'Mental' Salman Khan coming on 24 January

`Mental` Salman Khan coming on 24 January

By Subhash K Jha

All the speculation about the release of the next Salman Khan starrer can be put to rest. Mental, Salman's home production which is a remake of 2006 Telugu hit Stalin would be released on January 24.

The date coming from the within the core group of the Mental unit puts an end to all the speculation about the release.

This would be Salman's first major Republic Day weekend release. So far all of Salman's recent films have been released during Eid. But this year the superstar missed his Eid date because of health and legal issues.

Says a source close to the project, `After it was clear that Salman won't be able make it on his traditional Eid Friday, he urged Sohail to try for a Republic Day completion and release. And now the Eid release for Mental is locked in. `

When contacted Sohail confirms, `Yes, we're shooting continuously and our tentative release date is January 24. `