"I can't ever sleep alone at night"- Bips in FHM

If you were to say "Mirror Mirror on the wall, tell me who is the huskiest of them all." And there is no second thought as to what the answer will be not me, not you but the Queen amongst the blessed few: Bipasha Basu, undoubtedly! And it is this huskiest gal who is peeping out of the cover in the latest edition of the men's magazine 'FHM'. She has spoken some of the most insightful words that everyone wanted to ask but did not know 'through' whom to ask!

Well, Bips (as we fondly call her) makes a very innocent statement claiming (read 'confessing') that "I can't ever sleep alone at night", which only meant that she is so scared of sleeping alone that she will not even mind sleeping with her enemy! PS: HEY ALL YOU 'HE' readers OUT THERE! Please stop thinking and fantasizing about you being her enemy!