Now it's Bipasha and Mugdha at loggerheads!

Now it`s Bipasha and Mugdha at loggerheads!It’s not the season but a trend in Bollywood to keep it hot and happening with cold-wars. We have heard so many cases, and now the latest one is on the sets of Rohit Shetty’s flick All The Best.

Well the gorgeous Bipasha and showstopper Mugdha seem to be at loggerhead when it comes to the length of their roles in the film. “These two beautiful damsels are not on talking terms with each other and had created a lot of drama on the sets, during a song sequence, ” reported our khabroo straight from the sets.

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“Recently they were shooting for a particular song which involved lot of dancing. Bipasha and Mugdha were in the sequence, but one of them gave a nightmare to the chorographer. We all know Bips is good at her steps, it was Mugdha who giving a tough time to them, ” adds the source.

“Mugdha was taking a lot of time to learn the dance steps; now instead of practicing her own steps she started teaching dance steps to some newcomers. This act of hers set Bipasha fuming and she was all set to leave the shoot and go, but somehow Bosco Caesar handled the situation, ” concludes the source.

Recently there was news of a cold-war between Bipasha and Katrina, which is reported to have been sorted out amicably. But when asked by the media about their khatti takrar Katrina did mention that, two actors can never become good friends.

Well Kat’s statement seems to be true. So for now all we can say to Rohit Shetty is All The Best dude, you have a major catfight on your hands!