Priyanka: For Harman's Sake

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It's firmed in now. Harman Baweja's long-awaited debut film Love Story 2050 will be released on July 4.

The shooting is almost done. The last two days when Harman's snazzy introduction was shot has just been completed.

Says the film's producer Harry Baweja, "We've all worked very hard on this film. The shooting is complete. Now begins the real struggle.The FX are comparable with anything from Hollywood, as we could see from the theatrical trailers that were released with Race."

But before the Big Release of the film on July 4 there's another red-letter day waiting for the big film.

It's the music release of Love Story 2050. The date chosen for the event is May 10.

Though Priyanka will be shooting in Miami for Tarun Mansukhani's Dostana she has already set that date aside for Mumbai. Taking time off from the tight schedule in Miami Priyanka will pay a flying visit to Mumbai to be there for Harman's big day.

Seldom, if ever, has a co-star gone so much out of her way for any project.

Earlier this month Priyanka joined the crew in Miami a day late because she wanted to be in Mumbai when the theatrical trailer of Love Story 2050 was released.

Now she not only returns for the music release in May Priyanka has also set aside a major chunk of dates for the film's promotion in June.

The Bawejas have quietly acknowledged Priyanka's huge hand in seeing Harman's launch acquire epic proportions.

A whole elaborate song sequence in the air with Priyanka flying on a jet singing and dancing across Mumbai's shimmering skyline has been choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant.

"This," says an inside source, "was the least the Bawejas could do for Priyanka after all she has done for them. Harman has a couple of super-elaborate songs and dances. They felt the need for Priyanka to also make her presence felt."

Says Harry Baweja, "The song we've done with Priyanka has her flying on top of futuristic Mumbai. It's something never seen before."

Tell Priyanka she's been looked on Harman's projects guardian angel and she shrugs, "What's the big deal? Love Story 2050 is as much my film as Harman's. I'd have done just as much for any of my films. About returning for the music release, it is being worked out with Karan Johar."

The schedule in Miami goes on till May 20. But Priyanka hopes to wrap up her work in time for the music release on May 10. Otherwise the music release will be pushed ahead.