Exposed: Adnan's Secret Nikaah In Mumbai

Exposed: Adnan`s Secret Nikaah In MumbaiBy Subhash K Jha

Though Adnan Sami's scheduled wedding on Jan 31 to his Afghani-German girlfriend Roya Faryabi in Munich fell through, it now comes to light that the couple went through a secret nikaah ceremony at Adnan's residence in Mumbai on Friday, Jan 30, a day before the wedding-cards announced the wedding in Munich.

Only close family members of Adnan were present at this nikaah.

Says a source close to Adnan, “The wedding in Munich had to be cancelled because the courts did not allow Adnan to leave the country, much as he had hoped to.

There're serious charges of domestic violence against Adnan. He was not allowed to leave for Munich and the wedding plans in Germany had to be put off.”

Rather than cancel the wedding Adnan decided to have a flash ceremony in Mumbai. All the arrangements were made by Adnan's son Azaan, Adnan now intends to host a wedding reception in Munich at Roya's place and then another reception in Mumbai for all his friends.

But as things stand Roya and Adnan are now man and wife.

Speaking from Munich Adnan's third wife Roya Fariyadi says, “Adnan is the perfect man for me. I love not just the man but also his mother and son. In fact Adnan's son Azaan and I get along like a house on fire. We often gang up together and tease the hell out of Adnan.”

Roya says she is not the least perturbed by Adnan's past record of broken marriages. “What happened in the past is the past. What I see is a man I'd like to spend my life with. Adnan is king caring and gentle.

I hope we can make our marriage last forever. Like any good wife I plan to shift to Mumbai to be with Adnan and his family. But I'll keep visiting Germany. That's where my parents stay.”

Roya's parents are from Afghanistan. They moved to Germany 30 years ago and hold German passports.

Adnan's first wife Zeba Bakhtiar has spoken to Roya. They apparently like one another. As for his second wife the warring Sabah, her views on Adnan's third wife are now known but easy to guess.

At first Adnan was reluctant to confirm the secret nikaah. He finally said, “Yes we got married last Friday at a secret nikaah. And we're loving it. Now deal with it.”