Yuvi is my Brother, I didn't make obscene gesture at Salman's sister

Yuvi is my Brother, I didn`t make obscene gesture at Salman`s sister

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 15:57 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News
Lisa Boccaro is appalled at the suggestion that she picked a fight and made obscene gestures at Salman Khan's kid-sister Arpita on Friday night at Kunal Khemu's birthday party.

Protesting gently, Lisa who says she has no interest in Bollywood and Bollywood's stars.

Says, `They're a different world. I am neither interested in films or film people. I am a restaurateur. So all these catfights, scandals and controversies are new to me. I don't come from a family where people abuse others.

Anyone who knows me would know that I'd never make an obscene gesture and abuse, as reported. For me even raising my voice is an ordeal. In any case why would anyone go up to someone and do something so awful?`

So what happened that night?

Lisa takes a deep breath. `That night I went to the party with Yuvraj and his friends. We were all at Yuvi's house and we decided to drop in at the party. We're all part one group. And we hang out together. Arpita got into an argument with another person. I don't know why and where I can into the picture. But I could see she wanted to pick a fight. So we we all thought we should leave. `

Lisa says she's `extremely close` to cricketer Yuvraj and his mother.

`Yuvi and his mother are very very close to me, and also Virat Kohli, Zaheer Khan, Angad Bedi we all hang around in a closely-knit group of friends. I've known Yuvi very closely for seven years. But not in the way it's being implied in the tabloids.

We are like siblings. I've tied a rakhi on him for the last seven years. At the party we were just being targeted. I just decided to leave.

Yuvi and all his friends left with me. That was it. I woke up on Monday morning with papers and tv channels calling me to know what happened. `

Apparently the hosts Soha and Kunal Khemu apologized to Lisa. `Yes, they did. But I said it was okay. I've moved on. I've no interest in being in the news for such wrong reasons. In spite of the many film offers I've decided to stay away from the film industry.

I've a very closely knit group of friends. I don't enjoy film parties. I went to this one for Yuvi's sake, and this is what happened. The reports make it look like Yuvi and I are dating. That's really unfair and embarrassing. This raksha bandhan I'll again be tying a raakhi on Yuvi. His mother is my best friend.

In fact we're looking for a nice girl for Yuvi to settle down with. Yuvi and the boys are already going through so much (the IPL scandal). They don't need this.