I touched Michael Jackson: Farah Khan

I touched Michael Jackson: Farah Khan"I officially had no training in dance and whatever I learnt was from watching Michael Jackson by watching his videos, especially 'Thriller' over and over again. I consider him as my guru," one of the Bollywood best choreographers Farah Khan.

Jackson died on Thursday in Los Angeles due to suspected cardiac arrest. He was 50.

Farah said that she heard the news on Friday as she landed in Los Angeles to meet Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan who is shooting in LA for Karan Johar's 'My Name Is Khan'.

"I have just landed here to meet Shah Rukh. I reached in the hotel and got to know about the sad news. It has not sunk in yet. It is still to sink in that he is no more. I still have my college pictures where I am dressed like him, such was my obsession.

I have always told my near ones that my ultimate dream would be to choreograph Michael Jackson. I always had this hope that it will happen one day, but with this news my ultimate dream stands shattered," Farah said.

She remembers the 'Thriller' hitmaker as "one who revolutionised the way we look at dancing today" also recalled her encounter with the pop superstar in New York at a Bollywood awards night.

"I am grateful to God that I could meet him once in my lifetime. I clearly remember that meeting at an awards night in New York. I had a won an award at the ceremony and Michael Jackson was also getting an award for his humanitarian works.

The organisers knew how crazy I was for him so they did take me to backstage to meet him. I went over to him, touched him, spoke to him and even clicked a picture with him. He asked me my name, my profession. It was a surreal experience. I was shivering throughout the night. I will always cherish that picture," Farah told CNN-IBN.

"I thought I would retire after I choreograph Michael Jackson," she added.