DVD Reviews Kambakkht Ishq

Kambakkht Ishq MOVIE DETAILS

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Aftab Shivdasani, Amrita Arora, Vindoo Dara Singh along with Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh
Director: Sabbir Khan
Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala
Music: Anu Malik, RDB, Salim-Sulaiman
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan, RDB, Sabbir Khan


Kambakkht Ishq isn't entirely a slapstick show as one would have expected from the promos. Of course the first half is entirely slapstick and how! The dialogues are outrageous and majority of one liners have a good enough punch that would keep the younger crowds happy. Yes, elderly may not really warm up to the 'pajama' dialogues or the frequent 'dog v/s bitch' vibes shared between Akshay and Kareena. However, for a film aimed at the masses, that won't really be an issue per se.

Yes, second half does take a dip. A scene featuring Boman Irani as a hearing-challenged doctor is well done but other than the entire guilt feeling of Kareena till Aftab's challenge to Akshay has that seen-it-heard-before feel. However, after around 30 minutes, Kambakkht Ishq comes back on track again with Kareena sharing her past with Akshay just before her 'Bebo Main Bebo' jig. The film takes a different spin from this point on as emotions take over and humour is left behind. Laughs takes a back seat as romance comes on the fore front. Proceedings calm down at this juncture and stay on like that till the end without much ups and downs.

Director Sabbir Khan plays a smart game here as in this half of the film, he aims for his family audiences who are in the lookout for some old world romance, misunderstandings and the 'all is well that ends well' finale. Those expecting similar 'masala' of the first half do not really get a similar feel though but still are expected to be reasonably engaged as Sabbir keeps the film moving.

Of course, the pre-climax has it's moments with Sylvester Stallone making a surprise appearance. One does feel though he could have had his fist fight with the American 'goondas' a little bit longer. However, if one considers the fact that a core Bollywood film has managed to rope him in for those 10 minutes at least, it is still a worthy enough achievement.

Talking about Hollywood actors, Brandon Routh's appearance is really short lived as he comes in for just a couple of minutes. Denise Richards has the longest role amongst the three and is pretty much integral to the film's script for last 30 minutes. She does decent, though doesn't quite come across as a stunner that one would have expected her to have been.

So who is really stunning here? Well, none other than Kareena Kapoor who sizzles from frame one till her 'Bebo' jig. Post the song her role takes a serious turn with glamour being shown the window and quintessential Hindi film heroine role coming to the fore.

However pre-Bebo, it is a different Kareena altogether who has now thankfully left behind her Tashan look and donned an avtar that has a far better appeal amongst 'desi' audiences. Also, one has to make a mention about her costumes that are chic and ultra hip.

As for the supporting actors, Kirron Kher is disappointing which is a pity since she is generally a scene stealer in majority of her films. However, this time around she is there for just a mandatory emotional sequence which doesn't quite justify her presence. Aftab Shivdasani is OK for most of the movie while Amrita Arora goes all out with her skin show. In fact, the least suspect Vindu Dara Singh, who plays Akshay's friend/bodyguard/cook/caretaker - all rolled into one, gets a lengthy footage and does well. However, the best of this lot is Javed Jaffrey who has absolutely no connection to the film's storyline but still takes audiences along with him whenever he appears.

Overall, Kambakkht Ishq is for those who just wish to be entertained without giving much heed to the 'why', 'how' and 'what' in the film's narrative. Yes, there are emotional moments for a section of audiences in the second half. However, the film still got a 'successful' tag at the box office, courtesy that major segment of audiences who came to watch the film with a don't-care-a-damn-and-just-believe-in-entertainment attitude.


Kambakkht Ishq is made available in an excellent thick paper packaging that lends a glossy and attractive feel to it. There is a bonus DVD of Haal-E-Dil included as well though it is hardly an enticing offer.


The film's duration is 129 minutes


- Making of the Film, Songs and Interviews

This is a short segment in the film which does take viewers behind the scenes. Other than the regular 'pat on the back' conversations about each other, there are two things that make this segment special - a) on location shoot of the action sequences in the film and b) interviews of Stallone, Routh and Richards. More than anything else, it's a great feeling to see top league Hollywood stars talking about their experience in working in a Bollywood film. Moreover, what goes behind making an action scene is a good watch too. There are portions around making of the songs as well but there is something about Vaibhavi Merchant's style of talking about her work that makes it all sound more amusing than enlightening!!


- 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen Presentation
- Subtitles in English
- Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo


Rs. 299/=


No one, just no one other than Akshay Kumar could have pulled off the kind of role that the lead protagonist of Kambakkht Ishq is required to play. He has to be loud; he has to be a real 'rude boy, a 'bad boy' and a 'dog' but still make audiences root for him. He has to perform dare devilry. He has to sing and dance inside Universal Studios and on the streets of Italy. He has to call his leading lady a bitch countless times. He has to look at his lady love in sheer disbelief when she calls him a bastard. Last but not the least, he has to tell his sister-in-law (with a straight face) - 'Remove bhai's pajamas, search a little and you will find a husband'. And guess what, he still manages to pull it all off! That's the market that he has built for himself. So if you didn't like his buffoonery in Chandni Chowk To China or didn't quite warm up to his serious act in '8X10 Tasveer' then never mind because he is back to his street-smart ways in Kambakkht Ishq. Remember Singh Is Kinng, Heyy Babyy, Garam Masala or that two scene act in Om Shanti Om? If you loved it all then be rest assured, you will grab Kambakkht Ishq too with both hands!