Vijay Mallya rescues Katrina!!!

Look at her! The pretty girl barely out of her teens is running from pillar to post. On Saturday 3 May she was in 3 cities within 12 hours.

"I was shooting in Goa and had to catch a flight to Bangalore for the IPL match on Saturday," she explains breathlessly.

"But I missed my flight. Fortunately Dr Vijay Mallya had me flown in his jet or I wouldn't have been able to make it…That's one of the advantages of being the brand ambassador for Dr Mallya's team (Royal Challengers). You know they'll make sure you'd reach where you are required in spite of maddening schedules."

Katrina loves cricket. "Everyone in London is crazy about the game. So I kind of grew up with the game. Here in India too it's a passion.

So when Dr Mallya asked me to be be their brand ambassador I agreed. I've known him for years and can't say no to him.We shot the music video with Sanjay Gupta and it was great fun."

She loves watching the IPL games and cheering for her team.

"The only thing I hate is to have fans approaching me, not because I don't like to connect with fans. In fact I love it. But while watching a match I don't want to be disturbed. People tend to get in the way when the matches are on."

The lovely lass from London is only now learning to connect with the public.

"Whether it's the IPL matches or my songs and dances for movies, I think I've really started having fun only now after Race. I've never enjoyed my dancing so much.

Yeah I think I'm finally unwinding both on screen and on stage. I recently started enjoying dancing on stage. I realized that at the Zee awards. Earlier I had neither the songs nor the confidence. Now I guess I've a bit of both."