The curious case of the missing Sana Khan

HitList unearths some startling facts about this Salman Khan heroine who has been accused of trying to kidnap a 15-year-old

he tinsel town has been buzzing with rumours ever since Sana Khan came under the spotlight recently for her alleged role in an attempted kidnapping case. Soon Sana went underground prompting people to wonder aloud about her whereabouts.
Sana Khan
However, close friend and her Mental co-star Salman Khan immediately took to his microblogging site in support of the starlet. TV actor Rajev Paul also vouched for Sana’s innocence.
Sana is wanted by the police for allegedly helping her distant relative in trying to ambush a 15-year-old girl in Vashi. The starlet has already applied for an anticipatory bail.
Sana’s outburst
When buzz about her disappearing act started making noise, Sana took to Facebook on May 24 to vent her anger against the accusers. She wrote, “People have found easy way to earn money, but I will not let them do tht with me, I will fight and get the real story out for everyone out there!!!” (sic)
Victim of circumstances?
When our correspondent knocked on Sana’s comfortable two-BHK home in Oshiwara, the domestic help opened the door and in the due course informed us that Sana’s mother Sayeeda had been recuperating from a brain hemorrhage. An aunt from Baroda was at home taking care of Sana’s mother in her absence. Sayeeda apparently doesn’t know that her daughter is wanted by the cops.
With sticky tape holding her eyes open(due to her medical condition she can’t keep her eyes open), Sana’s mom was resting in the family’s living room. The TV too apparently hasn’t been switched on ever since news about Sana’s escapade was announced.
The aunt, on conditions of anonymity said, “We don’t want Sana’s mother to know about it. She is already suffering.”
According to the family, trouble ensued when Sana had tried to intervene between a romance gone wrong between her cousin and his alleged ladylove. While her family admits Sana was wrong to mediate in a lover’s tiff, they think her participation was blown out of proportion.
For mum’s sake
Sana’s aunt told us that she would be returning home within three days from a friend’s house where she is currently put up. She added, “Right now Sana doesn’t want to come out in public. She wants to avoid any chaos that could affect her mother’s health.”
Apparently the starlet’s father works as a cab driver in Dubai and Sana, who is the only child, has been taking care of her ailing mother for years. Incidentally, the family says that Salman has been helping Sana out with the legal procedures.
Sana’s aunt adds, “The girl’s family even threatened to file a case against her if she didn’t compensate them with Rs 50 lakh.”
The building watchman informed us that Sana had not been home for the past few days. Apparently the white BMW that she drives has also been missing.
Salman’s support for Sana
Sallu tweeted: “Y wld a girl kidnap a 15 year old? Fr money? To get her married, At 4pm in a populated area.investigate the complainants. Kamaal hai yaar”
“Poor sana,so sad. 1st let her b cm famous then try n get sm publicity from her. This is the problem chappo any thing galat bhi ho toh.”
It looks like ever since the buzz about Sana Khan’s role in the attempted kidnapping case surfaced, several skeletons are now tumbling out of the closet. If rumours are to be believed the starlet is already married to a man called Asif Khan.
During her stay in the Bigg Boss house last year, Sana was romantically linked with TV actors Vishal Karwal and Rajev Paul. There were rumours that even before she volunteered to get locked up in the house, she had already been dating Vishal. Her confessing on the show of being fond of the actor only fanned those rumours further.
However, sources say that Sana tied the knot even before making her foray into the industry. Not only does her husband manage her work but also helped Sana bag some plum work offers.
A source says, “As her husband is very close to Salman Khan, it was not surprising that she got picked for Bigg Boss. He has been helping her shape her career.”
Those close to her say that Sana is very cagey about her personal life with others and most of her friends don’t know where her husband lives.