Big Day: Everything you wanted to know about Sanju's surrender

Big Day: Everything you wanted to know about Sanju`s surrender

Thursday, May 16, 2013 11:53 IST
After exhausting the four-week leave allotted to the actor by the Supreme Court, Sanjay Dutt will surrender in court today; after completing all formalities, he will most likely be sent to complete his jail sentence in Nashik Central Jail

Family day: Friends left Sanjay Dutt alone on Wednesday, reckoning it would be best to leave the actor to spend time with his family. If a set time is given, Sanjay Dutt will have to arrive at court at the appointed hour. He will likely be accompanied by wife Maanyata and sisters Priya and Namrata. If no time is specified, he will have to be present at court by 11 am.

Convict details: Upon arriving in court, Dutt will be handed a conviction slip, which will have details of his conviction, the case number etc. The court prepares a warrant with details about the jail he will be sent to. Any prescription medications that Dutt needs will also be noted. The entire process could take up to almost two hours.

Fingerprints: Dutt will then be taken to complete all his formalities like fingerprinting etc. He will be given a copy of his warrant, a copy of the judgment (if available), a remission sheet, lists of private property belonging to him and a list of clothes, bedding, etc.

Body search: Before transfer, Dutt will have to be searched. As per the jail manual, he will be allowed to wear civilian clothes during his journey.

Jail term: Dutt is likely to serve his sentence at the Nashik Central Jail. If the procedures are completed early, he will be taken there directly. If not, Dutt will have to spend the night in either Arthur Road or Taloja jails, and be taken to the jail where he will serve his sentence, whenever convenient.

Family visits: During his prison stay, Dutt will be entitled to an allowance of Rs 1, 500 per month from his family, which he can use to purchase essentials like toiletries or snacks from the prison canteen. He will also be allowed to meet a maximum of five members of his family at a time, for 20 minutes, once a month

Uniform: Once at the Central prison, Dutt will have to register in the Convict Register. All his belongings will also be entered into a register. One copy of the list goes to the dispatching jail, and another copy goes to the prisoner. Dutt will have to change into prison clothes. His civilian clothes may either be stored at the jail, or returned to his family members.

Work for pay: He will be assigned a job, depending on the nature of his sentence, such as carpentry or cooking. Dutt revealed to close friends that he would like to be an assistant in the library, so that he can read.