SRK Lands in Controversy Again

1. SRK in surrogacy controversy

Earlier last week gossip aisles were abuzz with the news that SRK and Gauri were set to have a boy through surrogacy.

But soon after the announcement now the star couple has landed in trouble as the radiologists' association has demanded an inquiry about star couple's awareness about gender of their child as sex determination of unborn child is illegal in India.

2. Wankhede Spat

Previously SRK landed in trouble over a spat with security staff at Wankhed stadium Mumbai during an IPL match, for which he was banned from entering the sports arena.

3. Smoking in Public place

Although SRK has number of times exclaimed that he want to quit the habit of smoking, but it looks a distant aim for the star who fetched a legal wrath for smoking in public place at Sawai Maan Singh stadium Jaipur during an IPL match. 

4. Disrespecting Indian Flag

SRK had another unholy rendezvous with a controversy when a case was registered against him for disrespecting the Tricolor during the celebrations after the Indian cricket team's victory in the World Cup final.

5. Environmental violations

It's not that only SRK is the loved child of controversy even his belongings are not an exception to it.

In 2012 Shahrukh's dream home Mannat also landed in a legal soup environmental violations as nearly 20,000-sq metre seven-storey home fell with the Coastal Regulation Zone.