Celina Jaitley 'harassed' again!

Celina Jaitley, best known for her bimbette roles and sex bomb image, has slapped a legal notice on production house 'Endemol India'.

The Bollywood Bomb, who travelled to the silver screen from the ramp, is one of the beauty queens thrown up to the international circuit by Femina some years back. From there, she jumped onto the Bollywood bandwagon with Feroz Khan's Jaanasheen, posing opposite to his own son, Fardeen Khan.

Celina had an issue with the "constant harassment" caused by Endemol for joining the reality show 'Fear Factor'.

Although Celina had declined their offer, her media consultant claims that Mr Anand Chavan from Endemol India had been sending "not-so-good SMSes" to Celina and also been calling her repeatedly at unacceptable times.

She is reported to have claimed that he had also gone to the extent of stating that he wanted to be her Manager.

Celina took this particular step after constantly being harassed by him, her spokesman has claimed, who has added that "it has been observed that they are trying to capitalise on her fame".

"I have no problems with Endemol as a company, but it is the people who represent the company who should know that they are the face of the company and they should behave appropriately", Celina has been quoted as having said.

After reading about Celina’s accusations against Anand, Pooja Bedi who has closely worked with the production house on another reality show is challenging Celina’s claims of mental torture, “That’s ridiculous! We keep hearing of her getting attacked, and mobbed and stalked!

Is it desirable or delusional? The truth is that Mr Anand of Endemol is in constant touch with celebrities for appearances on their shows.

He has sent many celebs including me champagne from the production house’s side. I don’t think that’s personal stalking at all.”

Pooja further defends Anand with, “I don’t want this to be projected as some sort of a tirade against Celina. But I do know Anand personally and he’s always been utterly respectful and professional.”