Chala Khan America

Chala Khan America!This summer My Name Is Khan (MNIK) will be playing for a non-NRI audience in theatres across the US.

And the version of MNIK that American audiences will get to see will be different from original film as released so far in India and overseas for the NRI audiences.

Shah Rukh Khan confirms this decision to shorten the film for American audiences. Says Shah Rukh, “Yes, we are cutting down the length of the film for the American audience.

Their requirements are different from the traditional audience for Hindi cinema. We’re in this way extending the life span of a Hindi film with first a worldwide release for Indian audiences and then phased out releases for non-Indian audiences. ”

Says the film director Karan Johar, “Yes, the version for Americans will be shorter though not radically different.

We’ve left the American version’s editing to the film’s editor Deepa Bhatia. She is experienced and versatile enough to understand what would be palatable to the American audiences.

Deepa has worked on feature films as well as documentaries. She’s edited films for everyone from me to Govind Nihalani. ”

Karan admits it’s not the songs nor the length that will determine the shape and size of the American version of MNIK. “The first thing we heard from the American market is, we love the songs. So the songs stay. Deepa Bhatia is looking at what to remove. ”

This summer when the film releases for a non-diaspora audience in the US, Shah Rukh, Karan and Kajol will be in the country for the American premiere.

“We’re committed to our American producers Fox-Star to take the film to the US and any other part of the world where it will be screened in whichever avatar. ”