Rakhi's item is simply the best: Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza has been a lost and found case, as she gets back to tinsel town after a hiatus. As the ravishing Dia gets ready for some comic action with 'Krazzy 4', where she plays Arshad Warsi's beau, we get to talk to the lady on her role in the film..

Q.: You are appearing in "Krazzy 4" as a big surprise package. What would you like to say about that?
A.: (Smiling) Yeah, you are absolutely right. Actually, it was Jaydeep's idea to introduce me as the trump card at the end of the film. Previously, I have done few comedies, but working in "Krazzy 4" was something different.

It's much better than the so- called slapstick and sensitive comedies. You can call it social comedy. Hats off to Jaydeep's effort in depicting a good story with a cool comic touch!

Q.: There are three item numbers in the film. Don't you bite nails for missing any one of them?
A.: Not at all. I think, the director would have asked me to do so if there was any requirement. He didn't feel any such thing and I think it's perfect for the project.

Director's decision is always honorable in any film and it's my pleasure to respect Jaydeep's decision regarding "Krazzy 4".

Q.: Who, between Shahrukh and Hrithik, did you like most doing the item number?
A.: (Smiling) Rakhi Sawant's item number was the best amongst them. Truly speaking, I liked both Shahrukh and Hrithik's item numbers. And believe me, it's not my diplomatic response.

I like watching Shahrukh because of his magical personality. And it's really interesting watching Hrithik tapping toes on some rhythm. Both the videos of their item numbers are really cool. But, truly saying, Rakhi's item number was simply the best.

Q.: What's the most important part of your character in this film?
A.: I am playing the character of Anjali, a social journalist, in this film.

As far as the importance of the character is concerned, there are few characters without whom no one can imagine completing a movie and my character in "Krazzy 4" is like one of them. So, you must guess how important my character in this film is.

Q.: Are you responsible for making them crazy?
A.: No. On the contrary, I am responsible for curing them. Juhi Chawla is playing a doctor in this film. She tries on treating them medically and I help them non-medically.

Q.: You already have played a journalist's character in "Shootout at Lokhandwala". How is your character in "Krazzy 4" different from that?
A.: They are in different tangents. I was a crime journalist in "Shootout…" while my character in "Krazzy 4" is of a social journalist. You can have a look at other entertainment reporters around only to see the variety in characters and then you may guess how different my characters, in those two films, are.

Q.: Personally, how did you like playing the character of a journalist?
A.: Every character has its own high and differentiable characteristics. It's only after playing the role that I realized the importance and honor attached to the career of journalism.

Now I know how serious and intelligent a journalist has to be. You cannot control your restlessness here, but in "Krazzy 4" I had to stay cool and calm all the time. It was really a challenge for me.

Q.: Have you ever met a character like Anjali?
A.: Since the very outset of my career, I have been meeting many journalists. I know few of them by name while few others I can recognize by face only.

As far as meeting someone like Anjali is concerned, I can say, she would be anyone amongst you. Each and every woman, who, despite enduring a man's rage can remain his well-wisher, is Anjali.

Q.: Suresh Menon and Arshad Warsi are known as best pranksters among the actors in this film. Have they ever tried any prank with you?
A.: No. They never tried anything like that. But Suresh continued making all laugh during the shoot. At times, I even had problems in between shots as too much of laughter just made me cry.

Q.: Oflate, actresses have started thinking to do something more than remaining a mere part of films. Do you dream about any such role?
A.: I don't believe in dreaming about any character. For me the dream character is the role, after playing which I can think that I have portrayed it very well.

Q.: You are looking very slim. Is this look for the film?
A.: Not at all.

Q.: Please tell us about your forthcoming films.
A.: My forthcoming films are "Alibagh", "Fruit and Knot", "Shoe Bite", "Zindegi Tere Naam" and "Bits and Pieces". Amitabh Bachchan is acting with me in "Shoe Bite". It's a beautiful film.

I am doing an item number in Aashu Trikha's "Zindegi Tere Naam". Another film, Neera Borah's "Familywala", is complete but not released due to some unknown reason.

Arjun Rampal has acted with me in this film. Manmohan Mahapatra, the President Award winner director, has done a brilliant job in "Bits and Pieces". I am earnestly waiting for that film. - Rajnee Gupta