What Salman Khan's mother hates about him: Salma Khan

What Salman Khan`s mother hates about him: Salma KhanWatch the stars at their candid best for the first time on Indian television. Shocking truths and endearing stories of your favorite celebrities will be shown on the leading Hindi General Entertainment Channel, STAR Plus as it launches an emotional, inspiring and heart warming chat show, Tere Mere Beach Mein. It’s a show, which is not about the celebrity’s stardom but about their lives away from the arc lights

Hosted by ace director, Farah Khan, it premieres on August 23 at 9 pm and will air every Saturday and Sunday.

Salman Khan is the first celebrity in the new chat show on STAR plus, Tere Mere Beach Mein. Hosted by Farah Khan, this captures a different side of all the celebrities as they appear on the same platform as the common man and showcases ‘Jaise aap, vaaise aapke stars’.

The show takes a topic that is sometimes socially relevant, sometimes fun and at all times relatable to the audience. The first episode’s topic is– “Mamma’s boys” where we talk about the nation’s obsession with our MOTHER For the first time on TV, interesting anecdotes, and never before revelations are made by the celebrities.

Salma Khan’s pet peeve against her son Salman is about traveling in the car that Salman drives. She says, “Isske saath gaadi mein baithke mujhe chakkar aa jaate hain kyunki ye yahan se vahan se le jaata hai.

He hates waiting at signals, so he keeps taking shortcut routes to reach any place and that puts me in a tizzy. Aisa hai ki mari puri to theekh hai lekin main haath pair tudvake nahi baith sakti.”

Salman: (Laughs) Mama, do you know this is not the right thing to say when I have an accident case on me.

Among some of the celebrities who grace the show are, Shah Rukh Khan admits to being a “Joru ka Ghulam”, Priyanka Chopra talks of her struggles coming from a small town to make it big in Mumbai and Yusuf Pathan speaks of hardships and being in the shadow of brother, Irfan Pathan…. The list is endless.

This seven-week series comprises of 14 episodes and allows television viewers in India to have a first time glimpse into the ‘real’ life of a celebrity. It’s a unique talk show in which Farah Khan gets candid with the biggest celebrities from various walks of life to discuss what they have in similar with the common man.

Farah Khan said, “It’s a privilege to associate with STAR Plus once again. Tere Mere Beach Mein breaks the myth that ‘Stars live in a different world’, and gets the viewers to realize how similar their stories are, and hence how similar their worlds are.

Funny and lively, the show brings celebrities and the audience members to discuss a select theme. Set on a backdrop inspired by the beaches of Goa, it instantly sets a mood of informal, uninhibited chats with the stars.

Being an astute observer of today’s society with an ability to cut to the core, I highlight the genuine side of the celebrities as they speak on topics that are central to every human being- issues, fears, emotions, relations and happiness- everything a star shares with the common man.”

Every episode opens with Farah Khan interacting with the audience in her own inimitable and witty style as she introduces the topic of the day.

The celebrities reveal unknown personal facts about themselves on the topic. An audience member shares a similar story as the celebrity in the Main Hoon Nah segment.

All celebrities autograph a personal belonging and these will be auctioned and its proceeds will go to charity. The show ends with Farah teaching the guest a dance step in “Farah’s Step of the Week”.