Entertainment majors Elasticity & Rune Entertainment announce merger

Rune Entertainment Singapore: Global entertainment majors Singapore based Elasticity and Toronto based Rune Entertainment have announced their merger to form Rune Entertainment International.

Post merger, the companies will share their expertise to produce short and long from content including intellectual property (IP), films and TV in both animation and live action. Elasticity will be the technology partner and will focus on emerging technologies whereas Rune Entertainment will focus on new ideas, stories and scripts.

As per plans, Rune Entertainment International will have a physical base in Singapore for which Rune Entertainment International has already started investing capital. The company is also on a recruitment drive. Elasticity Managing Director Graham Perkins explained, "Investment is going into setting up the studio in Singapore, further development in Toronto and we are investing in people, stories, scripts and technology. We are looking at developing quality content for a global audience."

"In time to come, we will focus on the integration of story-driven production and emerging technologies such as holographic projection which will drive new forms of entertainment, making it more engaging and appealing", added Paul Wollenzien, Co-Founder and Director of Rune Entertainment.