Katrina loses all inhibitions to become the hot Item girl

Katrina loses all inhibitions to become the hot Item girlBy Subhash K Jha

Not one to raise her voice, let alone act aggressive in public Katrina Kaif has pulled out all stops to play the item girl in Farah Khan's Tees Maar Khan. Suddenly her manner and speech have become more demonstrative and loud at Malshej Ghat where the film is being currently shot in the burning sun from 5 am every morning.

Says Katrina, “We start so early because we have to catch the sunlight before it gets unbearable between noon and 3 pm.”

The gruelling schedule partly explains Katrina's fatigued collapse on location last week. But the lady is relentless. She wants each of her item songs, all choreographed by Farah and her assistant Gita, to be completely different in look design and execution.

In her free time Katrina has been shopping for clothes and accessories for each of the item songs, the cheaper the better.

All the accessories for the item songs are being collected piece by piece, so that when Katrina actually gets down to performing these numbers her entire physical look down to the bangles and hair-band are pre-decided.

After Raajneeti where she had to change her voice, diction, clothes and body language completely to look and behave like a politician, Tees Maar Khan is Katrina's second role in a row where she needed a complete makeover very far removed from her comfort zone.

Going from poised politician in Raajneeti to brassy item girl in Tees Maar Khan has been quite a journey. Katrina has been slogging it out in the scorching sun.

She says, “It's a challenge doing a complete look for my character. I guess I learnt that from Raajneeti. Every accessory makes you feel more like the character.”

Katrina has also been catching up on all the best item numbers in Bollywood from Mumtaz's Tik tiki tik mera dil bole in Humjoli in 1970 to Bipasha Basu's Beedi jalayele in Omkara in 2006 to understand the genesis of the item girl in Bollywood.

Then there's co-star item-boy Akshay Kumar who has just performed an item song in Farah Khan's brother Sajid's Housefull.

Akshay has been teaching Katrina the art of losing one's inhibitions while dancing on camera.

Says Katrina, “But Akshay's was a remix (Apni to jaise taise from Lawaaris). All my songs in Tees Maar Khan are original no remixes for me.

I've always wanted to freak out on camera, to just get wild. This is my chance.”