I knew it, Genelia would perfectly suit Shahid

By Joginder Tuteja

It has been merely 8 days that Ken Ghosh has shot with Genelia D'Souza and he is already going gaga over not just her performance but sheer exuberance that she has brought onto the sets.

For his movie which is 'not titled Yahoo', Ken is glad that Genelia came into picture because it is turning out to be a huge value add for the film where the casting of the female lead protagonist has apparently gone through a sea change.

"Let's keep the past aside and talk only about current and future", says Ken in a cautious tone with obvious reference to the 'Genelia replacing Jiah' episode, "What gladdens me most is the fact our decision to rope in Genelia has worked tremendously for the film.

It's all working out so brilliantly now. It has been only eight days of shooting with Genelia and I can stick my neck out and say that it was the best decision that I took for the movie."

When the character of the female lead protagonist was re-written, he was always confident that Genelia would suit the role perfectly and Shahid-Genelia 'jodi' would do quite well. However, once he started canning the shots, it only turned out to be a reaffirmation of sorts.

"It's a different feeling when you see your vision shaping up so very well in flesh and blood. Once the camera started rolling and I saw the results on the monitor, I said to myself - 'This is it'!

Genelia is simply awesome in whatever she has done so far. Yes, I may be sounding all excited but it only reflects the true state of my mind right now", smiles Ken who is obviously ecstatic that his film has started making good progress all over again.

While Mr. Director is indeed happy with the change, how about Shahid Kapoor who has been summoned to shoot for quite a few scenes all over again. "Well, he is ecstatic too.

A hero is always happy when he can have some good chemistry going with a co-star. In such a scenario, a hero will never mind the repeat act", winks Ken who has worked with Shahid in both his directorial ventures so far - Ishq Vishk and Fida.

Meanwhile, he continues to have a hearty laugh over some over zealous media people who are continuing to invent title by dozens for his film.

"I am happy that there is curiosity about the title and the film in general. But I am really amused when a reporter calls me to confirm on a title, I categorically deny that title and still the next day when I pick up a newspaper, I see the same title being put in bold print. It's hilarious", concludes Ken.