SRK's Blog: "We have been hit and hit hard"

Shahrukh Khan Keep the Faith

You must have heard a thousand times that the way to victory does not lie in how hard you can hit; but how hard you can take the hit. And I am not telling you anything new. Every teacher says that to his student, every coach says that to his team and I am sure John has said this to you guys enough times already, just as a father says that to his son.

When they all say this, in their hearts they also wish and hope that their team does not get hit; it doesn't have to learn to win that way. A father feels, let my son win without ever getting hit; but you still say this to them because you know this world is a hard place. Games are a hard battlefield…your opponent wants to win as much as you do…so there is always going to be a chance that you will get hit. The best of us get hit…Mohammad Ali got hit…Carl Lewis got hit…John Buchanan must have been hit…Sourav Ganguly here has been hit several times.

So let's start from the fact that yes we have been hit already. So this is a good thing. A very good thing! We have been hit and hit hard, so the difficult part is over now. We all should accept that, we do lie at this point very nearly on the floor. So now comes the part, which is more important. The part that we need to show everyone around us, that we can take a hit; we can fall down; but we also know how to scrape ourselves from the floor and continue to fight. We still can take a few hits more and still fight back. Lots of people are saying lots of things about us, but none of them are right. The only right thing is that the owners have faith in this team, the coach has faith in this team; as a matter of fact the team has faith in this team. So there is no problem here at all. Just go out and play to have a great time…enjoy yourselves because pressure only builds more pressure. There is no need to prove anything amongst us. We all trust we are a great bunch of people and cricketers.

One lakh people out there have only one prayer in their hearts, god give our kids strength and a bit of luck to beat the shit out of their opponents. God will listen and deliver today, but just to make sure run faster, hit harder and go out destroy the opponent.

Lets play this like our first game ever as if we have to prove it to the world that we are good and can hit, then lets play this game like the last game of our lives, because we need to prove it to ourselves…that we can take being hit and get up from the floor.

I say a prayer my father taught me; whatever your faith, lets get together and say it… "Nasrun minal lahe wah fatahun kareeb …"