, it seems has taken a strong dislike to Shewta Tiwari and pulled out dirty ‘DATA’ on Shewta Tiwari on National TV.

Palak who was earlier reported to be upset on not being able to wear revealing clothes took a dig at ‘Desh ki Bahu’ Shweta Tiwari. Palak was caught gossiping with fellow contestant Fiza, that Shweta Tiwari who is doing ‘nakhras’ in wearing revealing clothes is actually a hypocrite as Shweta has worn much lesser in her Bhojpuri Films. To quote Palak directly

“Abhi desh ki bahu ban rahi hai yahan par. Kyonki log Bhojpuri movies is not on a National level

Bhojpuri movies mein kya ussne kapdey pehne hain Girr jayegi dekhke. Itni itni Bra aur itni itni Chaddiyan. BRA AUR CHADDIYAN pehenke dance karaa hai issney. Poora DATA nikal jaayegaa”

(She is pretending to act like a shy bride; behaving all classy and sober here. Cause people don’t watch Bhojpuri films; those films don’t have a national audience. Oh What clothes she is wearing there You will fall down in shock.

She is wearing these itsy-bitsy bras and panties. BRA AND PANTIES and dancing in them. Her whole DATA will be exposed)

Looks like Palak is still suffering MTV Roadies hangover, as she leaves no stone unturned to bring down her opponent by pulling out the dirtiest trick in the book. Our homegrown trash TV princess Palak is giving the original trash talker Rakhi Sawant a run for her money.

Good for you girl looks like before packing up for Malaysia somebody did their homework on dirt digging thoroughly.

Mallika Sherawat 'tweets' at Twitter's Head Quarters at San Francisco

Mallika Sherawat `tweets` at Twitter`s Head Quarters at San FranciscoWhat will you do if someone tells you that the temperature and glamour quotient at our office has gone way up in the office because of your presence? Well, we know that you will surely be floored and must be rolling on the ground! 


But, if you are Mallika Sherawat and the compliment came in from none other than Evan Williams, the CEO of Twitter, you will simply flash your smile at the compliment, as you know that your million dollar smile carries more worth than all the stocks in the NASDAQ put together! 

Mallika arrived at Twitter Head Quarters in San Francisco in a stretch limousine with fans and media channels waiting outside for her. The actress was mobbed for an hour by fans and press, signing autographs and doing interviews. 

Not just an excited Mallika gushed saying, "I'm honored to be the first Asian star to be invited to Twitter. Jai Ho!" but also posed for pictures outside Twitter's headquarters and then gave some inspirational remarks to Twitter employees during the lunch break.

If that wasn't enough, at the request of a Twitter executive, Mallika even showed the employees a few Bollywood dance moves, and then the whole company joined in for the jhatka-matkas, prompting a spontaneous company dance party!

Following the Indian tradition, a coconut was broken in true desi style, by her producers in front of the Twitter office. 

Computer Glosssary

Even the superhot promo of Mallika's forthcoming film Hissss was also shown to the Twitter employees during their lunch break, which received a tumultuous applause. 

Twitter staff members informed Mallika's producers that "Since Mallika joined the Twitter service, membership in India has skyrocketed. " Can anyone 'dare' to argue on that! Jai Ho, Madame Mallika!

Katrina turn 25, Salman skips her birthday

Katrina turn 25, Salman skips her birthdayKatrina Kaif has many reasons to smile. First her recent release "New York" became a huge success and now comes her birthday, which the British-born actress will celebrate with her entire family in London Thursday. 

"I'm celebrating my birthday this year with my entire family, all my sisters who have flown down from all over, my mom who's flown down from Chennai and my brother who's a professional rock climber, " Katrina, who will turn 25, told through SMS. 

Medical Glossary

"I was supposed to spend a long holiday with them last year during Christmas and New Year in London, but I had to cut my trip short because of my work schedule. So this year I'm specially taking time out for them and we are going to Italy for a family get together. I haven't had a break in almost two years, so I'm looking forward to this, " added the actress. 

Last year her birthday bash turned ugly when beau Salman Khan picked a fight with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. So this year Katrina is celebrating her birthday away from tinsel town. 

Busoness Glossary

A source close to the controversial star however told us, “Salman is shooting today and tomorrow as well. It is very less likely that he would excuse himself out of professional commitments. ” 

Another insider belonging to his coterie reveals, “Salman had proposed a private party for Katrina for her birthday in Mumbai which would have guests only of her choice and it won’t be a repeat of anything like what it happened last year. 

He was trying to convince her till the last minute she left for London on Saturday but she had already made her mind to celebrate it with her family. This thing didn’t leave him too pleased. 

So maybe, that’s why he is not too enthusiastic of making a London trip, just for her birthday. ”

But well knowing the moody Khan you never know, he may just catch the first flight and land at her doorstep. 

Katrina is just six years old in the industry, but has found a firm foothold. 

Katrina's first break in Bollywood was Kaizad Gustad's 2003 "Boom". Though the film was a flop, people started noticing her and offered her roles and one of them was Ram Gopal Varma's 2005 film "Sarkar". She had a small role as Abhishek Bachchan's girlfriend, but made her presence felt in the film, which was a Mumbai underworld interpretation of Mario Puzo's 1969 novel "The Godfather". 

Katrina's big success came in the form of 2008 super hit film "Namastey London" and she continued her winning streak with "Apne", "Partner", "Welcome", "Race" and "Singh Is Kinng". 

Subhash Ghai's "Yuvvraaj" disrupted it, but only for a brief period, as Katrina bounced back with the commercial and critical success of Kabir Khan's "New York", a film about 9/11. 

According to film critics, with big banners, huge fan-base and several brand endorsements, Katrina is currently one of the most sought after actresses in the Hindi film industry. 

"Katrina has evolved immensely as an actress. In Bollywood, actors are mostly known for the number of hits they deliver. Katrina has won hands down in that respect. She can undoubtedly be called a lucky mascot for her producers, " said popular film critic Taran Adarsh. 

Mumbai-based film critic Anupama Chopra says there are high expectations from Katrina even this year. 

"Katrina has had a fortunate choice of films" even though she "had a rather unfortunate start with 'Boom'. She is a stunning looking actress and so far she is doing well with her glam doll image. We did see glimpses of an actor in her performance-oriented roles in 'Namastey London', " said Chopra. 

Her basket is full of good roles - she will be seen in films like "Blue" starring Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt, Rajkumar Santoshi's "Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani" and Priyadarshan's "De Dana Dan" yet again starring Akshay. She is also doing the female lead in Prakash Jha's political drama "Rajneeti". 

Katrina is one of eight siblings. Her mother is British and her father is from Jammu and Kashmir who has since acquired British citizenship. 

The actress spent her formative years in Hawaii but later moved 

Lara Dutta gets in bikini for Yash Raj next

Lara Dutta gets in bikini for Yash Raj nextThe latest buzz in B-town is that the beauty queen Lara Dutta is all set to do the next project of Yash Raj films. The project is yet untitled but the actress is working hard to get the glam and size zero look for the film. 

As per the sources, “Lara will be wearing a bikini in the film for which she has been working hard to get the very slim figure. ”

“The pretty lass is on a strict diet and had been hitting gym regularly. She is also taking the yoga way to get into right shape. For now nothing has been known about the story line of the film as the production is very tight lipped about it, ” adds the source. 

Bollywood Girls in Bikni

So is she inspired by Kareena in Tashan? Well seeing is believing, so we will have to wait up until Lara actually dons a sizzling two-piece.

Wishing Katrina Kaif a very happy Birthda

Katrina KaifOnly a handful of years ago, exactly on this day, a phenomenon called Katrina Kaif was born to a Kashmiri Muslim father and a British Christian mother. Much before her graduation from the prestigious Harvard University, life gave her a lifetime opportunity to graduate from being a mere Katrina Kaif to THE Katrina Kaif! This opportunity came in the form of a casting agent, who, we are sure was far more farsighted than even Nostradamus, since he spotted Kats' futuristic full fledged romance with name, fame and fortune at the very moment he saw her!

Katrina, like any wise girl, traced her way to Bollywood, courtesy, the Boom-bastic director Kaizad Gustad. Boom, which happened to be her debut film, showed the world the 'face of the future Superstar'. What followed after Boom were an array of films like Sarkar, Namaste London, Singh Is Kinng, New York ... a few of the many names that gave Katrina her much deserving position that she was simply destined for: Numero Uno! 

Folks, it's our heartfelt privilege of the highest order to invite you to please join Bollywood Hungama as we wish her a very happy Birthday, simply by posting your wishes below:

Exclusive First Look: Himesh Reshammiya's Radio

Exclusive First Look: Himesh Reshammiya`s RadioBy Joginder Tuteja

Less than two months after going on floors, shooting of Himesh Reshammiya's Radio is complete. The film was announced in the month of April this year, the principal shooting began in May and in quick time director Isshaan Trivedi of 7 1/2 Phere (Irrfan Khan, Juhi Chawla) fame has wrapped up Radio. The film stars Shenaz Treasurywala and Sonal Sehgal as the leading ladies opposite Himesh. 

Says the man on the hot seat, Himesh Reshammiya, who has been keeping a relatively low profile over the last few months. "That's because I have been busy shooting practically every month. In Radio, I have loved every moment playing the character of RJ Vivan Shah. It was a pleasure working with Isshaan Trivedi and producer Ravi Agarwal", he says. 

While Studio 18's Ishk Unplugged and Pooja Bhatt's Kajraare are already complete, Himesh has also completed shooting for Radio in quick time. How is he managing so much in such short time span when so many other actors are doing only one or two films a year? Moreover, he is also responsible for composing and singing for each of these films. 

"It suits me when I am working more", replies Himesh, "I have always done fantastic work when I have been loaded with work. I think pressure gets the best out of me. Even John Mathew's A Love Issshtory is complete except for the songs which I will do after Bhushan Kumar fixes the release date of the film. " 

Ishk Unplugged, Kajraare, A Love Issshtory and now Radio. There is wide spread speculation about his next release. Though he is non-committal about his next release, Himesh says, "All I can say is that I am extremely confident of all my films. I am also particularly pleased with the sensibilities with which they have been made. "

Bollywood News

He has some funny anecdotes to share about Radio though. "Of course, working with the unit of Radio has been a fun experience. However, something that none of us associated with the film will ever forget is that Shenaz spread major viral fever in the unit. At least five members got viral due to her. But then she is a sweet girl and everything is forgotten and forgiven!" 

In the film, Shenaz plays the role of Shanaya, a girl who is born to Parsi and Punjabi combination of parents. "And hasn't she done a fabulous job in the film? Same is the case with Sonal Sehgal, who plays my ex-wife in the film. Zakir Hussain and Rajesh Khattar have an important role to play in the film and they both are just fantastic", says Himesh. 

"I am sure Radio, which is a romantic comedy, will set new trends. It's truly unconventional yet very commercial", he signs off.