Mard Ko Bhi Dard Hota Hai: Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan speaks exclusively to Subhash K Jha.

How did you decide on doing the Cinthol ad?
Cinthol has always been about the energy.Its philosophy -- don't stop regardless of the barriers -- is very close to my heart.

As long as there's movement there's progress. That's what the ad was about. And I went with that flow. Cinthol is being relaunched with my ad. The ad film is bigger than Dhoom 2.

In what way?
There was more action in the Cinthol ad than in Dhoom 2. It was so much fun. I did kayaking, free-running, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, mountain biking, diving into the ocean from the mountain and rugby …. all crammed into one ad.

All this with a bad knee?
Well they say adversity is the mother of inventions. So I've found a way.

Adversity could also be the mother of further adversities.
Ha. It gave me a chance to heal myself by my own formula. I'm doing all it takes.

After being ultra-choosy for so long you've decided to work extensively?
"So far this year I've said yes only to Anurag Basu's Kites which he's making for my dad. But yes, in my mind I've green-signalled a lot more work.

Actually I've always been game for more work. I've never been in a position to lay down pre-conditions. My basic criteria is that I should be excited about the films I agree to do.

And then those films should be completed within the stipulated time so that I'd have the time and freedom to take up more assignments."

What about the rumours of serious leg injuries during Jodhaa-Akbar?
This is one of those false stories that has gained credence only because I've kept quiet. Let me state once and for all that the injuries did not happen during Jodhaa-Akbar.

My right knee has been facing a battering from the time I started training for Krissh. It was an ongoing process since 2004. The knee was crying for a break which I did not give it. We sometimes forget how human we are.

We start looking at ourselves as heroes immune to injury and pain. That's stupid. I've learnt it the hard way. Hopefully I'll be fully cured soon, and I'll be back in action knee-down.

I'm a very very physical person. When I see the outdoors, I just want to run.