Golmaal Returns…. again with Sharman Joshi

By now the whole world and its favourite stand-up comedian know that Sharma Joshi who started his career with slapstick and continues to a large extent to be associated with comedies, opted out of the sequel to Golmaal.

Sharman now realizes he made a huge mistake when he opted out.

"Sure I regret it, " says Sharman weeks after Golmaal Returns has been declared a hit. "And not just because the sequel is a success. I hated myself for breaking up the Golmaal team. But it couldn't be helped. My dates were committed elsewhere."

Now Sharman won't miss the third segment of Golmaal. "There's no way I'm going to miss the chance to be in the next Golmaal film. All they've to do is ask. I'd toss aside everything to be in it, " says the talented actor enthusiastically.

There just one bitch of a hitch. For Golmaal Returns Shreyas Talpade has stepped in to Sharman's role.

"And stepped in wonderfully. You've to admit Shreyas is amazing in Golmaal Returns, " says the director Rohit Shetty, fully aware that Sharman is keen to return to the Golmaal family.

"I'm aware that Sharman wants to be back. We missed him in the sequel. In fact there're references to him in Golmaal Returns. Ajay Devgan has Sharman's photograph on his office table.

So yes, I'd love to have Sharman back in the next Golmaal. He didn't opt out for any other reason except a genuine date problem. I can't hold that against him. But I can't ask Shreyas to give the role back to Sharman."

An impasse in the offing? Not quite. Rohit has already found a way out.

"I'm going to write an extra character into Golmaal Part 3. Instead of four boys there will be five. What's the harm in that? That way I lose neither Sharman nor Shreyas. It's very rare to come across such actors.

They're both from distinguished families of actors.Very focused and their comic timing is perfect. I think having them both will make the Golmaal scheme even more of a scream, " says Rohit.

Sharman of course couldn't have asked for more.

"I was genuinely in a fix. Saying no to Golmaal Returns was the most painful decision of my life, " says Sharman