Krazzy 4 fails in the High Court, Roshans to compensate

With the High Court today declaring that the music of Krazzy 4 is a copy, the whole of Bollywood which, today, was, awaiting the verdict with bated breath, is now in a state of silence, not knowing what to do and how to react.

For those who came in late, 29 year old musician Ram Sampath had filed a case against the Roshan brothers (Rakesh and Rajesh) for having lifted his tune of Sony Ericsson mobile and having it used in the tracks of Krazzy 4 without his consent and also without giving any due credits to him. Ram is seeking Rs 2 crores from the Roshans as compensation.

Now that the verdict is out, we at Bollywood Hungama are now waiting with bated breath to catch up with the antics of the Krazzy 4 gang, which releases tomorrow.