Akshay Kumar looks after Malaria-stricken Deepika

Akshay Kumar looks after Malaria-stricken DeepikaBy Subhash K Jha

If there was any doubt about Akshay Kumar's gallant nature the happenings in London in the past week have laid those doubts to rest.

While Deepika was laid up with a bout of Malaria Akshay not only made sure she was looked after he also persuaded her to stay away from shooting to rest while alternative scenes not requiring Deepika were shot.

On Saturday Deepika limped back to the set for a spot of shooting.

Deepika said from London, ‘I’m recovering. I was bedridden for three days And yes, I did return to the set on Saturday. I had to shoot. But I’m not sure whether it was the wisest of decisions, considering it was Malaria.”

Akshay has been a silent support system throughout this ordeal when Deepika found herself ill in an alien country without family.

No wonder Ranbir who kept constant vigil says Akshay is his favourite among all of Deepika’s co-stars. Not one to make friends easily Ranbir bonded effortlessly with Akshay when he had joined his girlfriend during the shooting of Chandni Chowk To China in Bangkok.

Says Deepika, “I’m lucky to be surrounded by gallant men. Whether it’s my dad, Ranbir, Akshay, Shah Rukh or any of my co-stars I haven’t so far encountered any ill-behaved men.”

Saif Ali Khan who plays Deepika’s cynical love interest in Love Aaj Kal also gets high marks from Deepika, though she admits they aren’t close friends.

In Love Aaj Kal Saif plays a guy who doesn’t believe in romantic love whereas Deepika is a diehard romantic both in the film and in real life.

Says Deepika, “He also believes in love and realizes it when he can’t do without the girl. So I guess there’s a romantic in all of us. It just needs to be tapped.

But you need to experience that journey from disbelief to love, like I have in real life. So many times I advice people on their love life. I can always tell the difference between those who understand and don’t understand the value of true love.”