Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

The film which is based on the global terrorism topic was till now supposed to be titled as Jehaad as the actors of the film Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan were calling in their interviews. But it was never the official title. The producer Karan Johar and director Rensil D’Silva has become cautious about calling it as Jehaad, so planning to change it as Qurbaan.

As the global market is looking at the film with curiosity and suspicion, Karan doesn’t want to give any wrong signal by naming it as Jehaad. Jehaad is an Islamic term for Holy War, so the makers of the film don’t want to sound it in the favour of Islamic terrorism and put off the interest of global audience.

One source revealed, “As soon as the title Qurbaan is made official, Karan and Rensil plan to call a press conference to correct the media perception that the film is called Jehaad. Since Kareena and Saif used Jehaad in all their interviews, it will take some time for Jehaad to get out of the public’s mind. They have made a gripping thriller on terrorism. The narration is taut and uninterrupted by Bollywood formulae like songs, dances and melodrama. Kareena and Saif have even done one of the boldest love sequences ever.”

When asked to Rensil, he confirmed it and said, “We did consider it but it is unlikely that we will call the film Jehaad. Karan and I need to sit down and talk about it, but he has gone off to Cannes.”

Karan refused to comment on it and went off to Cannes. Karan represents an alcohol brand at Cannes. He will be walking the red carpet all alone. “That’s the status of my life- single. And that is how it shall be at Cannes, or anywhere else,” said Karan.