Deepika and Shahid are in love?

Deepika and Shahid are in love?Two jilted lovers Shahid and Deepika are making waves these days. According to the latest buzz, the duo is currently dating each other and can be seen partying together.

Shahid has also been visiting Deepika's pad quite often. “Shahid's car was parked outside Deepika's Bandra residence a few days ago, ” claims an eyewitness.

Talking about their relationship, a source told a daily, “Shahid and Deepika - both are quite headstrong and have moved on from their failed relationships.

They are only concentrating on their career at the moment. They want to have a strong foothold in the industry and think alike, which is the main reason why they have clicked together.”

Professionally they are also heading towards a new project together, the source stated, “One of Shahid's close friend is trying to work on the project. Deepika and Shahid are vaguely aware of the project and are