Rakhi Sawant: It's not a Fake. I'm really getting married on 2nd August

Rakhi Sawant: It`s not a Fake. I`m really getting married on 2nd AugustBy Subhash K Jha

Apparently all that talk about the bizarre self-marriage show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar of the entire concept being doctored and rigged, is untrue.

The audacious never-day-die dimestore diva Rakhi Sawant is actually tying the knot with one of the contestants on her avidly-watched reality show.

And if sources close to Rakhi and NDTV Imagine are to be believed Rakhi has already made up her mind as to which of the 3 finalists-- Elesh Parujanwala, Chitiz Jain and Manas Katyal -- she has chosen to be her husband.

Apparently Rakhi has made up her mind to marry the Canadian businessman Elesh Parujanwala.

Says the source, “Elesh is the quietest and most sensitive wooer of the lot.

Unlike other contestants Elesh doesn’t try to get Rakhi’s attention by doing a courtship dance.

He’s always observing her and admiring her from a distance.Rakhi likes these qualities and has secretly told friends he’s the chosen one. Of course Rakhi changes her mind evey two hours.”

Rakhi seems completely in the coy bridal mode. “I know people thought it was a rigged show. But believe me, I’d never make a mockery out of marriage.

I’ve seen too many marriage including my own parents, fall apart to not respect the institution. On August 2 sab ko asliyat pataa chal jayega.”

Excited to be a bride Rakhi says, “Neeta Lulla is doing my bridal outfit and Farha Khan is doing my jewellery.”

When asked if she has made up her mind to marry Elesh, she says, “It could be him. He’s a very nice boy. I’ve always craved for genuine love and I can see it in his eyes. Let’s see.”

Would she move to Canada if she marries Elesh?

Rakhi quickly says, “After the marriage me and my husband will go back to our respective works wherever it takes us. I’m certainly not giving up my career. Don’t long-distance marriages work well?

After the sawayamvar my husband and I will have get to know each other for what we’re worth.Who knows what my husband will turn out to be after marriage? Men are something else before marriage, and that too when they being watched by millions.”

Ecstatic about what she calls her dream marriage Rakhi says, “I do miss my parents as I prepare for my wedding, specially my mother.

Which girl doesn’t want her mother to do her mehndi and wrap the bridal saree?

But my mother and I went our separate ways long ago.I’ve forgotten my past and that includes my mother.”

And what about former boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi?

“He’s also a closed chapter. We are not in touch at all.

I hope he wishes me well in my married life, ” comes the terse reply. “I want everyone’s blessings. I’m starting a new life.”

Adds a source from NDTV Imagine, “After Abhishek Awasthi all the contestants for her Swayamvar are a marked improvement. We also feel Rakhi will marry the boy from Canada or Delhi (Manas).

As for whether the marriage will last, which marriage lasts these days? This one may surprise the cynics.”