Hrithik won't leave Suzanne

Hrithik wants to be in town when Hrehaan gets his sibling.

At the moment the most nervous person in Mumbai is Hrithik Roshan. His second baby is due any day now.

And Hrithik has put all his traveling plans on hold.

"I'm just not stepping out of Mumbai for some time now. That's why I had to say no to the Zee awards later this week in London. Right now I can't focus on any work that takes me outside Mumbai."

Keeping in mind his determination to stay put in Mumbai Hrithik is at the moment shooting for Zoya Akhtar's directorial debut Luck By Chance in Mumbai.

The actor has a guest appearance in the film…A commitment he made long ago and is only too happy to fulfil since Zoya is not only a close friend Farhan Akhtar's sister but also the first female director Hrithik has worked with.

"We've shooting nights for the last few days. And I've one full song to do before I am done. That will keep me busy till the end of the week," says Hrithik.

Hopefully by the time Zoya's shooting is done Hrehaan will have his sibling. And Hrithik his freedom to travel again.