He has to come down on his knees and propose to me: Shweta Keswani

Q. Her kind of guy would be…
A. Definitely not from the (film) industry. I don’t like men out here.

Q. Any particular reason…
A. It’s too vain (laughs). Maybe I have always found them running behind me, so they don’t interest me any more.

Q. Would he be a metro-sexual man?
A. Yup. He has to be someone who would care to groom himself unlike those Jaat types who keep themselves very dirty and think they look cool.

Q. Good-looking or rugged and macho?
A. Doesn’t matter much. He needs to possess a very clean and pure heart. Looks would be a bonus.

Q. Sense of humour?
A. Is a must. He has to be a good human being and must have the ability to bring a smile on my face when I am low.

Q. Brain or brawn?
A. Brawn (laughs). And now don’t ask me what makes me say that!

Q. Ultra-rich or moderately?
A. Moderately. Money doesn’t matter much as long as he loves me, cares for me and keeps me happy.

Q. Romantic or couch potato?
A. Of course, romantic! He has to come down on his knees and propose to me.

Q. Your take on ‘love at first sight’…
A. No, I don’t believe in it. I only believe in lust at first sight.

Q. Your first crush?
A. It was in school when I was 14 years old.

Q. Given a chance to date a historical character, who would he be and why?
A. I think its Ravan because how passionately he took Sita away. What a passion!

Q. What do you think about live in relationship?
A. Sometimes it is necessary because you need to understand each other better. But I think our society need to open up a lot for it.