Karishma Tanna turns out to be 'tall' order for Vivek

Karishma Tanna turns out to be `tall` order for Vivek

How Vivek Oberoi and Karishma Tanna recently found themselves in a sticky situation...

Vivek Oberoi is not exactly your average short guy -- he stands at a comfortable 5'10 in his shoes. However, recently on the sets of Indra Kumar's new film Grand Masti, the filmmakers were quite stumped to find out VO's heroine Karishma Tanna was almost equally tall herself.

Sources say that the leggy lass is 5'8 inches and with heels on would tower over Vivek, landing the makers in a soup.

Our source says, `Karishma is one of the taller actresses in B-Town. With her being as tall as her co-star, she was banned from wearing heels during the shoot. Vivek who is barely two inches taller than her would end up looking shorter than Karishma in her heels.

Kumar and the film's styling team ensured she wore flats throughout her scenes with VO. Initially, she was upset about it as she loves to wear heels but later on sportingly let go off it.`

An insider from the unit confirms the news and adds, `It's true we had to ban Karishma from wearing heels. Induji and his partner Ashok Thakeria convinced her to sport flat shoes instead.`

Stool test

In the past too, some of our not-so-tall actors like Aamir Khan and Salman have faced similar issues for their films. Aamir during the initial years of his career is even said to have apparently stood on small stools while shooting with his taller heroines.