Sadda Haq Movie Review

Starring: Kuljinder Singh Sidhu, Dev Kharoud, Gaurav Kakkar, Dhriti Saharan

Director: Mandeep Benipal

Duration: 2 hrs & 14 mins

Rating: ***

Hitherto it is seen that whenever any movie pertaining to Punjab and Punjabi culture makes it to silver screen, it invites the foot fall of masses, who enter the cine arena with a notions which is usually predominated by the idea that, "Oh another fun filled cine delight to tickle our funny bones." And why not because in the recent times there had been a volley of cine flicks in Pujwood which were primarily dominated by the humor condiments only.

But this time it is not the case with, Kuljinder Singh Sidhu's, "Saada Haq", which created a lot of stirs in social as well as political aisles in the recent past. This much talked movie pertaining to terror ridden Punjab, opened with an average occupancy of 55 % in the multiplexes of the region.

"Sadda Haq", showcases the story of the terrorism hit Punjab of 1980s where some of the black sheep of police system unleashed their atrocious side in order to meet some of their selfish ambitions, and left some of the innocent youth with no other choice, than lift up the arms.

Anyhow, coming to the premise of the "Saada Haq", the plot of the movie is knitted around the life of a Sikh youth, Kartar Singh ( Kuljinder Singh) who is falsely implicated and is labelled as terrorist.

As the story rolls ahead, steps in an NRI girl Sharan Gill, who reaches Punjab in order to conduct her Ph.D research on the topic, "Minorities at War" and in order to conduct her research she gets an opportunity to have a rendezvous with Kartar who narrates her the entire story about his transformation from a simple man to a terrorist. And how circumstances and inhuman attitude of some of the corrupt government official compelled him to leap-over to the other side of the line.

Well as far as script of the "Sadda Haq" is concerned then undoubtedly the entire saga is so intense and emotionally loaded that it can make anyone (be it the members of Sikh community or a non Sikh) correlate with it.

While penning down an issue with an explosive emotional content, it often becomes difficult for the author to jot-down a tale which neither provokes any social dis-harmony nor over-glorifies any particular sect or community. And believe me while penning down the narration of "Sadda Haq" its author has handled every perspective pertaining to movie with utmost sensitivity and responsibility. In nut shell besides being a heart touching, story-line of "Sadda Haq" turns out to be socially responsible tale also.

"Picturised to showcase the Punjab of 80s and mid 90s", screenplay of "Sadda Haq" is somewhat OK and times seems to be oscillating between the poles of brilliance and average.

But one thing that up till a great extent emerges as appealing component of movie is its dialogues, which constantly keep knocking your conscious and keeps you spellbound throughout the run time of the movie.

Direction of Mandeep Benipal seems to be somewhat OK. By deploying some of the very elementary cinematographic skills Mandeep has tried to dish out an impressive cine saga , but his direction surely could have contributed in better manner to the over all charm of "Sadda Haq."

Besides this at few places, Mandeep has completely failed in keeping melodrama at bay, which further adversely impacts the appeal of the movie.

Keeping in view the shade in which "Sadda Haq" is painted, one don't expects the presence of any foot thumping numbers in it, but at the same time one expects some solemn track to charm the conscious. But on music front, "Sadda Haq" do not have much to offer.

In the performance department movie's leading man, Kuljinder does an absolute justice to his character and somewhat succeeds in leaving his mark. Besides this, Dev Kharaud as Rajwant Singh, well complements, Kuljinder's performance and up till great extent succeeds in making his presence feel.

Dhriti, is somewhat OK and seems to have improved from her previous cine stints.

"Sadda Haq" is an exceptionally well crafted cine saga knitted around the core of a very sensitive issue pertaining to some of the said-unsaid incidents of the Terrorism ridden Punjab.

To sum up, it is an honest effort, which deserves a huge bunch of accolades for handling such a sensitive issue with utmost responsibility, and that too without distorting the facts in order to garner any unwanted publicity.