Shewta Tiwari's Bra and Chaddis spice up National TV

Shewta Tiwari`s Bra and Chaddis spice up National TV“Itni itni Bra aur itni itni Chaddiyan. BRA AUR CHADDIYAN pehenke dance karaa hai issney, ” Screams Palak on National television, apparently Palak is giving this gyan on our favorite desh ki bahu Shewta Tiwari.

This totally unwarranted attack on Shewta came from fellow contestant Palak of the MTV Roadies fame on the reality show, Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachcao.

Totally unplugged from civilization and in the midst of Malaysian jungles the contestants resort to backbiting. Palak, it seems has taken a strong dislike to Shewta Tiwari and pulled out dirty ‘DATA’ on Shewta Tiwari on National TV.

Palak who was earlier reported to be upset on not being able to wear revealing clothes took a dig at ‘Desh ki Bahu’ Shweta Tiwari. Palak was caught gossiping with fellow contestant Fiza, that Shweta Tiwari who is doing ‘nakhras’ in wearing revealing clothes is actually a hypocrite as Shweta has worn much lesser in her Bhojpuri Films. To quote Palak directly

“Abhi desh ki bahu ban rahi hai yahan par. Kyonki log Bhojpuri movies is not on a National level

Bhojpuri movies mein kya ussne kapdey pehne hain Girr jayegi dekhke. Itni itni Bra aur itni itni Chaddiyan. BRA AUR CHADDIYAN pehenke dance karaa hai issney. Poora DATA nikal jaayegaa”

(She is pretending to act like a shy bride; behaving all classy and sober here. Cause people don’t watch Bhojpuri films; those films don’t have a national audience. Oh What clothes she is wearing there You will fall down in shock.

She is wearing these itsy-bitsy bras and panties. BRA AND PANTIES and dancing in them. Her whole DATA will be exposed)

Looks like Palak is still suffering MTV Roadies hangover, as she leaves no stone unturned to bring down her opponent by pulling out the dirtiest trick in the book. Our homegrown trash TV princess Palak is giving the original trash talker Rakhi Sawant a run for her money.

Good for you girl looks like before packing up for Malaysia somebody did their homework on dirt digging thoroughly.