No movies only IPL this year

Preity left for the Cannes Film Festival on Wenesday morning at a time when she's neck-deep in IPL affairs.

"Can't help it, ya," she phoned and groaned groggily from Frankfurt airport. "For two years now I've been the brand ambassador for Chopard and I've to be at Cannes every year, come what May…ha ha pun intended."

Preity has several events lined up in Cannes, but no movies. "There're no movies this year. I'd have liked to bring my film Har Pal. But it isn't ready. If Rituparno Ghosh's Last Lear is shown I'll go for it.

But Chopard will keep me busy for the next three days. I've a red carpet event. Then a dinner organized by Chopard followed by a picnic in the afternoon. I return on 17 May and head immediately for my IPL commitments."

Understandably she's exhausted. "But I'm also exhilarated. The IPL has been a whole new learning experience for me" said Preity accompanied to Cannes by her cousin Inder.

What about those who feel the IPL is confusing cricket?

"Not at all! It's such an eye-opener. Players of different age groups and of different nationalities are interacting on one platform. The younger lot is learning from senior international names. Where would they get a chance to do that?"