Movie Review Gippi

Star Cast: Riya Vij, Taaha Shah, Divya Dutta

Directed By: Sonam Nair

Story: Sonam Nair

Rating:* * *

After cashing upon spectrum of genre comprising "Rom-com", "Action", "Comedy", "Near to life cinema", it looks like, Bollywood's cine thinkers are now possessed by the spell called "Bank upon the adolescence."

It's not that it's just a few members of the flock, who are cashing upon this mantra rather all the major production houses are tossing their prowess pertaining to the genre, in order to make cash registers ring.

With some of the giant production houses, falling prey to this school days fascination, it looks like cine sagas knitted around the core of adolescence or rather teenage is one such tried and tested formula, which seems to be the next big thing of Bollywood.

Anyhow, after pleasing the masses with his previous school sophomores saga "Student of The Year", this time K.Jo's, Dharma production has once again attempted to garner the accolades with another teenager saga, "Gippi", but with somewhat a lower budget and for a change this time there's an age appropriate casting and yeah there are no fairy world like school set ups too.

After creating some ripples in buzz arena with it's strategic yet simple promotional stint in the initial phase, this directional venture of first timer, Sonam Nair opened with an occupancy of around 8% at the multiplexes, and that too while clashing with another major release of the day "Go Goa Gone."

"Gippi" basically narrates the story of a roly poly over weight girl of 14 years of age Gippi (Riya Vij), who lives with her divorced mother, Pappi ( Diya Dutta) and younger brother, Booboo (Arbaaz Kadwani) and is a die hard fan of Shammi Kapoor's movie songs.

Just like any other growing child who is about to attain puberty, Gippi is a self conscious girl of a sort, who exactly doesn't know how to handle the ongoing changes in her life.

Although she often turn in to a butt of jokes for her classmates and is bullied by her classmate, Shamira (Jayati Modi), but in spite of that our courageous Gippi knows how to take those swipe punches on face. And besides all this she has a father who after stepping out of her mother's life is all set to marry another women.

As the story roles ahead, it showcases, Gippi getting infatuated towards one of her school seniors, Arjun (Taah Shah), whom she meets on her father's engagement, but mistakes his friendship for love. But things come shattering down for, Gippi when she got to know about it at the party of her foe Shamira. And falling prey to that embarrassment, Gippi decides to take control of her life and challenges Shamira for upcoming school elections.

Knitted in thread of emotions, with nearly all the seasoning pertaining to the life of a growing up child, that too with utmost honesty, narration of Gippi is something which will definitely succeed in impressing you because of its straight from heart coefficient.

Although, a few aspects patched up in, Gippi looked somewhat unwanted, but over all it's the simplicity and uncomplicated premise that rules the roost and up till great extent seizes your attention. And it won't be wrong to say that while penning down the tale of, Gippi, Sonam Nair has tried to keep everything as realistic as it could have been.

After being under the tutelage of, Ayan Mukherji, with Gippi, Sonam Nair has proved that she surely owns the adroitness that is required to paint a captivating story on the celluloid.

As far a cinematographic part is concerned then although, Anshuman Mahaley has done a commendable job for Gippi, but it could have been better with slightly higher dose of aesthetics which otherwise would have hugely contributed in making, Gippi an enthralling cine tale.