King Khan storms Paris

Only Shah Rukh can cause such a frenzy even if it's Paris. And the red carpet was rolled out for him at the Musee Grevin where his wax statue was unveiled.

SRK, who was accompanied by wife Gauri and close frined Karan Johar, was clearly impressed with himself. "Amazingly handsome like someone I know," said SRK.

SRK will now have Michael Jackson, Marylin Monroe and 300 other great celebrities for company. So far, the only other Indians at the Grevin were Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

"This one's not smiling, how do you like it? Well I think it's very nice this was during the Dard-e-disco days. This was during my macho days at that time I never used to smile I always had this cool grim look. If this is being watched back home I would like to tell my daughter I am happy to be here. Suhana And Aryan now you have duplicate fathers all over the world," said King Khan.

King Khan, the badshah of Bollywood immortalised in wax here. He's seen as one of the biggest icons of emerging India and with the unexpected crowds thronging to just get a glimpse of SRK its clear that SRK's fan club is going global.

Waxed for life: Shah Rukh Khan poses next to his life-size wax model displayed at Paris' Grevin Museum