Haath Peele Karne Ke Liye Haath Khali To Hone Chahiye: Shilpa Shetty

Haath Peele Karne Ke Liye Haath Khali To Hone Chahiye: Shilpa ShettyBy Subhash K Jha

Reports that Shilpa’s dad has been applying to retrieve his passport from Surat (where the document is kept because of a pending court case) so he can be in London for his daughter’s wedding has Shilpa in splits.

“The passport is certainly not meant for my wedding, please! It’s not happening in October, November, December or any of the dates that have been fixed for my wedding in the media.

Raj and I will announce the date from rooftops and invite the entire press corps to be part of the baraati when it happens. In the meanwhile please leave my father alone.”

Papa Shetty’s passport needed retrieval not for Shilpa’s wedding but for another family gathering altogether.

“It’s Raj Kundra’s birthday on September 9. Our entire collective family will be bringing in the occasion at the Maldives. That’s what my dad needed his passport for.”

On a more sober note Shilpa says, “We all respect the judiciary. But it’s very humiliating for any daughter to have her father rushing to another town for his passport. It’s even more humiliating to have erroneous media reports being put out about one’s father.He had applied for his passport a few month ago.”

As for the wedding, “There’s no reason on earth why Raj I wouldn’t want to get married at the earliest. At the moment we’ve our hands full with many new exciting ventures. We need get the space in our lives to plan and enjoy this wonderful event. Haath peele karne ke liye haath khali to hone chahiye.”