Movie Review: Ishkq In Paris

Movie Review: `Ishkq In Paris` unconventional but not captivating

Cast: Preity Zinta, Rhehan Malliek, Isabelle Adjani

Direction: Prem Soni

Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes

Rating: * * 1/2

Well, over the years Bollywood's most over adored genre i.e. of romance has not only witnessed a a constant vicissitude, but at the same time has constantly redefined itself too. Be it "Silsila", "Maine Pyaar Kiya", "DDLJ", "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" or "Jab We Met", every time cine buffs are offered with something different to make them fall in love with this celebrated genre of Bollywood.

And with passage of time it's not that it's only the cine-narratives which have mutated, even the locales have changed over the years.

Now floral fields of yesteryear cine tales have been replaced by the picturesque locations of Europe and the place of toy-trains of yesteryear movies has been taken by Swiss rail.

So with aforementioned additions and novelties incorporated in it, here comes the comeback vehicle of bubbly beauty Priety Zinta'" Ishkq in Paris" who has returned to celluloid after a sabbatical of almost 4 years.

With its plot embedded in scenic locales of Paris "the city of love" this much awaited new age love saga starring Preity, Rhehan Malliek, Isabelle Adjani opened with an average occupancy of 9 percent in the multiplexes.

Plot of "Ishkq in Paris" narrates the story of two strangers, Ishkq (Preity Zinta) and Akash Kapoor (Rhehan Malliek) who have a rendezvous on a train from Rome to Paris.

Post a momentous flirting of Akash, while chatting on board, Ishkq and Akash turn into somewhat good acquittances and decide to spend an evening together in Paris, but with a commitment that post that there will be no looking back for anyone of them (and for all those who have by now unleashed their fantasy horses, it's a no hanky-panky affair guys).

Anyhow, as the rolls move ahead, the duo spend some quality time before parting their ways only to have a rendezvous again. To know what happens when the duo meet again, do they unite or just stick to their initial decision of no looking back thereafter, to know watch "Ishkq in Paris."

At every age of Indian cinema genre of romance and especially the Rom-com has been reinterpreted and re-presented under different shades by our cine sorcerers and so is the case with "Ishkq in Paris." Undoubtedly "Ishkq in Paris" has got a somewhat unconventional plot, but it is not at all something enthralling and never seen before kind.

By penning down a neat and simple premise of "Ishkq in Paris", Preity and Prem Raj have tried to keep it least complicated, but this attempt of the duo turns out to be too simple to keep the audience attention seized. Although Ishkq in Paris is a a sort of new take on romance but up till an extent seems to be a half baked story which could have been a bit better, if it would have been a more passionate tale blended with a better dose of assimilating coefficient.

With so many memorable Rom-com sagas lying in video library of censor board, it's always a tedious task for any cine sorcerers to create something enthralling and equally captivating.

The very onset of "Ishkq In Paris" is marked by the voice over of Isabelle Adjani, about Ishkq, Akash and their rendezvous. Although it seemed to be a good attempt to get the plot of the movie placed firmly, but frankly speaking, it thoroughly lacked the convincing power that is an essential to provide any cine tale a firm ground.

But as the frames move ahead they somehow manage to make you see beyond the imperfections. Throughout the run time of the movie, Prem Raj has thoroughly tried to keep the entire flow of narration very light sans obtruded emotional outbursts and uptill great he has succeeded in doing so as well. Even the dialogues of "Ishkq in Paris" are no rhetoric gems in any manner and have remained realistic and simple throughout.

Editing in the first half is good and leaves no space for unnecessary dragging, even after the interval, "Ishkq in Paris" quite conveniently saves itself from unwanted stretching. As far as cinematography of "Ishkq In Paris" is concerned then, Manush Nandan has done a decent job and has quite conveniently succeeded in maintaining a constant ambiance throughout the run time of the movie.

Besides this Manush also deserves accolades for well capturing the picturesque locales of Paris and Paraguay with utmost adroitness, in order to reinforce the over all appeal of the movie.

Lyrics of Prasoon Joshi,Kausar Munir, Jalees Sherwani et al are decently decorated by music director duo Sajid Wajid, who with a mild variation have succeeded in dishing out a few decent sound tracks. In nut shell music of "Ishkq In Paris" is just OK, but lacks any kind of appeasing feel and recall value.

Bubbly beauty Preity who has made a comeback after a hiatus of almost 4 years has proved that despite of remaining out of showbiz for such a long span of time, she has not forgotten the art of mesmerizing the cine buffs.

Be it expressiveness or assimilating with the spirit of the onscreen proceedings, Preity excels in every format and conveniently succeeds in making fans spell bound by her performance. In nut shell, with her performance in "Ishkq in Paris" this bubbly beauty makes a banging comeback.

On the other hand the man who very well compliments, Preity is Rhehan Malliek. Through out the run time of the movie Rhehan never looked lacking confidence while performing with Preity. And above all it's the onscreen camaraderie or rather chemistry of these two, which adds to the over all appeal of the movie.

Besides the duo Isabelle Adjani as Preity's French mother has looked good but lacked the perfection that she could have achieved while performing her character. Chunky Pandey and Shekhar in their respective cameos are just OK. Salman's performance in foot thumping number "Kudiye Di Kurti" is like an icing on the cake.

As far as commercial potential of the "Ishkq in Paris" is concerned then in spite of Preity's presence in the movie it may not succeed in fetching the desired number of foot falls in the cineplexes and will need a word of mouth publicity to make a dent on BO.

To sum up, "Ishkq in Paris" is a decent effort which may not succeed in captivating you completely by its spell, but at the same time it doesn't make you feel bored too.