Coming Soon: Saif's daughter in Bollywood?

Coming Soon: Saif`s daughter in Bollywood?

Friday, May 17, 2013 11:45 IST
Saif Ali Khan says his daughter Sara likes the idea of getting into movies and he would love to see her on the screen

With a bevy of star kids making their Bollywood debuts this year, it doesn't come as a surprise when Saif Ali Khan says he would love his 16-year-old daughter Sara to join the Bollywood brigade. The Nawab of Pataudi feels facing the camera is the `most incredible profession in the whole world`.

If her father's dreams come true, Sara would be joining the likes of Tiger Shroff, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor and the others to romance the cameras.

However with just a hint of caution, the proud father says, `Whether she can be or not is a separate question. I don't know for sure. I think she likes the idea of getting into movies. But at the moment she is pursuing academics, so let's see where that goes. `

While Saif's first film Parampara was at the age of 22, the actor feels there is no real rush these days to join tinsel town. He says, `Gone are the days when you had to do it by the age of 16. `

A few months back, Sara posed with her mother Amrita Singh on the covers of a magazine that led to a lot of speculation about her entry into Bollywood. Says proud papa Saif, `Sara has just joined Columbia University and I am very happy and relieved.