Can sleazy Aishwarya or Naani save Bollywood?

By Joginder Tuteja

Ok, so now it is turning out to be too bad to be true. All eyes were set on the Monday gone by as there was a wide spread belief that the meeting held on this day between producers and multiplexes would result in a positive outcome.

However that was not the case to be, what with the talks failing all over again. There is yet another meeting planned in a week from now and one hopefully looks forward to some better results then.

So what happens till then? Well, practically nothing. Coming weekend will see another bunch of films coming out of cold storage - 'Detective Naani', 'Aishwarya' and 'Yeh Pal Ho Na Ho Kal'.

And you certainly don't need to be a Nostradamus to predict the ultimate fate of each of these three films. The point is simple - even if there was no strike, none of the multiplexes would have in any case released these films at their facilities.

'Detective Naani' may have still managed a show or two but the remaining two movies didn't have any chance whatsoever to be grabbed by reputed theaters. No wonder, Bollywood is already staring at three more box office disasters this weekend in a year that has not just seen more flops than hits but in fact even more disasters than flops.

'Detective Naani' is a film which is still waiting to make up it's mind around whether it is a kiddie film or a fun film or the one for the senior citizens. With zero star cast coupled with zilch buzz or hype, the movie would struggle to go beyond it's first weekend - multiplexes or no multiplexes.

As for 'Aishwarya' and 'Yeh Pal Ho Na Ho Kal', the two films are by the unknowns, about the unknowns, star unknowns and would possibly be seen by complete unknowns.

While 'Aishwarya' is a clear cut sleaze flick in the offering, 'Yeh Pal Ho Na Ho Kal' claims to be a film about friendship but one still doesn't have any expectations whatsoever from it. Expect empty theaters, mainly single screens, greeting the two films on their Friday release.

Which brings one to '99' which should find itself lucky to have another open week for itself.

This provides this Kunal Khemu and Boman Irani starrer gets another opportunity to prove it's mettle all over again and reaffirm amongst audience that it has in it to be given a dekko. Now one just wishes that the producers too wake up to the fact and up the ante for the film's promotion.