A drunk girl hugs and kisses Vivek Oberoi

A drunk girl hugs and kisses Vivek OberoiKurbaan seems to have rejuvinated Vivek Oberoi's career and populaity. We hear that at a five star hotel in Juhu recently he was grabbed and smooched by a female fan.

According to an eye-witness, Vivek was at a suburban five-star hotel for a friend's birthday party, when a young girl sprang out of nowhere and started kissing him. She appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. She just kept saying she was very excited to meet Vivek. First she gave him a huge hug and then she kissed him.

The entire episode left the Oberoi jr. totally red faced. But before the situation could become more embarrassing, the security guards were called in. They asked her to leave but at Vivek's request, they let her be.

But a birdie tells us that his most embarrassing moment yet was when he got his butt-pinched by a group of girls in London.

"It was like being in a Mumbai local train. He thinks girls in London are very daring and bold. Vivek was completely in shock! It was the most unusual tryst with his fans in Vivek's life," he adds.