L.K. Advani gives standing ovation to U Me Aur Hum

'Are you nervous or excited?' This question has been frequently asked to the actor-turned -director Ajay Devgan in most of his interviews, who is making his directorial debut with U, Me Aur Hum. The film was screened especially for L.K. Advani (Sr. leader of BJP) at Films division in Delhi yesterday (April 6).

The Member of Parliament Ravi Shankar Prasad arranged a special screening of the film U Me Aur Hum for L.K Advani who incidentally has been a film critic before. After seeing the film, L.K. Advani was in awe of it and gave a standing ovation when the credits were rolled. He was touched by the movie. He saw the film with his wife. Among others who saw the special screening were Sushma Swaraj - another BJP pillar- and cast of the film which included Kajol, Karan Khanna, Sumeet Raghvan , Divya Dutta and needless to say Ajay Devgan.

Sushma Swaraj added that the film was indeed good but Kajol's performance was impeccable