Sequel on hold?

If you've watched KRAZZY 4, you must've noticed that the makers left a scope for a sequel towards the end. Instead of the customary 'The End' that's flashed after the end credits, the makers of this ha-ha-thon have highlighted 'To be continued' in the end. However, Rakesh Roshan isn't ready to start a sequel yet, even though the film has fetched favorable collections in its opening 4-day weekend.

“I am still undecided. Frankly, I would take a call only after two weeks. A clearer picture would emerge by then. Also, I would know if the sequel is feasible or not,” Roshan Sr. tells me, “Sure, the business is good, with the business holding well on Tuesday as well. But right now I am too occupied with KITES [directed by Anurag Basu]. In fact, I am recording a song today.”