Abhishek Raps in America!!!

Musical history was made in Miami last week when Abhishek got together with rapper Wyclef Jean for a track called 'Hollywood Meets Bollywood' to pay a tribute to Hindi cinema and his legendary father Amitabh Bachchan.

Abhishek sang naughty patriotic words like "Main yahan ka desi don" and "Khai ke banarsi paan", drawing a direct and delectable reference to the senior Bachchan's in the 1978 hit Don.

On March 29 not only did Wyclef Jean specially ask for Abhishek to do a track he also flew down from his home in New York to Miami to record with Abhishek and composer Aadesh Shrivastava for a new album that will release in India in May.

Recounting the historical collaboration the still-dazed Aadesh says, "It was unbelievable.Wyclef and I were discussing a track where we needed hiphop-rap in Hindi by an Indian star, when Wyclef suggested, 'How about Abheee-shake?'

Naturally I jumped at the suggestion. I've recorded many songs with Amitji. And I've been waiting for the right opportunity to record with Junior who I know has a terrific singing voice."

Plans were immediately concretized. Since Abhishek was working within a very tight schedule for Karan Johar's Dostana in Miami, there was no choice but for Aadesh and Wyclef to take the melody mountain to Mohamed, so to speak…er, sing.

"They became musical soul-mates within minutes. Since I was the one who knew both of them I thought I'd have to play intermediary. There was instant chemistry between Wyclef and Abhishek in Miami."

Abhishek's lyrics for this sure-fire chartbuster? "Wyclef, Aadesh comeon rock this party shake shake /Main yahan ka desi don sang mere ga re/India hamari shaan/Khai ke banarsi paan/Sang mere tu ga re."

The historic song was recorded the entire day at the Setai recording studio located in one of the poshest hotels of Miami.

"Abhishek, Wyclef and and I had a ball recording the song till 2.30 in the morning. And then would you believe it, Abhishek headed straight for the shooting of Dostana which started at 4 am," exclaims Aadesh.

Wyclef was so taken up with his self-selected crooning collaborator that at the end of the day-long jamming session he had only one thing to say.

Yehi hai right choice, AB Baby.