Aamir Khan hurt, hospitalised

Aamir Khan was badly hurt while performing a stunt for the remake of the Tamil thriller ‘Ghajini’ on Wednesday at Ramuji Rao Studios, Hyderabad.

He has been admitted to a city hospital and his wife Kiran has rached Hyderabad.

Shooting for the film has been postponed, which means that the release of the film would be delayed.

According to sources, Aamir Khan was shooting since 7 am in the morning. As he had to shoot intense action scenes, he wanted to finish the tougher sequences in the morning.

Around 11 am Aamir was shooting for a scene where he had to pick up a very bulky man and throw him against the wall. Unfortunately, Aamir pulled his hamstring muscle while he was enacting the action scene. Aamir just sat down and was unable to get up as he was in severe pain.

Immediately, a physiotherapist was called and he has been taking care of Aamir's injury since yesterday.