'Bang Bang Bangkok isn't an adult film'

`Bang Bang Bangkok isn`t an adult film`

Music maestro OP Nayyar's granddaughter Niharica Raizada to make her acting debut soon

After her grandfather, the music composer OP Nayyar regaled cinegoers with his soulful music, it's now granddaughter's turn to take baby steps into the industry.

Niharica Raizada is all set to make a Bollywood debut in Vikram Pradhan's upcoming film Bang Bang Bangkok, where she will star along with Student of The Year actor Sahil Anand.

According to Niharica, she was busy with an ad film when she received the director's e-mail, followed by a phone call from the team asking me to meet up.

The aspiring actress says, `The moment I went over, they offered me the film. I was a bit apprehensive about the title but I realised there was not much adult content in the film.`

Despite having a formal training in music, Niharica says she had always wanted to become an actress.

`I never had a studio to go to and record music. If success comes my way, I will get myself a studio and do some music as well, ` she adds.

2002 hit-and-run case: Plea dismissed, now Salman Khan faces upto 10 year in Jail

2002 hit-and-run case: Plea dismissed, now Salman Khan faces upto 10 year in Jail

In a major setback to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, a Mumbai court Monday rejected his review plea challenging a magistrate's order for a re-trial in the 2002 hit-and-run case on charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

Salman has been given one month's time to appear before the sessions court and face trial in the case, Sessions Judge U.B. Hejib said in his ruling delivered in an open court Monday afternoon.

The date for starting the re-trial has been fixed for July 19.

If convicted, the 47-year-old actor could face a 10-year jail sentence as stipulated under Section 304 (II) (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The case relates to the time the actor's SUV ran over pavement dwellers in suburban Bandra in the early hours of Sep 28, 2002, killing one and injuring four others.

In his verdict, Judge Hejib said that the offence of "culpable homicide not amounting to murder" had been made out against the actor in the accident case.

Earlier, Salman Khan had been tried by a Bandra metropolitan magistrate under the less serious charge under Section 304 (A) (causing death by negligence) of IPC, which carries a two-year jail sentence.

The magistrate later invoked Section 304 (II) of IPC after examining 17 witnesses and transferred the case for re-trial by the session court.

Strongly opposing it, Salman Khan's lawyer Ashok Mundargi had argued that the magistrate's order was "erroneous, bad in law and contrary to evidence on record".

He contended that the magistrate had failed to appreciate that the actor had neither the intention to kill people, nor knowledge that his rash and negligent driving could kill one person and injure four more.

Countering the arguments, public prosecutor S. Erande pointed out that a prosecution witness, the late Ravindra Patil, who was a police personal bodyguard for Salman, had repeatedly warned the actor not to drive rashly as it could lead to an accident.

But Salman did not heed and drove at high speed, leading to accident, said Erande, while opposing the actor's appeal.

The magistrate had rightly invoked the charge of culpable homicide as the actor had committed a serious offence, he added.

Erande further stated that Salman's blood samples revealed that he was inebriated, with 60 mg alcohol, which is beyond permissible limits for driving.

Movie Review: Sonam and Dhanush shine in Raanjhanaa

Movie Review: Sonam and Dhanush shine in `Raanjhanaa`

Starring Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Swara Bhaskara, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub

Directed by Aanand L. Rai

Rating: * * * *

This enormously-enriching film about the pain of love has four heroes: Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, A R Rahman's music and the city of Varanasi. Not necessarily in that order. But then 'orderly conduct' is hardly a given in a film about raging unrequited love.

He loves her to death. Cross his heart and hope to die. And it's their wedding day. But they're not getting married to one another. As he returns exhausted from messing up her marriage to another man, the slumbering band-baaja wallahs at his own wedding hasten awake and begin playing a wedding song wearily.

It's a brilliant defiant moment defining the contradictions and savage ironies of romantic associations.

Raanjhanaa tells us, it is not so cool to fall in love. Unless you're ready to slither on the ground for love, if the need arises.

Ever wondered why we FALL and not rise in love? Just looking at Aanand Rai's unforgettable dazzling and non-derivative take on unrequited love set amidst the bustling river-bank politics of Varanasi, we know all over again that love can kill your spirit, soul, selfesteem and finally your physical presence as well.

Towards the end when the film's obsessive Majnu has lost everything, there is one of the many powerfully-written scenes where the very-talented Swara Bhaskara playing a loud aggressively besotted suitor-in-waiting tells her on-screen Soutan, `That isn't my man dying inside. My man would never be spitting blood. `

Angry, aggressive, passionate, temperamental, moody and quite simply majestic Raanjhanaa is an opulent epic seductive raging and rippling ode to love. The script (written by Himanshu Sharma) journeys from the lover-boy Kundan's childhood when he first sees his object of adoration doing her namaaz, and follows him to adulthood, much in the same way as he follows Zoya around with.

In seductive spirals of song-filled rhapsody we see Kundan pursuing his lady-love through the robust gallis and mohallahs of Varanasi.

It's a beautifully charted journey, much less foul-mouthed and belligerent than Habib Faisal's Ishaqzaade and far more mature and relevant than Ayan Mukerjee's Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, and made vastly enjoyable by the director's confident and unhurried control over his lover's uncontrollable passion. It's as though Rai knows that the heart is more prone to betrayal than redemption.

The film celebrates the pain of heartbrokenness. She slaps him? That's fine. He loves her all the more for it. She turns his proposal down? That's okay. He'll do it again. . . and. . . again. It's the protagonist's single-mindedness that navigates this enchanting love story through a series of circumstances that make Kundan look as brazen as they make destiny look cruel.

Throughout Kundan's self-destructive odyssey into the heart's darkest regions we are made privy into his agony and ecstacy. We know exactly how his heart beats. Maybe partly because it beats to the sound of A R Rahman's evocative songs.

We see Zoya just the way Kundan does: tall, creamy-complexioned, warm, seductive and unattainable. Dhanush as the worshipping lover-boy lets his face become the map of his heart.

So transparent are his feelings for the girl that every kind word or gesture from her brings a response of teary gratitude in his eyes.

This is not love as we see it in today's day and age. It is the kind of adoration that Radha had for Krishna. In many ways Raanjhanaa is a gender-reversed take on the Radha-Krishna myth that takes the adoring heroine-worshipping Varanasi boy through some exceptional unacceptable circumstances.

Towards the second movement of his extraordinarily well-crafted screenplay Aanand Rai takes Kundan's destiny to the Delhi University campus.

Bringing campus politics into a film about compulsive love may not seem like the easiest of marriages to implement. It is to Rai's credit that he doesn't lose hold of his characters' collective and individual destiny even while moving out of their home turf.

The characters dither, stray, falter and lose focus. The narrative never does. Rai's storytelling remains remarkable steady and pure. His affection for his characters doesn't colour his view of a rapidly-changing world where love and politics make bizarre but compatible bed-fellows.

To read the film's political overtures as an intrusion into the central romance is to interpret the life of love as being mono-chromatic. Aanand Rai's film embraces all the experiences, pain, anguish, sacrifice and selfishness of love. There is scarcely a single false note in this love liaison.

Hats off to Rai's actors for getting it right. Every performer including a bit-player like Rahul Shankliya whom the forlorn hero encounters at the river ghat, seems to have come into the picture knowing not only his or her own lines but everyone else's as well.

There is an air of unrehearsed preparedness in the way the actors pitch their characters. Dhanush's performance would go down in cinematic history as one of the most consistent and compelling portrayals of single-minded ardour.

As for Sonam Kapoor, she is a complete revelation! In a born-again performance she sparkles and shines creating a kind of sunshine-girl who is so taken up with herself that she doesn't get the chance to see what affect she has on the other until it's too late.

Specially in the last half-hour when she must play out the murky game of politics Sonam comes to grips with the very complex emotions of her character and carries the role to a very dignified and fulfilling closure.

Swara Bhaskara as Dhanush's devoted ill-treated girl-pal and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as his loyal friend, once again prove themselves natural-born scenestealers.

Raanjhanaa is a very simply-told story of a love so intense durable and destructive that it hurts. The inner turbulence, tumult and tensions of the central alliance evolves from the vibrancy of Varanasi, from each fluent note of Rahman's music, and from every pore of director Aanand Rai's transparent honest passionate treatment of that much-misunderstood emotion called love.

As I look back on this deeply-satisfying film I search for flaws. And I come up with one. Would anyone every want to fall in love with a girl so selfish she allows the man who worships her to be destroyed right in front of her eyes? Is love, then, only about giving and not expecting anything in return?

If Rai's remarkable love tale seems so richly sublime and vibrant it's partly because Sonam and Dhanush have submerged themselves into their characters until we see only their love. . . rather, his love.

At Rs 20 crores, Salman Khan is too pricey

At Rs 20 crores, Salman Khan is too pricey

After the star apparently demanded Rs 20 crore for an ad, a cement brand had no option but bow out of the deal

For his last cola endorsement, Salman Khan apparently received a whopping amount of Rs 20 crore as his remuneration.

However, sources from the industry say that the same amount was simply unaffordable for a Rajasthan-based cement company who allegedly wanted to sign the star as the face of their product.

Salman currently has seven brands in his kitty, which includes being the face of an entertainment channel. Buzz is that the cement company in question apparently offered him Rs 10 crore but Salman refused to budge from what he had initially quoted.

An insider says, `The brand is relatively new and the amount offered was to include the commercial as well as promotional events.`

The representatives of the company met his managers and they had apparently green signalled the deal. But it later fell through, after Salman expressed his dissatisfaction about the money.

But the company couldn't afford to pay Rs 20 crore.`

A friend of the star says, `Salman feels that since the brand is not very well-known, he should at least get a big amount. The brand had no option but to drop their plan.` Salman's manager did not revert to our text messages.

Super rich Aamir is not going posh

Super rich Aamir is not going posh

Contrary to rumours that he has moved to south Mumbai, Aamir Khan stays put in his favourite suburb

Ever since his childhood, Aamir Khan has been a true-blue Bandra guy. Not only is his residence in the Pali Hill area of Bandra, his office too is in the same suburb.

After his home recently went under renovation, the star and his family were rumoured to be shifting to South Mumbai. However, our sources say that Aamir will remain in Bandra and has rented two floors of an apartment complex on Carter Road.

A source states, `His home in Pali Hill needs a lot of repairs, as the building is very old. Aamir has moved to a sea-facing building called Fareeda on Carter Road and has taken two floors on rent.`

Those close to the actor say that Aamir has converted one of the floors into his office space and sitting area, while the other is where the star will reside.

`It's a spacious flat. Since his apartment is on the higher floors, it gives a panoramic view of the sea, ` adds the source.

Welcome to our home

On Sunday night, Aamir and Kiran hosted their first guests at their new home. Apparently Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukerji had dropped in to exchange pleasantries with the actor and his director wife. Onlookers say both Rani and Aditya, dressed in black, looked happy together.

Sooraj Pancholi's ex-girlfriend gives him clean chit: He can never hit a girl

Sooraj Pancholi`s ex-girlfriend gives him clean chit: He can never hit a girl

Janvi Taurakhia, Sooraj Pancholi's former girlfriend, says she never encountered the violent abusive man who stands accused of abetting actress Jiah Khan's suicide. She has said Sooraj is the most gentle and soft-hearted person she has known.

Sooraj, son of Bollywood actor-couple Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab, is in judicial custody till June 27 and lodged at the Arthur Road Central Jail.

Jiah committed suicide June 3. After a five-page letter by Jiah was recovered and handed over to the police, Sooraj was arrested June 10 on grounds that it was "incriminating" evidence against him as she had blamed him for various problems she faced during her lifetime. Bail was denied to the 22-year-old on June 21.

For Janvi, who dated him for five years, "it's like reading and hearing about another person altogether".

"Of course, my heart goes out to Jiah's family. But I couldn't believe they were talking about Sooraj! This Sooraj who is supposed to have done these awful things to that poor girl is not the Sooraj I know, " said Janvi.

"My Sooraj is incapable of violence against anyone. He hates any kind of confrontation. Whenever we fought, I was the one who was more aggressive. He would quietly leave the room. If he's angry or upset, he likes to be on his own to work his way out of the problem, " she added.

Although they broke up, Janvi says she is still best of friends with Suraj even today.

"And not just Sooraj. I am very fond of Aditya uncle and Zarina aunty. They are like family to me and my mother, " she said.

Asked if Sooraj ever ill-treated her, Janvi said: "No! Never! Do you think I'd have been with him for nearly six years if he ever did anything like that? When I read the news accusing him of physical abuse and what not, I was too shocked for words. Sooraj can never behave like this."

Defending her former boyfriend, she went on to say: "Suraj's biggest weakness is his over-emotional nature. He gets upset by any hint of unpleasantness. To inflict pain or violence is unthinkable for him. He is one of the most soft-hearted souls I know."

Janvi is appalled at the thought of Sooraj spending time in jail. "I can't even begin to imagine how he is coping with all this. He may look very macho, but he is a baby inside."

She also said: "I don't think Sooraj had any inkling of what Jiah was going to do. Knowing him the way I do, he would have never allowed it. It's very unfortunate that he's caught in this situation. I just can't stop thinking of how he must be coping."

Even Janvi's mother Alpa Taurakhia vouches for Sooraj's innocence.

"He is a darling, an absolute lamb who wouldn't hurt a fly. And I say this, although my daughter and Sooraj had split, and I really have no reason to defend him, " she said.

Jiah Khan Biopic: 'Bold doesn't mean lesser clothes or sexual commutations'

Jiah Khan Biopic: `Bold doesn`t mean lesser clothes or sexual commutations`

Sandeepa Dhar, who plays a key role in "Bold Bollywood", a film reportedly based on actress Jiah Khan's recent suicide, says the term 'bold' in the film's title signifies confidence and strength.

"Its very important to be bold in Bollywood. Bold in the title doesn't mean lesser clothes or sexual commutations. Bold here means you need to be strong and independent, " Sandeepa, who made her Bollywood debut with the 2010 film "Isi Life Mein", said in an interview here.

Sandeepa believes "her decision of becoming an actor is very bold in itself", and she considers that "a bold attitude" is a must to survive in showbiz.

"You need to be bold in you attitude in order to survive in Bollywood, " she said.

Directed by debutant Rikshhit Matta, the film also stars Hazel Keech and Shweta Bhardwaj in the lead and revolves around three aspiring actresses who come to tinsel town to make it big.

Jiah, who made her dream debut in filmdom with Ram Gopal Varma's "Nishabd" starring megastar Amitabh Bachchan in 2007, ended her life June 3.

Why Aishwarya doesn't travel without her daughter Aaradhya

Why Aishwarya doesn`t travel without her daughter Aaradhya

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in an interview has stated that she does not travel anywhere without her daughter Aaradhya

During her recent visit to England, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in an interview to a UK-based mag has stated that she does not travel anywhere without her daughter Aaradhya

`I don't ever leave her. My mother has been travelling with me as well, which is great. Even prior to marriage and motherhood, it's always been about prioritising and focussing on what you can commit to.

I just take on what I can commit to completely at that point in time and that way you'll be able to give your best, ` she said.

'Mental' Salman Khan coming on 24 January

`Mental` Salman Khan coming on 24 January

By Subhash K Jha

All the speculation about the release of the next Salman Khan starrer can be put to rest. Mental, Salman's home production which is a remake of 2006 Telugu hit Stalin would be released on January 24.

The date coming from the within the core group of the Mental unit puts an end to all the speculation about the release.

This would be Salman's first major Republic Day weekend release. So far all of Salman's recent films have been released during Eid. But this year the superstar missed his Eid date because of health and legal issues.

Says a source close to the project, `After it was clear that Salman won't be able make it on his traditional Eid Friday, he urged Sohail to try for a Republic Day completion and release. And now the Eid release for Mental is locked in. `

When contacted Sohail confirms, `Yes, we're shooting continuously and our tentative release date is January 24. `

Uday writes embarrassing love tweet for Nargis Fakhri. Apologies

Uday writes embarrassing love tweet for Nargis Fakhri. Apologies

How some amorous tweets from Uday Chopra to Nargis Fakhri seem to have suddenly vanished into thin air after sometime?

Uday Chopra is at it again.

The Dhoom actor has now gone a step further -- he’s apparently even thinking babies! At least that’s what seemed to be on his mind when he put a message recently.

Uday stated, “Nargis did you know we are related. Your future sons’ father is my fathers’ son. ” After which his best buddy Abhishek Bachchan tweeted, “Get a room kids!!!!!!”

The reply that Abhishek Bachchan gave Uday Chopra that went missing later

Both these tweets later went missing from their respective sites.

Uday was in no mood to give up. He played safe with random messages about the Rockstar actress. “One unknown fact about @NargisFakhri she loves to travel - god help the man who gets in her way of traveling. ”

He then went on naming things Nargis loves which also included him. “Things @NargisFakhri loves traveling, spas, Doritos, pizza and ME!, ” tweeted the actor and then stated, “Ok fine I don’t love @NargisFakhri but please don’t tell her that or she’ll kill me. ”

Uday then struck a note of caution. He wrote, “Ok fine @NargisFakhri and I are just “friends” yuck that sounds so boring…all this was just part of the #UdayChopraMadnessHour”.

He further added, “My apologies to @NargisFakhri I was just having some fun and maybe I went overboard. You will not hear from me again…goodbye and good luck. ” Interestingly, Nargis chose not to respond to Uday on her microblogging site. We like Uday’s Humour. At least he is openly amusing.

Tweet talk in the past

Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri had indulged in public PDA on their microblogging site last month too. Here’s a sample. . .

@NargisFakhri: long time no tweet- just asking people, 5 things they are grateful for. Curious to hear what u r grateful for? Do share.

@UdayChopra: I’m grateful for your beautiful smile, ur gorgeous face, ur amazing body, ur striking personality and ur positivity.

@NargisFakhri: Oh Lord, you can do better than that! But thank you for being grateful for my physical attributes.

@UdayChopra: My dear Nargis, why involve The Lord when we can amicably settle this between ourselves. I’d love to do better as long as you teach.

@NargisFakhri: u r so silly -- I’m not talking to u anymore, bye.

BEWARE! Salman Khan-Sanjay Leela Bhansali war escalates

BEWARE! Salman Khan-Sanjay Leela Bhansali war escalates

With Sanjay Leela Bhansali bagging the remake rights of 'Kanchana', has his acrimony with Salman Khan reached a new low?

Looks like the rivalry between Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Salman Khan could have reached an all-new level, with buzz about the director landing the remake rights of South hit Kanchana.

There had been buzz a while ago that Salman was interested in acquiring the project, which would have been helmed by his brother Sohail. Ultimately though nothing turned out, apparently because of moolah matters. Sources say the makers of the South movie wanted a whopping amount of R 2. 5 crore just to hand over the remake rights.

Though Bhansali had directed Salman in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, the actor and the filmmaker had a bitter parting after Sallu apparently made some vitriolic comments about the SLB's Guzaarish. Bhansali is now said to be on the lookout for an actor for the project.

A source says, `There has been a lot of rumours about Kanchana's remake. At the time when Salman was said to acquire the film, he was supposed to play the lead role in the film. Later, it was said that Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Dutt were also in race.

Other filmmakers too seemed interested in the South hit. For Guzaarish too, it was Sallu who was to act in the film initially. But SLB later chose Hrithik Roshan over him and even cast Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. `

With the two not on speaking terms ever since, SLB bagging the project could make things between the friends-turned-foes a tad worse.

The source says, `Sallu and SLB's enmity is not new and this development seems to have taken their acrimony to a whole new level. `

Bhansali remained unavailable for comment.

'Sign Kareena with Abhishek Bachchan? I've never met her in my life!'

`Sign Kareena with Abhishek Bachchan? I`ve never met her in my life!`

It may make juicy copy to say Abhishek Bachchan would be paired with Kareena Kapoor in Umesh Shukla's untitled film.

But regrettably, it is not the truth.

Poohpoohing a report on Saturday in a tabloid that Kareena is `seriously considering` director Umesh Shukla's offer to star in his next with Abhishek, Umesh says, `I've never in my life met Kareena Kapoor, let alone offer her a role. The closest I've come to her is while sitting some rows behind her at awards function. I've never approached her for any role. `

Aghast and amused Umesh says, `The tabloid's imagination takes my breath away. According to them I had an hour-long meeting with her and now I'm supposed to give her a full narration on Monday.

All this is news to me. Obviously the reporter who wrote this article knows more about my activities than I do. Maybe I've been sleepwalking through my meeting with Kareena. `

Umesh further informs there is no heroine for his film, nor a title. `I will approach a leading lady after I lock in the script this week. I've so far only finalized Rishi Kapoor and Abhishek for the film. `

Why not Paresh Rawal after their amazing rapport in Oh My God? `Because the personality and spoken language required in this film suited Rishiji more. But I will miss Pareshji immensely in this film. I will work with him again in the near future. That's a promise I've made to myself. `

Christmas Surprise: Aamir's-Katrina's 'Dhoom 3' to release early

Christmas Surprise: Aamir`s-Katrina`s `Dhoom 3` to release early

Aamir to miss his Christmas date as his upcoming action film with Katrina releases a week earlier

Out of his four last releases, three of Aamir Khan's films have released on Christmas. But, if rumours are to believed, his upcoming film Dhoom 3, which was also set to hit the marquee on Christmas this year, has apparently been pushed forward.

The Aamir Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer is said to now release on December 17 instead.

According to the trade, the change of date is to capitalise on the Christmas vacations, with no other major film releasing during the period.

A source from the production house says, `The makers are still in two minds about deciding the exact date. The banner is also considering December 20 for the film's release. `

The spokesperson from YRF remained unavailable for comment.

Bollywood Divas Fixated to Journalism

They may hate to answer the questions of journalists in real life but when it comes to their reel life then it looks like our Bollywood divas have got a thorough fixation for journo's role.

So come have a look at divas who are all set to step in the shoes of a paparazzi in the days ahead. 

1. Neha Dhupia

If recent buzz has anything to do with the facts then sizzling Neha is all set to unveil the realities of grey lanes while being a crime journo in Rensil D'Souza's upcoming cine flick.

2. Nargis Fakhri

Although she failed miserably in leaving any impression with her debut flick, but this time Nargis seems to be all set to portray a more responsible role.

Reportedly now she will be seen as paparazzi in Shoojit Sirchar's next.

3. Kareena Kapoor

Bebo will be seen holding a pen in Prakash Jha's upcoming cine flick Satyagrah.

4. Amrita Rao

While sharing screen space with Sunny 'Paaji' in Anil Sharma's upcoming film, Amrita will be playing the character of an honest reporter.

5. Raveena Tandon

Another buzz which pertains to comeback beauty Raveena states that, in Sudipto Chattopadhyaya's cine flick that has done the festival round, Raveena has picked on the role of a journalist.

Beauties Who Succumbed To Failures

While looking at the glamour and glitz of showbiz at times many of us forget that this shimmering life style also has a murky side associated with it. And at times it is seen that this habit of starry status makes our celebs so weak that they fail withstand the harsh realities of life and succumb to these minor failures of life.

So have a look at a few such celeb beauties who could not endure the blows of life and succumbed to it. 

1. Jiah Khan

Jiah's suicide has once again highlighted the pressure, frustration and despair that come as a part and parcel of the glamour life.

With numerous rumors doing rounds about possible reason behind Jiah's suicide, fans of this marvelous beauty are still waiting for truth to come out.

2. Viveka Babajee

This sizzling fashion model who literally stormed the gossip aisles by her Kamasutra condom ad, ended her life in 2005 by hanging her self from ceiling fan.

Apparently the buzz that made its way to gossip aisles about Viveka's suicide emphasized that it was failed love relationship, breakdown in professional career to financial losses which compelled Viveka to take the extreme step.

3. Kuljeet Randhawa

Popular model and TV actress Kuljeet Randhawa also hanged herself at her Juhu apartment on February 8, 2006.

In her suicide Kuljeet clearly stated that after failing in coping up pressures of life she is ending her life. While working on another theory cops also questioned her supposed boyfriend and 'Special Squad' co-star Bhanu Uday for his involvement in the case.

4. Silk Smitha

Even the life of southern sex symbol Silk Smitha who shot to fame at her own met a bad fate on September 23 1996 when she was found dead at her home in Saligramam near Chennai.

Reportedly in her suicide note Silk mentioned that continual failure in life had led to frustration and made her take this drastic step.

5. Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti's death came as one of the most unpleasant shocks for Bollywood. Death of Divya, who had fallen from the window of her fifth floor apartment around midnight on 5th April, 1993 is still a mystery for many.

Although many theories pertaining to her suicide and accident made it to gossip arena but keeping in view Divya's career graph at that point of time failure in career was surely not the cause but at the same time conflict in personal could not be denied to too.

6. Nafisa Joseph

Another model and Kuljeet's friend Nafisa Joseph also hanged herself a few years back but reportedly reason behind her taking the extreme step has more personal factors attached to it.

Reportedly Nafisa was to marry businessman Gautam Khanduja but it was called off after she learnt that he was already married.

SRK Lands in Controversy Again

1. SRK in surrogacy controversy

Earlier last week gossip aisles were abuzz with the news that SRK and Gauri were set to have a boy through surrogacy.

But soon after the announcement now the star couple has landed in trouble as the radiologists' association has demanded an inquiry about star couple's awareness about gender of their child as sex determination of unborn child is illegal in India.

2. Wankhede Spat

Previously SRK landed in trouble over a spat with security staff at Wankhed stadium Mumbai during an IPL match, for which he was banned from entering the sports arena.

3. Smoking in Public place

Although SRK has number of times exclaimed that he want to quit the habit of smoking, but it looks a distant aim for the star who fetched a legal wrath for smoking in public place at Sawai Maan Singh stadium Jaipur during an IPL match. 

4. Disrespecting Indian Flag

SRK had another unholy rendezvous with a controversy when a case was registered against him for disrespecting the Tricolor during the celebrations after the Indian cricket team's victory in the World Cup final.

5. Environmental violations

It's not that only SRK is the loved child of controversy even his belongings are not an exception to it.

In 2012 Shahrukh's dream home Mannat also landed in a legal soup environmental violations as nearly 20,000-sq metre seven-storey home fell with the Coastal Regulation Zone.