I'm honored to be pitted against Big B: Himesh

I`m honored to be pitted against Big B: Himesh

For decades now Himesh Reshammiya has watched every Amitabh Bachchan starrer first-day first-show.

Guess where Himesh will be on Friday afternoon? Not checking out the collections of his own release Radio, but glued to Paa in a theatre close to him.

And no power on earth can change a rule that Himesh has been following from his childhood of watching every Bachchan flick on release.

Himesh Reshammiya is going ahead with the unthinkable. He’s releasing his new starrer Radio along with the Bachchans’ Paa.

But there’s no feeling of competition. On the contrary Himesh is a self-confessed ardent fan of the Big B and that remains unchanged.

“I’ve always been a diehard fan of Bachchan Saab. I’ve to watch all his films first day first show. Paa is no exception. And so what if my own film is releasing side by side?”

Himesh says he’s ecstatic to have his film release in the same week as Paa.

“I’m honored to be pitted against my idol Bachchan Saab. I’m also scared. But I’m sure both the films will do well.”

Himesh wants Big B to watch Radio immediately.

Err… that would take some time. Because post the premiere of Paa on Thursday evening, Mr. Bachchan will rush to Lonavla early Friday morning for shooting Bigg Boss.